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How to Build Acoustic Wave Speakers (7 Steps) How to Make PVC Tube Speaker Enclosures (4 Steps) How to create your own BOSE speaker system and save a ton of money. How the Bose Wave Radio makes Big Sound. The Technology It took the team composed of Dr.

How the Bose Wave Radio makes Big Sound

Amar Bose and Bose senior research engineer Dr. Audiophile Tube Amps and Tube Gear from DECWARE. The Nibbelin Ultraflex are similar in sound to an open baffle but have bass with good weight and tone.

Audiophile Tube Amps and Tube Gear from DECWARE

In the midrange the cabinet design acts like a one-way valve (check valve) over a large band of frequencies. Sound inside the cabinet exits instantaneously leaving little to no sound to reflect back to the driver. High band frequencies are handled by foam spheres placed inside the cabinet in a vertical line to eliminate all parallel surfaces. Decware FRX2 Exotic Full Range Driver. Delivering amazingly flat response - which means "No Shout!

Decware FRX2 Exotic Full Range Driver

" and more realistic sound! Imagine your speakers having such extreme speed and top-end detail that cymbals, bells, chimes, xylophones, horns, stringed instruments, drums and virtually ALL music SOUNDED REAL! Audiophile Tube Amps and Tube Gear from DECWARE. The Zen Open Baffle is completely unique.

Audiophile Tube Amps and Tube Gear from DECWARE

There is no other speaker like it. Decware's owner, Steve Deckert, once again demonstrates radical out-of-the-box engineering! It's an open baffle design featuring a single full range driver in a tall narrow baffle. DECWARE / D.I.Y. Audio Projects. Audio Innovation - by Dan Marx Larger enclosure size.

Audio Innovation - by Dan Marx

More difficult to accurately achieve predicted results. Misaligned enclosures can result in very poor bass quality. Very accurate T/S parameters of actual driver is required. Although sometimes you can get away with using manufacture’s specifications. Create, Explore & Discover How Your World Works. 10 Reasons That Stop You From Reaching Your Goals. How To Test Your Dream. Interview with The Entrepreneurs Library on Getting Results the Agile Way. “Do your own thing on your own terms and get what you came here for.” — Oliver James If you want to learn more about my book, Getting Results the Agile Way, this is a great way to do it.

Interview with The Entrepreneurs Library on Getting Results the Agile Way

In this interview with The Entrepreneurs Library, I take listeners on a guided tour of Getting Results the Agile Way, and how to make the most of the book. How to Organize Digital Information: Web sites, blogs, and more. “The flood of data on the Web has reached mind-boggling proportions.”

How to Organize Digital Information: Web sites, blogs, and more

(NPR, 2010) So many websites, blogs, online newsletters … so little time. How can we keep up in the digital world? More importantly, how can we transform information into knowledge? Taming Information - Information organizers, information management and methods. Challenges of organizing information. A Unified Field Theory of Design. Organize Your Mind. CLICK HERE for the MP3 of this Upon completing the 48 Ways, there is an additional crucial step: Organization.

Organize Your Mind

Imagine an office where paper¬work flows each day. The only way everything will be accessible is with a good filing system. How to Organize Your Brain For Better Productivity. Our minds are basically organized like human computers.

How to Organize Your Brain For Better Productivity

They function to a great extent in much the same way. So, if we want to improve our daily productivity, efficiency and focus, we need to empty the cache of temporary “files” and reboot for our brains to allow us perform at our peak levels. Otherwise we can easily experience brain overload with too many circuits firing simultaneously and so many programs (thoughts) working in the shadows that we often “freeze up” and cannot remember everything or simply process the information in a much slower and less efficient manner than we’d like.

It sounds odd, but when you stop to consider, it actually makes sense. The best part is that’s not difficult or time consuming at all. » Eight Ways to Organize Information and Ideas. 1. » Eight Ways to Organize Information and Ideas

In my last article, I talked about the huge benefits we can get from funneling information into an outline. Outlining is helpful for a single person (or sometimes a group) to take a lot of information and make regular use out of it. WikIT. 10 Ways to Improve How You Manage Information. “The problem of information overload, therefore, may not be the quantity of it but our inability to know what to do with it.” – Danniel Tammet One of the most important skills I mastered early on at Microsoft, is information management.

My ability to organize information directly impacts my success. For me, information management is the key to daily productivity from researching to learning faster to keeping my email inbox empty. When I first joined Microsoft, I found myself spending four or more hours on administration and email. Then one day I decided … enough is enough. Lifehacker: The Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, and Better - Chapter 2, Organize Your Data. Although there are infinite ways to organize data into complex, multitiered systems, you're going to take the smart and lazy approach to organization: You'll arrange stuff only as much as is needed to make that data useful to you. Hack 12Instantly Retrieve Files Stored on Your Hard Drive Level: Medium Platform: Windows, Mac OS X Every minute you spend on your computer, you're collecting more and more data, documents, and information to do your job and get on with your life.

Instant retrieval of the bit or byte that you need right this very second is an essential requirement in the digital age. Information management and visual presentation. <<< back to - Back to - A personal journey in information management The core of this article is that a visual approach is the best way I've found yet and I'd like to start with some of the experiences I've had that convince me that this is not just a personal quirk. I'll give three real illustrations (even the word "illustration" says a lot) three real stories of how presenting things visually can often score strongly. The story of the yellow files. Project planning with mind maps. Creativity through mind mapping. Mind mapping seems to have a built-in quality that helps with creativity. The freedom to add a new thought anywhere and draw connections, opens the mind and unblocks thinking.

(click the thumbnail for a full-size version) Paul Foreman, the prolific mind mapper of MindMapInspiration says "Mind maps open the floodgates to creativity and are a brilliant format for thinking. Occasionally to fire the imagination, a new theme, central starting point or idea is needed. Whilst "thinking outside the box" has become a familiar term, harnessing ideas from the silence within may be a relatively new concept. "Coupling random words and unusual connections can make creative exploration fun and reveal some unique ideas. " This ties in with one of Edward de Bono's suggestions (see below) for breaking the creativity log jam: Open a dictionary at a random page, pick a word, and then try to form a connection between that word and the subject of your creative intent. A mind map about creativity PDF (problem?) Information map types. Productivity Archives. Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection.

This is the heart of my results system. It’s a pattern I call Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection. It’s probably the single most important thing I teach everyone I mentor. 10 Ways to improve how you manage information….. My Suped Up PowerSupply! ATX to Lab Bench Power Supply Conversion. NORAC Systems. ASABE Technical Library. Class Web Site. Goldman, National Bank partner up for new income fund. Equity crowdfunding first launched in Saskatchewan, but with investor risks.