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How to Build Acoustic Wave Speakers (7 Steps) How to Make PVC Tube Speaker Enclosures (4 Steps) How to create your own BOSE speaker system and save a ton of money. How the Bose Wave Radio makes Big Sound. The Technology It took the team composed of Dr. Amar Bose and Bose senior research engineer Dr. William R. Short almost fourteen years to develop this state-of-the-art concept.

We all know that when a speaker is mounted in an enclosed channel or tube, the cone movements act as a wave guide, producing higher outputs than the actual output from the speaker. It was understood that by incorporating a wave guide, smaller speakers could be used for acquiring richer outputs, irrespective of the volume of the music. The actual theory is a trade secret and has been patented, and therefore all the details cannot be revealed here, but the following points can make the idea considerably clear to us, as far as the operation is concerned: At Bose, the engineers started calculating the exact area of the wave guide and the way it could be accommodated inside smaller enclosures. More technically the concept can be summarized as follows: Audiophile Tube Amps and Tube Gear from DECWARE. The Nibbelin Ultraflex are similar in sound to an open baffle but have bass with good weight and tone. In the midrange the cabinet design acts like a one-way valve (check valve) over a large band of frequencies.

Sound inside the cabinet exits instantaneously leaving little to no sound to reflect back to the driver. High band frequencies are handled by foam spheres placed inside the cabinet in a vertical line to eliminate all parallel surfaces. The actual number of spheres can be adjusted to taste. The result is simply the most non-congested sounding cabinet you've ever heard next to an open baffle. The efficiency is conservatively rated on this speaker making it a great choice with fine low power tube gear.

Tube amp friendly with reasonable to above average performance on our 2 watt SET amplifiers but electrifying on higher power. Besides the elevated performance of these speakers, their biggest asset is the smoothness and disappearing act. You may read reviews on our products here. Decware FRX2 Exotic Full Range Driver. Delivering amazingly flat response - which means "No Shout! " and more realistic sound! Imagine your speakers having such extreme speed and top-end detail that cymbals, bells, chimes, xylophones, horns, stringed instruments, drums and virtually ALL music SOUNDED REAL!

Instead of sounding real peaky like so many full range drivers, the FRX2 just sounds real thanks to the super extended ultra smooth response made possible by it's electromotive coupling technology and powerful neodymium magnet. click here 1024px high res image MODEL FRX2 E x o t i c F u l l - R a n g e Single Point-Source Driver for Open Baffle Loudspeakers 37Hz ~ 22kHz response 8 Inch driver / 94 dB 1 watt/meter a pair View Cart or Check Out We hand make these beauties in the USA click here 1024px high res image MODEL FRX2. Audiophile Tube Amps and Tube Gear from DECWARE. The Zen Open Baffle is completely unique. There is no other speaker like it.

Decware's owner, Steve Deckert, once again demonstrates radical out-of-the-box engineering! It's an open baffle design featuring a single full range driver in a tall narrow baffle. It has no crossover and no other woofers to help out with the bass, yet it has bass! If you are familiar with open baffle designs, you already know that to get any bass the baffle must be wide and the driver low to the floor (and usually multiple drivers must be used). It's quite literally like pulling perfect bass out of thin air with no woofer, no compression and no cabinet vibrations!

With high efficiency, these speakers pack huge rewards with amplifiers all the way down to 2 watts! We also have a support forum with many people who own our speakers who's experiences you may benefit from. You may read reviews on our products here. The ZOB is now being sold with the new FRX full range driver shown above! DECWARE / D.I.Y. Audio Projects. Audio Innovation - by Dan Marx Larger enclosure size.

More difficult to accurately achieve predicted results. Misaligned enclosures can result in very poor bass quality. Very accurate T/S parameters of actual driver is required. Although sometimes you can get away with using manufacture’s specifications. Driver unloading or bottoming out below fB is very common. Xmax is reached easily below fB and may cause sever damage the the driver's suspension, voice coil or cone. Build a Speaker Enclosure - BOSEbuild | Create, Explore & Discover How Your World Works. 10 Reasons That Stop You From Reaching Your Goals. “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ? Ernest Hemingway It’s goal setting season, so I thought it would be helpful to point out the pitfalls.

Some times the best way to succeed is to know how to fail (and avoid it, or address it.) I see so many people who achieve their goals, and so many people who don’t. I thought it would be helpful to nail down why so many people don’t achieve their goals, even when they have such good intentions. I hope that with this list, it takes away the mystery why some people succeed and others don’t. If you master these pitfalls, you can better avoid them or deal with them on your journey, and actually reach your goals. Wit that in mind, here is a list of the 10 best ways that people don’t achieve their goals … 1.

It’s just not important enough. Part of what can hold you back here, is if you have an internal conflict. 2. Without a model of success, you’re winging it. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. But don’t stop there. 8. How To Test Your Dream. “Always remember there are only two kinds of people in this world–the realists and the dreamers. The realists know where they’re going. The dreamers have already been there.” — Robert Frost While I’m a fan of dreaming big and big, bold dreams, I’m also a fan of testing our dreams so that they really do help us in work and life. I’ve been re-thinking the power of dreams and how to dream big. I know all to well how the right dream can inspire us and lift us back up when we fall down.

I also know how dreams can fade with time, and how over our life-time, we can lose sight of our dreams, or we can even forget how to dream. As I’ve been researching how to dream better, my journey brought me back to work I read long ago, by John Maxwell. In other words, Maxwell helps us keep our head in the clouds, and feet on the ground. Why Test Your Dream You can put your dream to the test by asking some simple questions and exploring how your dream holds up. Via Put Your Dream to the Test:: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Interview with The Entrepreneurs Library on Getting Results the Agile Way. “Do your own thing on your own terms and get what you came here for.” — Oliver James If you want to learn more about my book, Getting Results the Agile Way, this is a great way to do it. In this interview with The Entrepreneurs Library, I take listeners on a guided tour of Getting Results the Agile Way, and how to make the most of the book.

Here is a link to the interview: Interview with The Entrepreneur’s Library on Agile Results In the interview, Wade Danielson, the creator of The Entrepreneurs Library, asks me: What was the inspiration behind writing this book? Here is a quick summary of Agile Results, if you’ve never heard of it before. Agile Results is the system that I teach in Getting Results the Agile Way. Agile Results is a set of habits and practices to help you become what you’re capable of and realize your potential, while living and learning as you go.

After all, who doesn’t want better results in work and life? Moms use it. Getting Started with Agile Results. How to Organize Digital Information: Web sites, blogs, and more. “The flood of data on the Web has reached mind-boggling proportions.” (NPR, 2010) So many websites, blogs, online newsletters … so little time. How can we keep up in the digital world? More importantly, how can we transform information into knowledge? Before information becomes knowledge it’s data, yet another challenge is finding good data when it’s needed. In this post I’ll provide a strategy and recommend tools to ‘tame the beast’ we call information overload. What is Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)? The System to PKM The first and essential component to effective management of digital information is the system itself. Find the right tool or application to manage your digital content. 1) The Tool There are many tools to choose from for managing and sharing digital information, yet the selection of the tool is critical, it can make or break your system.

Pealtrees: I discovered Pearltrees, which is a fluid and intuitive tool that allows me to manage digital information easily. Taming Information - Information organizers, information management and methods. Challenges of organizing information. A Unified Field Theory of Design. Organize Your Mind. CLICK HERE for the MP3 of this Upon completing the 48 Ways, there is an additional crucial step: Organization. Imagine an office where paper¬work flows each day. The only way everything will be accessible is with a good filing system. You search for an urgent document… Frustration builds as you grasp for information you know is there, but cannot find.

It’s buried in a pile! So too, the human brain is an extremely sophisticated of¬fice into which new information is constantly flowing. That’s why the 48 Ways has an extra Way #49—Ha’mech’aven et shmu’ato, which means “think over what you’ve heard.” The key to organizing wisdom is to develop a framework that doesn’t turn your mind into a red-tape bureaucracy. Always look for the logical flow. Rather than have an idea explained to you, it’s better to try to project the idea yourself, to seek out its implications on your own. Pay attention, see the connection. Imagine someone who can’t balance a checkbook. So too, with wisdom for living. How to Organize Your Brain For Better Productivity. Our minds are basically organized like human computers. They function to a great extent in much the same way. So, if we want to improve our daily productivity, efficiency and focus, we need to empty the cache of temporary “files” and reboot for our brains to allow us perform at our peak levels.

Otherwise we can easily experience brain overload with too many circuits firing simultaneously and so many programs (thoughts) working in the shadows that we often “freeze up” and cannot remember everything or simply process the information in a much slower and less efficient manner than we’d like. It sounds odd, but when you stop to consider, it actually makes sense.

The best part is that’s not difficult or time consuming at all. It really only requires a few minutes each day and surprisingly simple tools. A 3 Step Process 1. I have found that I need to my morning coffee, breakfast, and exercise first. 2. 3. Once you’re finished, ask yourself if you need or want to act on any of these items today. » Eight Ways to Organize Information and Ideas. 1. In my last article, I talked about the huge benefits we can get from funneling information into an outline. Outlining is helpful for a single person (or sometimes a group) to take a lot of information and make regular use out of it. In this follow-up, I’ll talk about other ways to organize a lot of information or ideas, with pros and cons for each. Wikipedia Concept Map by Juhan Sonin 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. One popular (and free) concept mapping tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux is FreeMind. 8.

All of these approaches have their uses, but my sense is that outlining is the most underused and under-rated tool in the toolbox. Like this: Like Loading... WikIT. 10 Ways to Improve How You Manage Information. “The problem of information overload, therefore, may not be the quantity of it but our inability to know what to do with it.” – Danniel Tammet One of the most important skills I mastered early on at Microsoft is information management. My ability to organize information directly impacts my success. For me, information management is the key to daily productivity from researching to learning faster to keeping my email inbox empty. Information Management is a Hallmark of Better Productivity When I first joined Microsoft, I found myself spending four or more hours on administration and email. Then one day I decided … enough is enough. From that point on, I refused to spend more than 30 minutes a day between email and administration overhead. 10 Ways to Master Information Management Here are ten of my favorite ways to manage information: 1.

Carve out action items, To Dos, and tasks from your incoming streams of information. if it’s not an action, it’s reference. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1. 2. Lifehacker: The Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, and Better - Chapter 2, Organize Your Data. Although there are infinite ways to organize data into complex, multitiered systems, you're going to take the smart and lazy approach to organization: You'll arrange stuff only as much as is needed to make that data useful to you. Hack 12Instantly Retrieve Files Stored on Your Hard Drive Level: Medium Platform: Windows, Mac OS X Every minute you spend on your computer, you're collecting more and more data, documents, and information to do your job and get on with your life. Instant retrieval of the bit or byte that you need right this very second is an essential requirement in the digital age. Related posts at Hack 14Instantly Recall Any Number of Different Passwords Level: Easy Platform: All Remembering a unique password for the dozens of logins you have may sound impossible, but it's not.

Choose (and remember) great passwords Hack 16Tag Your Bookmarks Level: Medium Platform: Web The web gets bigger every day, and so does your bookmark list. Level: Easy Platform: Windows 7. Information management and visual presentation. <<< back to - Back to - A personal journey in information management The core of this article is that a visual approach is the best way I've found yet and I'd like to start with some of the experiences I've had that convince me that this is not just a personal quirk.

I'll give three real illustrations (even the word "illustration" says a lot) three real stories of how presenting things visually can often score strongly. The story of the yellow files I had a boss once who when he joined the company had his secretary order boxes of transparent yellow files and a new, large conference table for his office. Instead of having the conference table in the open area with chairs around it, he had it placed behind his desk. He said this was how he kept on top of everything. But I never found out why the files had to be yellow!

The case of the open slanting shelves Another case: I had a client with an open slanted shelves that ran along the front of her window. The clincher: the visual 'roadmap' Project planning with mind maps. Creativity through mind mapping. Information map types. Productivity Archives. Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection. 10 Ways to improve how you manage information….. | Mind Mapping & Creative Thinking. My Suped Up PowerSupply!

ATX to Lab Bench Power Supply Conversion. NORAC Systems. ASABE Technical Library :: Abstract. Class Web Site. Goldman, National Bank partner up for new income fund. Equity crowdfunding first launched in Saskatchewan, but with investor risks.