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Learning DSLR

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Learn Depth of Field with this Powerful (& Free) Online DOF Simulator. Depth of field is an incredibly powerful tool, but the mathematics and mechanics of calculating and pre-visualizing it can be overwhelming.

Learn Depth of Field with this Powerful (& Free) Online DOF Simulator

A Polish software engineer (and amateur photographer) named Michael Bemowski recently put together one of the most helpful depth of field tools out there, and the best part is that it's completely free. The tool, which you can find here, allows you to manipulate every camera and lens setting that affects depth of field, from sensor size to focal length, from aperture to the distance between the subject and the camera. Plus it gives you a handy visual approximation of what each specific set of parameters would look like in a real world setting. At the bottom of the app is another helpful tool, which gives you visual approximations of the distance between the camera, subject, and background, as well as the exact depth of field measurements for the settings defined above. Community Post: Manual Photography Cheat Sheet. 44 essential digital camera tips and tricks.

Our collection of top digital camera tips and essential photography advice will have you improving your photos in no time.

44 essential digital camera tips and tricks

Culled from experts and photographers who have been taking pictures for quite some time, they all agree that these 44 camera tips are essential knowledge for honing your craft. So feast your eyes below, check out some of our best photography tips on everything from setting up your digital camera to honing your photo composition, and by the end you will learn the secrets and shortcuts to getting high-quality pictures every time. Equipment Deals - DSLR Film Noob. Guide to Professional Wedding Videography - VideoUniversity. Two DVDs or One Blu-ray Disc Specify in Shopping Cart. 126 minutes.

Guide to Professional Wedding Videography - VideoUniversity

Special Offer! Get the Video Guide (DVDs or Blu-ray) and the book, Wedding Video for Profit, and save! Item #115a Price: $129.77(postpaid in the U.S.) 90 Day Money Back Guarantee Here’s what you get: Wedding Video for Profit, including the workbook, CD and documents and resources The Video Guide to Professional Wedding Videography described above. “I was very impressed with this wedding package. Watch how to shoot and edit an entertaining, fast-paced, $1000 plus wedding video on weekends. Become A Professional Wedding Videographer This new 10-part HD video guide is perfect for those just starting out in the exciting wedding video business.

Here’s a 30 second version of the 2 hour video. Digital Cameras & Video: A Beginner's Guide: Digital Photography Review. Lights, camera, action!

Digital Cameras & Video: A Beginner's Guide: Digital Photography Review

Over the last few years the line between the once totally separate worlds of video and stills photography has been getting gradually more blurred. This is hardly surprising: in the digital era the camcorder and stills camera share so much basic technology that they are, to all intents and purposes, the same thing. They just use components optimized for still or moving pictures. The growth in video sharing (on places like YouTube) has ensured movie capture has long been a standard feature even on the cheapest compact camera. The online community for filmmaking - The $300 Recorder Question, or, "Which cheap audio recorder should I get?"

Yup, we're back.

The online community for filmmaking - The $300 Recorder Question, or, "Which cheap audio recorder should I get?"

This time, the answer isn't nearly as simple, but the question has been posted almost daily in recent weeks. The reason this isn't as easy to answer as the $500 Wireless Question is that the market is much more saturated with different makes and models in a competitive range of price and performance. Like everything else in this industry, however, you do get what you pay for. Buy right, and buy once. There are different levels of recorders, based on price. The important things to consider (aside from budget) are interface (I/O connections), pre-amps, and form factor.

Interface The i/o connections on a recorder are very important. 1/8" TRS (stereo) mic. Balanced signals, both mic- and line-level, can be run longer distances and are less susceptible to signal degradation than unbalanced signals. There are other types of audio connections out there, but the list above covers everything you'll find on field recorders. The online community for filmmaking - Article: Why We Need Cinema Lenses. Why We Need Cinema LensesBy Ryan Patrick O’Hara Lenses are not cinema lenses by simply being used on a cinema camera.

The online community for filmmaking - Article: Why We Need Cinema Lenses

Cinema lenses are optically designed for top performance as well as mechanically designed for the specific and demanding use on cinema production. These lenses may not be appropriate within other realms of the industry, so it is important to note that these lenses excel in a very particular environment. Putting a geared ring around a photography lens barrel and de-clicking the aperture ring does not a cine-lens make. As the low-cost/large-sensor movement marches forward leaving a lens-hungry camera-saturated landscape in its wake, a few lens manufacturers are stripping down and dressing up photography lenses and advertising them as cinema lenses. This article is written on behalf of cinematographers, camera assistants, and directors who, in the age of 'good enough', may enjoy a reminder of what makes a real cinema lens, why they exist and the benefits they provide.