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Nikon DSLR Photography

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Neil vN - tangents « Page 2 of 78 « photography by Neil van Niekerk. There seems to be a natural progression with photographers exploring off-camera flash and studio photography.

Neil vN - tangents « Page 2 of 78 « photography by Neil van Niekerk

After the initial umbrella and softbox, the next purchase is usually a beauty dish, and then other esoterica such as ring-flash. Personally, I’d suggest that one of the first light modifiers anyone should get, is a small or medium sized gridded strip-box. A strip-box is narrower than the usual soft boxes, and the grid really helps contain the light spread. So you now have the ability to get relatively soft light, but also control it much better than a regular softbox or especially an umbrella. Most of the photos shot for the review of the Profoto B1 portable flash, was shot with a Profoto 1′×3′ gridded softbox (B&H). When I added some lighting gear to my studio space to make it attractive as a rental studio space, I decided to get three of these gridded stripboxes … 1×3 and 1×4 and 1×6 seemed liked a good progression.

Learn more inside… So there it is. Learn more inside… Yongnuo YN-565EX ETTL Speedlite Flash for Nikon: Electronics. Markus Keinath's - Camera And Lens DIY, Repair, Modification. Basic techniques to repair lenses (and cameras) From time to time I see some colleague doing a repair try on a lens that always ends in disaster because he's not using the right tools and practices.

Basic techniques to repair lenses (and cameras)

So I've setup this post with my little experience, expecting it could be useful for some other begginer. Repairing a lens shouldn't be too difficult if the disassembly sequence is known, the right tools are used and some minimal cautions are taken. The most difficult part is to know the disassembly sequence. Older (unknown) lenses are like a puzzle, we have to figure out how to do that, but many newest ones are documented. Some colleagues that have been able to discover the disassembly sequence, end in disaster because they do not take the proper cautions and don't use the right tools.

That's what I do, and I'm widely open to comment and suggestions to improve. Basic tools: DIY Camera Stuff. Delkin Devices Snug-It Pro Skin for the Nikon D800 DDSPROND800-B. Member profile. Dave Morrow: Night Sky Photography On the Edge of Reality. Night Photography is a completely new field to Dave Morrow.

Dave Morrow: Night Sky Photography On the Edge of Reality

Looking at his portfolio, It's hard to believe that he took his first shots of the Milky Way only two months ago! "I have always been a huge fan of the subject," says Dave. He looked at thousands of pictures of the night sky, which made him want to create something completely different from everyone else. Two months ago, Dave was headed to the North Cascades to shoot Picture Lake and overheard someone talking about the meteor showers that night. After shooting the sunset he laid out and waited for the stars.

"When I got home from my first shoot and upload the picture onto my computer, I had no clue how to process this beast of an image," reports Morrow. Number two has got to be the Nikon D800 which he feels seems to have a star photography “sweet spot” of ISO 5000. Number three would be his Really Right Stuff Tripod. On the Edge of Reality: "Escaping people, and at times reality has always been something I enjoy now and then. Vello Mini Softbox VE-1002 B. Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal Inverted Dome Cloud LSU-CLOUD. Fotodiox 6"x8" Softbox for Nikon Flash, Canon Speedlight, for Nikon SB-600, SB-800, SB-900 Flash, Canon Speedlite 380EX, 430EX, 430EX II, 550EX, 580EX, 580EX II, Vivita Flash, Sunpack, Nissin,Sigma, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonica Lumix Flashes: Camera.

Stupid newbie tricks. Lots of good advice above.

Stupid newbie tricks

The 'Teach a trick' thread « Nikon Rumors Forum. Here's my most used pixel editor (photoshop, gimp, psp, etc.) trick, applied here to face swapping in a group portrait.

The 'Teach a trick' thread « Nikon Rumors Forum

I have used this technique to get family portraits of 30+ people and have every person in it looking acceptable if not good, even when I have to form a composite from 5 or 6 different images. I'm linking to the files at original size if you want to use them to try it. What's your favorite accessory under $15: Nikon Talk Forum. Photo Acessories for Under $25? « Nikon Rumors Forum. Thom Hogan's Nikon DSLR, Lens, Flash, and Book site.

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Focus Issues & Techinques. D800E & D3S. Nikon Rumors. Nikon Rumors Forum. FM Forums. FM Reviews - Not very impressed by 85mm 1.8G. Just arrived a few days ago...

Not very impressed by 85mm 1.8G

This lens is a must have. Nikon has been on FIRE: 85mm f/1.8G 201205311572.jpg by D. Harris, on Flickr 201205311581.jpg by D. 201205311588.jpg by D. The bokeh is delicious. Nikon-mount SLRs. Nikon D800e - Official Image thread. Picture This!

Nikon D800e - Official Image thread

Wrote: Nice shots agentbird & Carl ! Agentbird, I'm considering a 105mm VR. Would be interested to understand why you don't like yours on the D800e. Carl, I'm constantly amazed by how well some of the older MF Nikon lenses perform with the D800e. Your first shot proves that once again. Handheld Macro Photography - Robert OToole Photography. Handheld Macro Photography Handheld macro photography in the field can be one of the most fun and rewarding ways to photograph nature.

Handheld Macro Photography - Robert OToole Photography

The required equipment setup can be simple and lightweight and easy to use and does not have to heavy, overly complicated and cost an arm and a leg. Over the next couple of weeks I will cover my favorite close-up tips and techniques in multiple parts; macro flash basics, my recommended equipment, and finally field techniques. I hope this will inspire and motivate you to get out in the field and give close up photography a try, especially my favorite, hand held macro flash photography. Sigma 150mm f/2.8 AF APO EX DG OS HSM Macro Lens for Nikon Digital SLRs: Camera & Photo. Sigma 180mm f/3.5 EX DG IF HSM APO Macro Lens for Nikon SLR Cameras: Camera & Photo. Macro Flash Photography - Robert OToole Photography. A Journey into the Insect Macro World with Craig Taylor. Hello PxlEyes members, readers and visitors!

A Journey into the Insect Macro World with Craig Taylor

Today we are going on a journey in the macro world, guided by Craig Taylor, an exceptional photographer who will unravel for us this amazingly detailed world of insects. We will stare into those…many many eyes of tiny spiders, we will observe a moth’s trunk and we’ll go “eeew” at the hairy bodies of other insects. All in all, it is fascinating to observe these little beings, and we’re grateful to Craig for his help with this: he combines the passion for photographic art with the scientific part (being an engineer for a living), achieving spectacular results: macros, as well as some light painting shots. Stacker [Zerene Stacker] Download a free 30-day trial Or purchase a license now Zerene Stacker is “focus stacking” software designed specifically for challenging macro subjects and discerning photographers.

stacker [Zerene Stacker]

Of course it works great with simpler subjects, close-ups, and landscapes also! This subject is a common fruit fly, as seen through a 100X microscope. Individual image on the left, stacked result on the right. Stacker:docs:tutorials:tutorialsindex [Zerene Stacker] Macro photos with D800 « Nikon Rumors Forum. Hi! Here are the results of a quick test. I took photos of a 1 Euro cent coin. Here the photo taken with the 105mm micro: Canon & Nikon Digital SLR Camera & Lens Reviews. Information about the DSLR Camera and Lens Reviews The reviews are the big reason that over 9 million people annually are using this site. Having the right camera gear is a solid part of the equation for getting awesome images. RitzPix - Photo Books, Easy Photo Books & Custom Photo Albums. Create a Photo Book Create a FAST Gift! Classic Photo Books Ready in 1 Hour or have it Delivered!

DVD photo slideshow software? - dvd photo slideshow. Check shutter count online - My Shutter

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Service manuals and repair tips for electronics experts. Nikon Hacker - Nikon Service Software. Thanks for the link, this looks *very* promising. Weekly Nikon news flash #209. Nikon dslr.rar. Tripods and Peripherals.