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Mayor Snack Frog Crochet Pattern. Mayor Snack Frog was the very first fatimal I ever crocheted.

Mayor Snack Frog Crochet Pattern

What’s a fatimal, you ask? A fatimal is, well, a fat animal. And at Squirrel Picnic, the fatimal clan is a bunch of fun-loving, easygoing, party animals. From their embroidered noses to their tiny little hands and feet, there’s just so much to love about them. They never consider their size to be a disadvantage. Of all the fatimals, Mayor Snack Frog could be considered the leader, but the truth is that there’s not really an organization to lead and fatimals aren’t much for being led anyway.

Visit the cast page to learn more about the fatimals. Finished size without top hat: 6″ tall and 11 1/2″ around at the widest point Finished size of top hat: 2″ tall and 12″ around the outside of the brim Materials Gauge. Rainbow Chicken Crochet Pattern. Rainbow Chicken is just your average, ordinary, everyday chicken, except that she developed a striped pastel pattern to her plumage after a rainbow fell on her one day.

Rainbow Chicken Crochet Pattern

Can you imagine that? I want a rainbow to fall on me too! She lives in the woods near the picnic and lays pastel-colored eggs in springtime. Cuddly Sun Crochet Pattern. These little crochet suns are sure to brighten your day.

Cuddly Sun Crochet Pattern

They would be a great addition to a baby’s mobile… or hanging in a school locker… or on the rear dash of a car… Crochet Cupcake Pincushion Sewing Kit. A long time ago, I think sometime last year, a friend of mine sent me a photo and asked if I could make her a cupcake pincushion that could sit atop one of those mason jar sewing kits.

Crochet Cupcake Pincushion Sewing Kit

After much thought and much procrastination, here’s what I think is a great gift for crochet and sewing enthusiasts, a “crochet cupcake pincushion mason jar sewing kit”. (A mouthful, right?) Thanks for the great idea Elizabeth! In the mason jar sewing kits you’ve seen around the internet (I’ve made a few myself!) , the pincushion part is squashed between the lid and the ring cap. This pattern uses only basic stitches. Oh, one more thing, this pattern is designed to fit large mouth mason jars, if that question comes up. Beginner Amigurumi Peanut Animal Pattern Tutorial with Videos. Nerdigurumi Peanut Tutorial Bear This pattern was the basis for the 2010 Amigurumi Workshops I did at Anime Evolution and Tsukino Con and is also the mascot for my website.

Beginner Amigurumi Peanut Animal Pattern Tutorial with Videos

It’s a fairly small and simple no-sew (for the body, the ears are sew on) pattern great for beginners that has step by step videos to help you on your way. The videos were made to be shown at an in-person panel so they make references to “your kit” and things of that nature, but the techniques displayed remain relevant. Angry Birds Red Cardinal and Green Pig Amigrumi Pattern. The pig never saw it coming...

Angry Birds Red Cardinal and Green Pig Amigrumi Pattern

Free Crochet Pattern: Wool-Ease® Amigurumi Candy Corn. Stashbucks Cup. I designed this toy cup for my nephew, who likes to pretend to drink coffee from "The Buck".

Stashbucks Cup

You can use it for collecting coins for your next trip to the coffee shop. Materials3.75 mm crochet hookworsted yarn in white, green and blackcup, for blockingtapestry needle for embroidery and weaving in ends. Amigurumi S’more. By Rachel Choi – 23 Comments Finished Size: 2” (5 cm) tall, 2 ½” (6 cm) wide Need help understanding the abbreviations?

Amigurumi S’more

Check out the crochet abbreviation chart. Make a rainbow cake slice! « genuine mudpie. I promised to come back with another celebratory plush pattern – and of course, it’s the rainbow cake slice pictured in the blogiversary posts here, and here!

make a rainbow cake slice! « genuine mudpie

You may notice that it shares the same colour palette as the plush clutch :D It is also based on my moon cake pattern, with a colourful twist. Amigurumi No-Sew Hamburger or Cheeseburger. Food has been a routine source of inspiration for all sorts of cuteness, from stationary to Amigurumi and I have always loved recreating it in Amigurumi.

Amigurumi No-Sew Hamburger or Cheeseburger

This pattern was inspired by the hamburger from Doki-Doki Yummy Chums, and is a super cute burger that wants to make friends. The pattern is worked continuously in one piece, and finishes up faster than the separate buns, patties and cheese patterns I found online, most of which were pay anyhow. It also needs no sewing, which saves time and pain in the ass factor, and makes it safer for animals and small children.

It is perfect for cat toys, just stuff with catnip, or insert a squeaky thing for dog or baby toys and wait for the drool to fly! Easy Peasy Strawberries Free Crochet Pattern - Inner Child Crochet. Amigurumi Apples. © June Gilbank 2010. Cherry Heart: Crocheted African Flower Pincushion Tutorial. Yarn spool pincushion pattern by Anna Hillegonda. Crochet Shaz - Shrunken Head Pincushion. Stitchin' the Night Away: Funky Flower Pincushion. With all the sewing my family does, we are constantly misplacing our needles.

I created this little pincushion so that we have a nice place to put them while we worked on our projects.Supplies: 4.75 mm crochet hook 9.00 mm crochet hook Bikini worsted weight yarn Pumpkin worsted weight yarn Bright Yellow worsted weight yarn * colors are based on Red Heart Super Saver Yarn stitch marker stuffing material yarn needle scissorsAbbreviations Used: Rnd(s) --- round(s) ch --- chain sc --- single-crochet st/sts --- stitch/stitches trc --- triple-crochet slp st --- slip stitchNotes: --- Be sure to move the stitch marker up as you complete each round. ~Pattern~Top Piece: Using the Bikini yarn and the 4.75 mm hook, ch 2. Bottom Piece: Using the Pumpkin yarn and the 4.75 mm hook, ch 2.

Small Flower: Using the Bikini yarn and the 4.75 mm hook, ch 2. Large Flower: Using the Bright Yellow yarn and the 9.00 mm hook, ch 2. FREE PATTERN - Sweet Pillow Pincushion! - The Hooked Haberdasher. I needed a new pincushion, as my donut that I made a few years ago has seen better days! Since I had an hour to spare, leftover yarn from another project, it was time to get busy… Where did my inspiration come from, well from my pins actually – aren’t they cute – heart pins! Without further delay, let’s get on our way with the pattern so you too can make one today in about an hour or so! Materials: Suggested yarn, Category 4 worsted weight – Model made with Caron Simply Soft in Watermelon/Soft Pink/White. Donut Pincushion Pattern. [IMG] This one is a little bigger than the original donut, so the pins don't stick out the bottom.

I used RH SS yarn but I would think any yarn would work. I crocheted it with a H hook but I crochet loosely, you may find another hook size better. Pin cushion or doll hat pattern by oopsi 17. The Whole Knit & Caboodle. Whoo!! Orders are finished until after Christmas! I cut it pretty close and pulled an all-nighter last night (probably the first intentional all-nighter since my University days) and powered through most of the remaining orders I had. The last stitches were sewn this afternoon.

Crochet Saturday: Fried Egg Pin Cushion Bracelet with Bacon Strap. Rose pin cushion crochet pattern pattern by Rosy Alice Crochet. Eggpatternposta+ (JPEG Image, 1152 × 768 pixels) - Scaled (88%)