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Coogee - Des photos d'art pas comme les autres ! Bagues de conversion (step-up/down, inversion macro) Un GIF pour comprendre l'impact de la distance focale sur un portrait. Ted Gore. Fabien Gréban - Photographe animalier et de nature. NATUREPHOTOGRAPHIE – CREATIVE VISION. Photographier les fleurs pour mieux photographier les animaux. NATUREPHOTOGRAPHIE. 13 Photography Channels on YouTube You Should Follow. Les Others. Reikan announces major update to FoCal AF tuning software: Digital Photography Review.

Reikan has announced a major update to its AF tuning software, FoCal.

Reikan announces major update to FoCal AF tuning software: Digital Photography Review

FoCal automates the process of calibrating your lens to your DSLR camera body, important - if not absolutely necessary - for critical focus when using fast lenses that yield shallow depth-of-field. Calibration options are typically available under 'AF microadjustment' (or AFMA for Canon and Sony bodies) or 'AF Fine Tune' (AFFT for Nikon bodies) menu items, with the process being pretty laborious and relying on the user to shoot many shots, throwing off focus in between each shot, to determine the optimal AFMA or AFFT for any camera/lens combination. Further frustrating things is the fact that the optimal value can change due to conditions like temperature and humidity, as well as subject distance, making it rather difficult to nail down the optimal settings.

Canon Australia. How To Read and Understand a Histogram (Professional Photographer Magazine Web Exclusives) By Ellis Vener “The map is not the territory” – Alfred Korzybski What is a histogram and what does it tell us about a photograph?

How To Read and Understand a Histogram (Professional Photographer Magazine Web Exclusives)

A histogram is nothing more than a bar graph. It shows how the luminance values in a digital or digitized photograph are distributed. The linear scale in a histogram runs from black at one end to white at the opposite end. The horizontal scale of the histogram measures exposure latitude, and the vertical scale measures quantity: it tells us how many pixels in the image have a specific luminosity value. Above, the histogram display from Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw shows channels represented by different colors. All NIKKOR Lenses for Digital SLR Cameras. Nikon AE-L / AF-L Button. Whether you are using an entry-level DSLR like Nikon D3100 or a top of the line DSLR like Nikon D3x, there is a special button on the back of your camera labeled “AE-L / AF-L” that can be quite useful in many situations.

Nikon AE-L / AF-L Button

After I wrote the Autofocus Modes article, I received several requests from our readers, asking me to explain what the AE-L / AF-L button does, when it should be used and how it can be combined with different autofocus modes. In this article, I will try to go through this button in depth and explain how I personally use it on my cameras. 1) AutoExposure-Lock / AutoFocus-Lock.

3 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Back Button Focus. This article was written to expand upon some of the key points in my ebook Tack Sharp: A Step By Step Guide To Nailing Focus.

3 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Back Button Focus

Over the past couple of years (and really since writing my ebook) I’ve become a huge advocate for making the switch to back button focus. It was one of the most revolutionary changes I ever made to how I take pictures. It seems like such a small thing, yet it’s such a huge difference in the way your camera works. I honestly don’t know why this isn’t the standard setting on all cameras because after getting acclimated to this setting, I honestly can’t understand the meaning for or use of the ‘shutter half way down’ method.

No More Switching Your Lens To Manual Focus. Nikon AE-L / AF-L Button. 500px ISO » Stunning Photography, Incredible Stories. Resource Travel brings you the world's most beautiful and inspiring photos, videos and stories. Two Mann Studios. Exposing to the Right Explained. Exposing to the right, or “ETTR,” is an approach to photography that is as helpful as it is controversial.

Exposing to the Right Explained

On one hand, exposing to the right is yet another technique to remember while shooting, and it can potentially ruin your exposure if utilized incorrectly. On the other hand, at least in theory, ETTR is the epitome of digital exposure. With proper ETTR, your images have as much detail in the shadows as they possibly can, without any of the highlights losing information along the way. Photography Tutorials and News by  SLR Lounge.

Canon Explains Exposure. The original DSLR camera simulator. Lighting Lighting is the single biggest determinant of how your camera needs to be set.

The original DSLR camera simulator

With only a few exceptions, you can never have too much light. Use this slider to experiment with different indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. Distance Use this slider to simulate how close or far you are in relation to the subject. Focal length Moving this slider is the same as zooming in and out with your lens. Mode The exposure modes of an SLR let you control one setting while the camera automatically adjusts the others.

Everything You Need to Know About Nikon AF Modes. The Invisible Black Backdrop - Photography Technique - Glyn Dewis. Over the past few weeks in preparation for the launch of my new ‘InSight Photography Workshop’ I’ve been running ‘testers’ (mini workshops) with groups of photographers to teach a range of lighting techniques and also to get brutal honest feedback.

The Invisible Black Backdrop - Photography Technique - Glyn Dewis

One of the techniques I’ve been teaching has become affectionately knows as ‘The Invisible Black Backdrop’ and without doubt has proven to be one of the most popular techniques amongst attendees. So, this got me thinking…why not write a tutorial, post it on the blog and then encourage those who give it a go to submit their photographs? Joey L. - NYC-based Photographer and Director. Tirage photo et développement de photos numériques en ligne. London Wedding Photographer Paul Rogers. Journal. Studio Jiminy est une petite maison d’édition multimédia qui vient juste de se créer.


Si nous sommes petits par la taille (nous sommes trois), notre ambition, elle, est grande. 9 règles de composition illustrées avec les photos de Steve McCurry. Blog. Avez-vous déjà relevé un défi?


Nikkor 300 mm f/4E PF ED VR nouvelle arme absolue. Post-Production Video Tutorial, Part One by David Noton. Login quickly and easily each time you shop with us online Receive exclusive discounts on selected online items online Receive exclusive access to the monthly Chasing the Light Magazine.

Post-Production Video Tutorial, Part One by David Noton

Pre-register for upcoming events so you don't miss out Every month we publish an issue of our unique magazine Chasing the Light exclusively for f11 members. With features from behind the lens and on the road with David Noton it combines stunning photography with David's unique style of writing. Technical features, humorous anecdotes, travel notes, a member's gallery, news and the stories behind the pictures make it an entertaining, informative and inspirational monthly read and information resource for all who love photography and travel. All this for less than the price of a coffee and a biscuit a month. Best circular polarizer filter: 5 top models tested and rated. A circular polarizer filter can help you boost the color and contrast in your images. In our latest group test we seek to find the best circular polarizer for your needs, testing out five of the top filters available.

When you browse sites like Flickr or the pages of a magazine and spot really striking landscape shots taken during the day, with bright blue skies, defined clouds and strong contrast, the chances are they’ve been taken by a pro using a high-quality circular polarizer filter. So what is a polarizer filter? Home. MP #112 : Pourquoi le bouton AF-ON (mise au point arrière) va vous changer la vie. Un article pour un bouton, vous pensez que c’est peut-être excessif ? MP #110 : Comment réaliser facilement un effet Starburst sur vos photos. Lorsque vous photographiez le soleil en face, vous avez peut-être déjà remarqué que, sur certaines de vos images, il forme une tâche blanche trop lumineuse, et sur d’autres il ressemble plutôt à une étoile qui rayonne. Dans le deuxième cas, cela donne un très bel aspect à votre photo. I AM YOUR STORY. Announcement Regarding the Nikon D600 Digital SLR Camera. March 28, 2014 With regard to the issue with which multiple granular dust spots are reflected in images captured with the D600 digital SLR camera, Nikon sincerely apologizes for any concern and inconvenience suffered by D600 users, retailers, and all concerned.

Because Nikon takes this matter very seriously, we will continue to offer users of the D600 a special service with which cameras are inspected, cleaned, and if necessary, shutter and related parts are replaced free of charge, even after the product warranty has expired. However, if a number of multiple granular dust spots are still noticeable in images captured with a D600 upon which the above service has been performed several times, Nikon will replace it with a new D600 or an equivalent model. Nikon will continue to work to improve the quality of its products and services even further. We hope that you will continue to choose Nikon products for your photographic needs. The information is current as of the date of publication.

Pour les utilisateurs du reflex Nikon D600 (mise à jour du 28/03/2014) HOME. Photo : comment vérifier les poussières sur un capteur de Reflex. Les porteurs de lunettes l'auront déjà remarqué, les poussières et autres saletés sur les verres ne se voient pas lorsqu'on porte les lunettes, tout au plus elles provoquent une gêne. C'est pareil en photo, les poussières que vous voyez sur l'objectif, en nombre raisonnable, ne se voient pas sur la plupart des images.

Trop importantes en nombre ou en taille, elles laisseront toutefois des taches.Pour les possesseurs d'appareils photo Reflex, on rajoute à la poussière présente sur l'optique celle présente sur le miroir et le dépoli, visible lorsque l'on change d'objectif. Crop Factor with ISO & Aperture: How Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon & Fuji Cheat You. DOF. features Canon DSLR Camera and Lens Reviews, News, Deals and Tips. The original DSLR camera simulator.

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PictureCorrect - Photography Tips and Techniques. Popphackner Photography. Utiliser les filtres polarisants en photographie nature. De tous les filtres couramment utilisés en photographie, s’il y en a un en particulier que vous vous devez de posséder, c’est bien un filtre polarisant. A quoi ça sert ? Beaucoup pensent qu’un polarisant ne s’avère efficace que lorsque le soleil brille pour renforcer le bleu du ciel. Ce n’est pas tout a fait exact. Bien au contraire… - Le web de la photographie nature. Laboratoire professionnel de tirages d'art, tirages qualité expo et tirages panoramiques à prix raisonables. Filtre polarisant : trois exemples assez parlants. Filtre polarisant : trois exemples assez parlants. Boguslaw Strempel - фотографии. 35фото. Accueil - QuestionsPhoto.

The Big Picture. Galerie. Burn magazine. LIFE - Your World in Pictures. Go Behind the Scenes on Real Hollywood Film Sets From the Age of Hail, Caesar! LIFE Valentine’s Day Print Sale: Own an Iconic Photograph From the Archives See Photos of Skiing’s Early Days as a Popular American Pastime By TIME Staff | Feb. 2, 2016. Club Photoshop. Photo art et d?coration - cadre et encadrement - id?e cadeau - ma belle photo. Galerie de The White House. Digital Cameras: Digital Photography Review, News, Reviews, Forums, FAQ. - Photographie et Mac. Photo from portfolio "New york yellow cabs" by Stephane Bazart, Professional Photographer - Graphic design, Other, UrbanArchitecture, Graphic design, UrbanArchitecture, UrbanLifestyle, Other, Portraits, UrbanArchitecture, Graphic design, UrbanArchitecture.

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