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Taming Information - Information organizers, information management and methods

Taming Information - Information organizers, information management and methods
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Welcome to DeepaMehta | DeepaMehta WikIT An SOA, BPM, Decision Management and Cloud Computing Guide for t How To Set Up A Google Store In Minutes Last week, Google released yet another gadget that may win them friends with small business owners. It’s called the Google Checkout store gadget and it essentially allows you to use Google Checkout and Google Docs to to easily create your own online store in a matter of minutes. What makes the gadget especially interesting is that because it’s tied to a Google Docs spreadsheet, small business owners can keep product inventory without having to use another third-party program like Quickbooks. Something many of us can probably appreciate. To install the gadget on your site or blog, Google outlines three simple steps. 1. And that’s it. This is really a great new gadget from Google, especially if you’re one of the many aspiring merchants or SMB owners who were intimidated by the thought of creating your own e-commerce store. What I really like is how much this lowers the bar to entry for merchants to start up. Do practice some caution, though. What do you think? More in: Google

36 Excellent Data Visualization Tools Data is always useful but it is not easy to comprehend it when it is not presented understandably. This is where data visualization comes in; there are many tools and techniques of providing data in a way that helps the viewers to apprehend the given data. It is very important to draw in the user’s attention via proper data visualization so that he/she is better capable of retaining facts. It would definitely require the media, through which the data is presented, to present the information in such a way that it catches the user’s eye and still be intelligible to him at all counts and levels because representation of facts is always better shown through pictorial representation of statistics. To make it easy for all the data streaming sites to give their data in a most comprehensible way we have brought together a collection of data visualization tools. Modest Maps Flot Charts Leaflet Leaflet is a modern open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. Raphael Chartkick

Creativity through mind mapping Mind mapping seems to have a built-in quality that helps with creativity. The freedom to add a new thought anywhere and draw connections, opens the mind and unblocks thinking. (click the thumbnail for a full-size version) Paul Foreman, the prolific mind mapper of MindMapInspiration says "Mind maps open the floodgates to creativity and are a brilliant format for thinking. "Coupling random words and unusual connections can make creative exploration fun and reveal some unique ideas." This ties in with one of Edward de Bono's suggestions (see below) for breaking the creativity log jam: Open a dictionary at a random page, pick a word, and then try to form a connection between that word and the subject of your creative intent. A mind map about creativity Edward de Bono's book Serious Creativity is seriously useful in getting the creative juices flowing. There is a very cut-down image of a mind map on the right. Interactive map: Flash (recommended) PDF (problem?) External links References

The Paradox of the Information Age Business Models | IT THOUGHT Today, I came across a fascinating discussion about Information Age business models at the Harvard Business School Publishing website. It encapsulates the entire paradox of doing business in the Information Age – do you use the wonderful processing power today to turn old ideas out quicker at low cost or do your innovate and produce new ones even though they may not be price competitive. Both can be profitable uses of today’s technology and approaches to doing business, but one is obviously easier than the other, and unfortunately stifles and threatens the other economically. Harvard Business Publishing: The Best Business Model in the World by Umair Haque Everybody’s searching desperately for business model innovation: Detroit, newspapers, record labels, banks. No market is left untouched, no value proposition sacrosanct.Yet, the best business model in the world is also the simplest : make stuff that’s insanely great. What do you think?

Tools - Cool Infographics Adioma creates information graphics out of your textual data, using timelines, grids and icons. Create impressive charts from spreadsheets. Assemble into dashboards, embed in websites, or simply share a link. A Python interactive visualization library that targets modern web browsers for presentation Cacoo is a free online drawing tool that allows you to create a variety of diagrams such as site map, flowchart, mind map, wire frame, UML diagram and network diagram. Crowdsourced Analytics Solution Marketplace - Make Sense of Big Data Free interactive charts created online in seconds ChartGo is an online graph maker tool. How to Organize Digital Information: Web sites, blogs, and more “The flood of data on the Web has reached mind-boggling proportions.” (NPR, 2010) So many websites, blogs, online newsletters … so little time. How can we keep up in the digital world? What is Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)? The System to PKM The first and essential component to effective management of digital information is the system itself. Find the right tool or application to manage your digital content. 1) The Tool There are many tools to choose from for managing and sharing digital information, yet the selection of the tool is critical, it can make or break your system. Pealtrees: I discovered Pearltrees, which is a fluid and intuitive tool that allows me to manage digital information easily. 2) The Knowledge – My Categories The image below illustrates my ‘trees’ which are the main topics or categories of interest to me. To expand a ‘tree’ I simply click on the circle associated with the category. 3) The method Like this: Like Loading...

emaze - Online Presentation Software – Create Amazing Presentations Project planning with mind maps You can't start a project without thinking, "What do I do first?" but starting there is premature. Even with small projects you must have a clear understanding of the following: The project aims, how completion will be judged (what tells you that you've really finished? but that's just the beginning. Planning preliminaries Start a mindmap as you think about what the project aims to produce, what it covers, what resources you will need and then draft the first ideas for a timetable: Preliminary project planning thoughts (Click for larger version) Scope may be a problem. You may not have decided much of what you write about aims, scope and resources yourself -- maybe your boss told you -- but whether you define them and then go seeking agreement, or they are handed down, make sure they have been thought through, written down and circulated. Mind mapping encourages structured capture of unstructured thoughts. Filling out the details Next, develop the mindmap to a more detailed level.

Links to Infographic Sites, Visual Designers and C - Cool Infographics Randy's infographic design consultancy to Visualize Business Intelligence Jacob O'Neal's site focused on designing animated GIF infographics Company that helps visualize business data Rose Zgodzinski's site to help client find visual solutions Consulting, Design and Social + PR Brian Cragin is an infographic designer in San Diego A masterfully constructed infographic campaign can work wonders for your business Dashboard Design: Data Driven helps your clients better understand and act upon your information Dejure Design provides interactive and visual design services to social justice organizations seeking to make their legal work more accessible and engaging. One of the UK’s leading providers of infographics and data visualisation for bloggers and businesses of all sizes An interactive design industry We make important data beautiful and easy to understand We specialize in transmitting messages in a clear, simple and attractive way.

Information management and visual presentation <<< back to - Back to - A personal journey in information management The core of this article is that a visual approach is the best way I've found yet and I'd like to start with some of the experiences I've had that convince me that this is not just a personal quirk. I'll give three real illustrations (even the word "illustration" says a lot) three real stories of how presenting things visually can often score strongly. The story of the yellow files I had a boss once who when he joined the company had his secretary order boxes of transparent yellow files and a new, large conference table for his office. He said this was how he kept on top of everything. But I never found out why the files had to be yellow! The case of the open slanting shelves Another case: I had a client with an open slanted shelves that ran along the front of her window. Again each slanted partition had transparent files in it, and they were all visible and very easily accessible. The clincher: the visual 'roadmap'

Kuchen für alle! 15 hilfreiche Tools für die Datenvisualisierung Datenvisualisierung bietet sich immer dann an, wenn man Informationen an andere Menschen weitergeben will, die mit dem untermauernden Zahlenmaterial nicht vertraut sind. Je größer die Datensätze, desto komplizierter wird eine händische Aufbereitung. Entsprechende Tools können die Arbeit erheblich erleichtern und schicke Charts basteln – wie beispielsweise unser Artikel zur Datenvisualisierung mit Charts.js zeigt. In den vergangenen Jahren hat das Angebot an webbasierten Lösungen und Desktop-Anwendungen für das Sammeln, Analysieren und visuelle Aufbereiten von Daten erheblich zugenommen. In manchen Fällen sind die Datenvisualisierungslösungen so einfach gehalten, dass der Nutzer kaum über Coding-Kenntnisse oder Design-Skills verfügen muss. Wer mit großen Datensammlungen hantiert und auf perfekte Organisation, optimale Lesbarkeit oder ein individuelles Design nicht verzichten will, muss allerdings technische Kenntnisse und grafisches Knowhow mitbringen. Axiis BirdEye Bonsai Ember Charts Flot