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Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD for Nikon to start shipping on April 30 Today Tamron Japan announced the shipping date for the Nikon version of the SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD lens: April 30, 2014. Additional lens information: Pre-order options: Adorama | B&H | WEX UK | Foto Hans Keuzekamps Sample images taken with the Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD lens (Canon version): -1- | -2- | -3- | -4-. Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD lens design:

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Nikon D800e - Official Image thread Picture This! wrote: Nice shots agentbird & Carl ! agentbird, I'm considering a 105mm VR. Would be interested to understand why you don't like yours on the D800e. Carl, I'm constantly amazed by how well some of the older MF Nikon lenses perform with the D800e. Your first shot proves that once again. Understanding Histograms Possibly the most useful tool available in digital photography is the histogram. It could also well be the least understood. In this article we will look at what a camera histogram tells the photographer and how best to utilize that information. Virtually every digital camera, from the simplest point-and-shoot to the most sophisticated digital SLR has the ability to display a histogram directly, or more usually superimposed upon the image just taken. (The Hasselblad H1, the latest generation of film & digital capable cameras, can display a histogram on the camera grip’s LCD while the image is separately displayed on the digital back’s LCD.)

Nikon D2h Review by Thom Hogan Battery performance is superb. Really superb. The camera seems to power down gracefully, for example, much like the old film bodies. If you accidentally leave the camera on overnight with a full battery, the camera still claims ~87% battery charge 24 hours later, and that figure seems accurate.

DIY: Lee Filters Flash Adapter Last night I was inspired and decided to put together an idea that been bugging me since the day I received my 4 Lee Filter sample packs from Musikhaus Thomann. I had already made a filter adapter for the Canon flashes but then when I received the Lee filters sample package I wonder how could I use the package on the field without having to put some Tape or Velcro on them prior to the assignment. Since I always carry the all package containing the 287 small sample colored filters with me and sometimes only on the field I decide which one's to choose, or none, it started to be very difficult to have them all with tape and Velcro (like the CTO and Green one's I already have made). In general I think this is one of the accessories, if you use the filters too much, that you cannot live without it in you bag or pocket or wallet.

Canon & Nikon Digital SLR Camera & Lens Reviews Information about the DSLR Camera and Lens Reviews The reviews are the big reason that over 9 million people annually are using this site. Having the right camera gear is a solid part of the equation for getting awesome images.

AF microadjustment for the 1Ds mark III, 1D Mk3, 5D Mk2, 7D Cameras with micro-adjustment (or AF fine tuning) currently include: Canon 1D X, 1DIII, 1DIV, 1DsMkIII, 5DII, 5D3, 50D, 7D, Nikon D3, D3x, D4, D300, D700, D800 Sony A900, Pentax K20 (note that the EOS 60D does not include this feature) The EOS 1D X / 5D3 now allows separate AF Microadjustment for both the wide angle and the telephoto settings of a zoom lens. Sometimes, different lenses might consistently not focus perfectly (front or back focus). This can now be adjusted for individual lenses.

Nikon D2H custom settings - Neil vN The D2H is an immediately impressive camera – extremely flexible, and offering a myriad of options that the photographer can set according to their own style and needs. Here are my preferences for the Custom Settings .. and why. As with my recommendations with the D100 and D70, there are some custom settings which I believe should be changed from the default settings. Then there are custom settings, which I believe should never be changed from the default. The Custom Functions are grouped into 6 categories:

High Dynamic Range Tutorial HDR Tutorial – How to Make Beautiful HDR Photos with Ease! Which HDR Software to use – Mac or Windows? The first thang you’re gonna need is some HDR Software. If you have a Mac, I strongly recommend Aurora HDR 2017 then follow the Free HDR Tutorial for Macs. Handheld Macro Photography - Robert OToole Photography Handheld Macro Photography Handheld macro photography in the field can be one of the most fun and rewarding ways to photograph nature. The required equipment setup can be simple and lightweight and easy to use and does not have to heavy, overly complicated and cost an arm and a leg. Over the next couple of weeks I will cover my favorite close-up tips and techniques in multiple parts; macro flash basics, my recommended equipment, and finally field techniques.

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