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DeMilked - Design Milking Magazine

DeMilked - Design Milking Magazine
16-Year-Old Artist Wins The National Art Competition With Her Impressive Hyper-Realistic Pencil Drawing 16-Year-Old artist Shania McDonagh has just won the top prize at the annual Texaco Children’s Art Competition for her sensational pencil portrait. The new Irish star artist has been drawing since she was 12 years old and has stunned the world with "Coleman," her hyper-realistic pencil portrait of an elderly man. Can You Find Momo The Hide-And-Seek Dog? Andrew Knapp and his beautiful dog Momo the border collie, which we previously wrote about here, have a unique on-going game that they play with thousands of fans all over the world. The two best buddies have been find tons of great locations for Momo to hide in everywhere they go - urban areas, shops,...

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ABOUT US Hi there! So here’s our story…. This is how it all started… From Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, Books to Websites, Blogs, Twitter Profiles and Quota accounts, we, just like the other youngsters, were attracted to the process of information assimilation and drawing conclusions based on those pieces of information. But, what was the impact of that consumption? We never contemplated on that and life showcased us examples of the effect of what kind of information or news we consumed.

Blog Each year brings with it new challenges for web designers and 2014 is no different. In order to meet the diverse challenges that are thrown at you, your fundamentals need to be clear, but that’s not all. You need to be able to predict and identify these challenges and make sure you’ve a solution in place for them. Web design is a domain that was always competitive, but it’s becoming more so over the years. As a designer, your talent will be judged on the basis of whether you were able to face down a designing challenge and come up trumps. This will help you differentiate your services from that of your competitors.

You are one? You are alone? You are by yourself? - The scenic route back to Kathmandu with my imaginary friends.... Advertisement "Yes, yes, yes I know, I'm a billy no mates and have no friends", is what I felt like saying after the 6th person in two hours spoke or gestured, combined usually with a look of concern or confusion, to ask whether I was on my own. I was beginning to get the feeling that in everyday Nepal, ie. outside of the tourist bubble I'd been living in, perhaps women didn't travel on their own.... I was staying in Bandipur, some three hours from Pokhara, having decided to take the scenic route back to Kathmandu. I'd finished my Annapurna trek with a day being shaken around (as much as is possible when there are four squished into a row) in the back of various jeeps as we travelled a road that was in parts more rock and less road.

21 More Brilliant Minimalist Print Ads Have you ever noticed that most of the greatest ideas, whether it’s business or design, are so simple and obvious that you wonder why you haven’t thought of it before! As we mentioned in our previous article (see Brilliant Minimalist Print Ads (PART I)) Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe adopted the motto “Less is more”. Even after 500 years Leonardo’s words are true and this rule is still widely used in design and advertising. index "007 Daniel Craig "....By SLOUGHFOOTLive15hr agoGuest3338024,8385WWE WRESTLEMANIA 30 REPLAY _MYHQSPORTZ,COM_Live6hr agomyhqsportzdotcomm024,0833The Machine 2014Live1d agoGuest21841147,8360Sc-Fi MoviesLive2d agoGuest13746209,80493(((①)))ŒŒ HQ Bollywood™ ●Subtitled●Live3d agoBollywood_Magic15,577,4391(((③))) HQ Bollywood™ ●Subtitled●Live1wk ago_nikumah_214,922,3982Teeburd's Lounge ~ 2014 MoviesLive4hr ago Guest39520858,64730Ancient AliensLive3hr ago Jabriel0646,99423:::▲Edels Movies▲:::Live2d ago edel37121,159,54846BR2EPIC WINDS Black Mama White MamaLive21min agoGuest3738084,0522chinatimes-tv live from the webLive9hr ago chinatimes-tv02,6410randomLive3hr ago wildbill70616,5660UFO ChannelLive6d agobenifited4779,6064,089Chopper TvLive2d ago_fb_7182947231111,39332♪ CN CINEMA ♫ " MOVIES "ℍℚ+Live1hr agoHoMeCINEMA_7047,1750Teeburd's Movies ~ Cult MoviesLive3hr agoGuest24150565,91728GoranGoxx live from the webLive10hr agoGoranGoxx0262,1010END78´s ☆.:*´¨'*Movie World*´¨'*:.

What to eat before, during and after the London Marathon - Women's Health © Shutterstock It has finally arrived; the London marathon is back for another year! You've been training hard and eating right for weeks, so now is the time to ensure that all your hard work doesn't go to waste. Keep reading to find out which foods will help boost your energy before you begin, sustain and replenish you as you power through, and help you recover from the gruelling exercise afterwards. Before your run Design Crush & Popsicles! - StumbleUpon Not to sound full of myself, but I’m pretty sure this is the be all, end all of popsicle roundups. There’s a little something for everyone: the foodies, the purists, the ones who prefer frozen yogurt, the ones who prefer a little alcohol, everyone. Tweny-five options to be exact.

Future - Welcome to a home for the insatiably curious What is BBC Future? Well, for starters we are about so much more than making predictions. Our mission statement is simple: "Making you smarter every day." The latest in style and grooming, food and drink, business, lifestyle, culture, sports, restaurants, nightlife, travel and power. Ah the iPhone. A wonderful piece of technology that has made it come to be that no one can go 10 minutes without checking them and needs them permanently attached to their hip. Yet, despite us all being obsessed with our iPhones, we really don’t know all they can do very well at all. Here are 10 things might not know about what your iPhone can do. Take a Burst of Photos at Once Hold down the shutter and it will take lost of photos in quick succession.The Power of Airplane Mode

GUEST POST - - StumbleUpon photos by: Kathleen Bly post designed by kristin ess Mad love for our first guest post winner, Taylor Nick!!! I am fully obsessed with this bohemian-inspired-braided-goodness! Even though Taylor had some SERIOUS competition, there’s no doubt that this little lady took the cake in our hair tutorial contest. She created a beautiful, textured, easy hairstyle that will work with almost any hair type. Congratulations Taylor, and thanks to ALL of you who entered this post contest. DIY Project: Floral Garland Mirror Materials: mirror or frameblack acid-free papercraft glue or PVAwirescissorspliers and wire cutterstaple gunspray finish, matte or glossyoptional: black paint and paintbrush for frame Steps: 1. Yale Press Log Image Credit: Lina Bo Bardi, Yale University Press, 2013 Books from the prestigious Yale University Press art list, featuring news, interviews, ideas, and commentary about our titles, exhibitions, and the fascinating world of art at large. Visit the new Yale ARTbooks blog at Recent Posts: Don’t Paint Over This Post on The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti

Download Project Zomboid Hello again survivor! If you need to know how to claim your Desura and Steam keys from an old account then you’re in the right place. To find your way back into the clutches of the Zomboid horde, just follow these simple steps. 1) Initial Google Checkout / Paypal purchasers First of all you’ll have to convert your existing PZ details into a Desura key.

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