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Silent World by Michael Kenna Silent World by Michael Kenna Famous Photographers With Their Even More Famous Photographs The sudden death of film Who would have dreamed film would die so quickly? The victory of video was quick and merciless. Was it only a few years ago that I was patiently explaining how video would never win over the ancient and familiar method of light projected through celluloid? And now Eastman Kodak, which seemed invulnerable, is in financial difficulties. Many of the nation's remaining mail-order company that processing film from still cameras has closed, even though stills are having a resurgence in serious market. The reason for that is fairly disheartening. I remember the first year video projection was demonstrated at Cannes. But in 1990, in the white frame chapel of Kapiolani Community College on Oahu, the new Sony High Definition Software Center staged a demo of a 36-inch Sony high-definition TV set at the Hawaii Film Festival. Well, it looked good. And on and on. We live in a time few people could have foreseen on that day in Hawaii. Speaking of my fears, I have a final one.

Early Documentary Photography | Thematic Essay | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art - StumbleUpon Harold Greengard, Twin Lakes, Connecticut, 1917 Paul Strand (American, 1890–1976) Silver-platinum print; 10 x 13 in. (24.5 x 33 cm) Ford Motor Company Collection, Purchase, Joseph Pulitzer Bequest and The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Gift through Joyce and Robert Menschel, and Gift of Ford Motor Company and John C. Waddell, by exchange, 1997 (1997.25) © 1997 Aperture Foundation Inc., Paul Strand Archive By the beginning of the twentieth century, photography was well on its way to becoming the visual language it is today, the pervasive agent of democratic communication. Despite Alfred Stieglitz's early interest in candid or snapshot-style street photography seen in The Terminal of 1892 (58.577.11) and The Steerage of 1907 (33.43.419), he attempted to turn the page on the natural development of the documentary tradition in photography with his successful 1910 retrospective of Pictorialism at the Albright Art Museum in Buffalo, New York. Ernest J.

Resources for Vintage Cameras Navigation Canon Support Pages All these links open in a new tab or window. If a Canon product is currently offered, you can find it easily through their product links from the main page. If it has been manufactured in the last ten years or so, you can likely find a link from the support page to the original page that was used to offer the camera when it was currently sold, with links to software and drivers, manuals and brochures in PDF format, accessories, specifications, etc. The Canon Camera Museum has almost every camera and lens ever offered by Canon all the way back to the Kwanon prototype in 1933. Back to top of page Back to main page Current Films Kodak currently advertises Ektar 100 Professional as having "The World's Finest Grain." Click on the picture of the roll of Ektar 100 Professional to go to the Kodak page on this film. There are other fine films out there. Verifiable by me. Kodachrome Dwayne's Photo closed out its K-14 service on December 30, 2010. Why is this so? Links:

CanonFD FAQL ACP - Main index A simplified zone system for making good exposures A simplified Zone system for making good exposures by Norman Koren Modified May 26, 2010 This page presents a simplified version of Ansel Adams' Zone system, suitable for 35mm and medium format photography, color or black & white. The bulk of the page was written when film was dominant. It was revised in October, 2005 to include material on digital photography. If you are new to photography and still unclear on the basic concepts of exposure, Accurate Exposure with Your Meter from Eastman Kodak is a good introduction. Slides, negatives, and digital Back in the days when film ruled, most professional professionals worked with color slides instead of negatives because clients demanded them. Why then would a serious photographer choose to work with negatives? Since this article was first published, digital has overtaken 35mm and medium format film, though it still can't equal large format for detail. Introduction to the Zone system "Expose for the shadows; develop for the highlights." Zones

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