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- .ılılı. electronic beats ★ visual art .ılılı.

- .ılılı. electronic beats ★ visual art .ılılı.
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Thaeger The Men's Way of Fashion - Fashion, Menswear, Lifestyle, More Arsenixc Artworks Arsenixc Artworks » Illustration » No Comments » | Pictures © Arsenixc | ↓ You might also like ♥ « Oil & Water by Sam Spreckley New Works by Chris Piascik » // If you find anything interesting and decide to share it please link back to robot:mafia. Leave a message... Selected Releases //On Tumblr // Featured Art // A Year Before //2013-10-28: MOOON by James Kwan2013-10-28: Semiotics :: SlimeFM 007 // October 20132013-10-28: ❖ Graphics Interchange Format #42Graphic Novel // Animation // Featured Art // Music Video // Featured Art // Featured Art // Network // ※2010-2014 (♥) -::[robot:mafia]::- .ılılı. electronic beats ★ visual art .ılılı. Live Audio Metalheadz Show // Rinse FM Free Tune Typography Mixed Media Photo Manipulation Landscape // Architecture Projection

Open Culture Gadgetsin Street-Art | Au secours j'ai un blog Converse Photo Clash Par QRieuZ, Mercredi 16 avril 2014 à 17:04 :: Evénement, Street-Art La semaine dernière vous avez été nombreux participer à l’évènement Converse Photo Clash en envoyant votre photo par Katre via Twitter. Samedi l’artiste était présent à la boutique Royal Cheese, dans le 3e arrondissement de Paris, pour vous clasher en direct et repartir avec votre photo customisée. Pour ceux qui auraient raté l’évènement et pour les curieux, petite rétrospective de l’évènement en images dans la suite ! Lire la suite un commentaire Aakash Nihalani – Vantage Par QRieuZ, à 16:04 :: Illustration, Street-Art Depuis le 4 avril et jusqu’au 17 mai, la galerie Wunderkammern située à Rome expose les oeuvres de l’artiste Aakash Nihalani (voir précédemment). Lire la suite aucun commentaire Converse Photo Clash Par QRieuZ, Mercredi 09 avril 2014 à 12:04 :: Evénement, Street-Art Lire la suite aucun commentaire Untay Par QRieuZ, Lundi 24 février 2014 à 16:02 :: Illustration, Street-Art Lire la suite Alex Senna The Evolution Of Icon Design From 1981-2013 December 4, 2013 • By Joe Howard • In Design With the GUI having now been around for over 40 years, today we are taking a look back in time at the evolution of an integral feature – the icon. Since the early 70’s, when bitmapped screens were first developed with GUI’s, the humble icon has come a long way. 1981 – Xerox Star Surprisingly, the icons are actually pretty good. 1983 – Apple Lisa Once Apple had seen the Xerox Star, they decided to build their own GUI based system – The Lisa. 1984 Apple Macintosh 1.0 1985 Atari TOS Although mainly considered to be a gaming system, the Atari ST did still have a GUI which shared the desktop metaphor. 1985 Amiga Workbench 1.0 1985 Microsoft Windows 1.0x Windows 1.0 was a highly criticized OS, most notably for it’s high system requirements, and heavy resource usage. 1986 GEOS for Commodore 64 and Apple II 19989 Amiga OS Amiga OS was the successor to Workbench 3.0. 1989 NeXTSTEP / OPENSTEP 1990 Microsoft Windows 3.0 1991 Macintosh System 7 1995 Windows 95

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