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Found in Mom's Basement 1940s ad for A-penn products: 1948 ad for Revlon cosmetics: 1950s ad for Revlon cosmetics: Another 1950s ad for Revlon cosmetics: 1961 ad for Royal Crown cola: 1962 ad for Gibley's vodka: 1962 ad for Gibley's gin: Found at CharmaineZoe, James Vaughan, saltycotton, Christine and ebay. Adverblog - interactive marketing and other great advertising ideas Best ads from Australia Showing results: 1-18 of 8977 Page 1 of 499 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 - A la Une : Buy Nothing Day, Consumerism and advertising "Buy Nothing Day", aussi nommé "no buy day", no shop day" et "no shopping day", se tient chaque année depuis 1993 le jour suivant Thanksgiving aux USA et au Canada. Cette année, ce sera le 28 novembre. Une version européenne de cette journée a été crée, qui se tient le lendemain, le 29 novembre. Textes et images Site "buy nothing day" pour le Royaume Uni des idées d'actions et des infos sur "fair trade" voyez par exemple:"101 things to do on Buy Nothing Day" et aussi The Center for a New American Dream Faites le "consumption quiz" Leçons, activités et sites interactifs A lesson plan from "developing teachers" avec des élèves de lycée, vous pouvez utiliser cette leçon directement. Etudier la Publicité

Where "The Gangs" Lived--New York's Five Points District, by Gregory J. Christiano The name Five Points evokes images of poverty, rampant crime, decadence and despair. That’s true. The Five Points was a lurid geographical cancer filled with dilapidated and unlivable tenement houses, gang extortion, corrupt politicians, houses of ill-repute and drunkenness and gambling. This was a place where all manner of crime flourished, the residents terrorized and squalor prevailed. the setting over many decades through the nineteenth century. The district was known as the Sixth Ward bounded, south, by Reade Street; west, by West Street; north by Canal Street; east by Broadway. Certain areas of Manhattan are not suitable to build tall structures because there is no bedrock underground. When the landfill started to decay in the 1820’s the wood frame houses began to tilt over and sink. The many dancehalls brought together the Irish and African-Americans who had a large population in the area. Over the decades the neighborhood changed. Recommended reading list: Blog de Mercadotecnia, Publicidad & Creatividad: Briefblog Significant seven: best print ads - Mumbrella Over the next few days, we are publishing highlights from this year’s Mumbrella Annual. 1. Royal Australian Navy, Human frigate The importance of teamwork in the navy is depicted in the shape of a battle cruiser made from hundreds of recruits. The execution also shows that the navy is not just about ships, sheet metal and rivets – it’s about people. The ad won best corporate and government service at the Caxtons. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.