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Gaza Sderot - Life in spite of everything

Gaza Sderot - Life in spite of everything
2 citiesGaza (Palestine)Sderot (Israël)3 km of distance2 videos per day This program was broadcasted dailyfrom the 26th of October to the 23th of december 2008You will find 40 episodes (80 videos). We also added new videos from the war in the blog. Watch the program ( high bandwidth ) Watch the program in low bandwidth 14th april - New video from Gaza by Greg | 14/04/2009 | under : The Project

interactive - National Film Board of Canada At the NFB we like change. For 70 years we've experimented, innovated, and produced a legacy of technical and creative firsts in cinema, animation, and documentary. Think McLaren, Lipsett, Brittain, and Jutra; Stereoscopic 3d, VTR, and participatory media. Today, the way we create, consume, and connect with each other changes by the minute.

For Want of Water - Topics - Las Vegas Sun — Interactive by Zach Wise Las Vegas was first settled for its springs, springs that made it an oasis in the desert. Although those springs have decades since run dry, water is still the most import resource to Las Vegas and the dry Southwest. And by all indications the region is only going to get dryer. Scientists predict devastating effects from global warming, conservationists are calling for a halt to growth in Southern Nevada as a way to preserve supplies and water managers are looking to ever more creative ways to reduce reliance on the overburdened Colorado River. A Colorado River reservoir at Lake Mead is the source of 90 percent of the valley's water supply.

Projects Skip to content Exploring documentary storytelling in the age of the interface Active Filter : None loading... LIVE FROM THE WEBZINE: Call for Entry: IDFA Bertha Fund Classic - 14 Apr DOCLAB ABOUT DOCLAB IDFA DocLab is the New Media program of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).

Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator - Douglas Gayeton Molotov's Alva and His Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey is a compilation of ten video diaries made by Molotov Alva, who disappeared off the face of the earth in January of this year, only to re-appear subsequently in Second Life. The diaries form the basis of the documentary directed by Douglas Gayeton. Molotov's Alva and His Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey is the first MiniMovie in a series produced specifically for online video channels, iPods and mobile phones. Director Douglas Gayeton wrote and directed, together with William Gibson, 'Johnny Mnemonic', the first interactive cd-rom based movie, for Sony Imagesoft. His digital animated series 'Delta State', was named best animated TV series of the year at the 2004 Annecy Film Festival.

Evaluating Interactive Documentaries: Audience, Impact and Innovation in Public Interest Media Public interest media organizations are increasingly interested in experimenting with interactive and participatory approaches to documentary storytelling enabled by digital technologies. However, due to the experimental nature of these interactive documentaries, it is not yet clear whether the more active user engagements they require translate into outcomes like sustained attention, greater narrative comprehension, enhanced learning, empathy or civic engagement – never mind larger societal impacts like improved public discourse, behavior change or policy change. The shifting definitions and measures of complex, multi-­‐dimensional concepts like “engagement” and “impact” is a challenge for public interest media organizations migrating to digital platforms – particularly at a time when audience activities have become far more transparent and funders place greater emphasis on “data-­driven” impact measurement. Sean Flynn

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