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Autos hechos con impresoras 3D

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WASP unveils house printer BigDelta: world’s largest delta 3D printer at 12 meters tall Sep 7, 2015 | By Alec While 3D printers come in all shapes and sizes, the race towards the world’s first commercial construction 3D printer capable of building homes has been a very exciting one. While several projects have achieved remarkable success already, we have always been very impressed by the Italian engineers over at WASP. A year ago they showed off a very promising four meter tall 3D printer – a sign of things to come – but they are now bac k for more. At a multipurpose three day event in Massa Lombarda, Italy (18-20 September), WASP will unveil the BigDelta 3D printer: the world’s largest delta 3D printer, standing at 12 meters in height and capable of 3D printing entire homes.

The Lost Drawings Of An Artist Who Spent His Life In A Lunatic Asylum James Edward Deeds Jr. was destined to be a completely unknown artist. Declared insane in 1936 at the age of 28, Deeds spent his life in a Missouri mental hospital known as State Lunatic Asylum No. 3, where he drew prolifically. When he died, his art ended up in a family member’s attic, forgotten. Eventually, movers threw it out with the garbage in the 1970s. What Are Pomegranates Good For? By Dr. Mercola Pomegranates have been enjoyed for thousands of years and are a symbol of hope and abundance in many cultures. Simple yet genius idea to turn plastic bottles into strong plastic wire Russian Youtuber, Адвокат Егоров, has demonstrated a simple yet genius idea of turning plastic bottles into a strong usable wire in such a simple way. Almost in the same action as a cheese grater, the blade cuts the bottle at one edge and then it is turned until you are left with a long spool of plastic rope. Адвокат Егоров/Youtube Unfortunately, if you don’t understand Russian you won’t have much of an idea of what he is saying, but the process is simple enough to understand from watching and it is somewhat satisfying to watch. You see him pulling the rope the length of his garden until the bottle is finished.

Tiny sea snail 'swims like a bee' A tiny species of sea snail "flies" underwater using movements just like winged insects, according to a study. US scientists observed the so-called sea butterfly - actually an aquatic snail - using high-speed video and flow-tracking systems. The 3mm critter flaps its wing structures, which grow where a snail's foot would normally be, in a characteristic figure-of-eight pattern. It also uses some of the vortex-making tricks that keep insects in the air. The + Shelf 3D printed joints let you design and construct your own modular furniture Aug 21, 2015 | By Alec When people first hear about 3D printed furniture, most reactions are somewhere along the lines of ‘but surely 3D printed parts aren’t strong enough?’ However, furniture designers are increasingly and successfully adopting 3D printed components as an additional, rather than a replacement, technology. In these cased 3D printed parts are combined with wood, metal or fabric to create some amazing and stylish additions to any home. Just look at these fantastic 3D printed connectors called the + Shelf designed by Instructable user Shurly, which enable designers and homeowners to easily create fantastic modular pieces of furniture.

THE TEMPLE OCULUS ANUBIS KEEPS OREGON MYTH-MAKERS REELING — ESOTERICANA Many commenters on past articles relating to the location often reassure readers that this is a legitimate company, run by the youngest son of the Neal Family, an optometrist (hence the word "OCULUS"). But what most commenters don't seem to account for is that the company's website on the business' general info is listed as . Why the connection? Perhaps some local kids thought to crank up the urban legends with this addition to their information? Please comment if you can shed light on this disturbing facet.

Soleta ZeroEnergy One: Gorgeous Tiny Home Can be Remote Controlled by a Smartphone Given its versatile and affordable design, the Soleta zeroEnergy One can be used as a tiny home, an office, or as a vacation home. It is constructed of all natural materials sourced locally, including glue laminated wood for the structure and wood shingles for the roof. Instead of solid walls, FITS used insulated glass to create a distinct relationship between nature and the interior while also providing natural light and ventilation. Additional ventilation is “forced” in and coupled with a heat recovery system.

This man built a floating solar-powered fortress made out of 150,000 recycled water bottles Off the cost of Isla Mujeres Bay in Cancun, Mexico, environmentalist and architect Richart Sowa lives comfortably on his island made of over 150,000 recycled water bottles. Sowa first built his floating abode in 2005, but harsh weather destroyed the island. On his third attempt of rebuilding his home— this time in calm waters—he succeeded in developing a sturdy home. He has been living almost completely self-sustainably on his private island since 2008. “Living on my own floating island has been my dream for over two-decades,” said Sowa in Daily Mail, unfazed by his previous attempts. Australia: Tasmanian tiger 'sighting' proves it is not extinct A Tasmanian tiger hunter has said he believes the carnivorous marsupial isn't extinct after all - it's actually roaming across mainland Australia. World-renowned thylacine hunter Michael Moss has spent 20 years searching for the elusive wildcat across the country, and says dashboard cameras are the key to proving his theory. "There has already been a claimed sighting of one in Fisheries Rd, Devon Meadows, a few years ago," Moss told the Cranbourne Leader. "And I've got footage of what I believe is one crossing a paddock in the Strezlecki Ranges, near Wilsons Promontory. "Most reports to date have been of animals near or crossing roads ... with the advent of dashboard cameras in cars, I think we will see some concrete evidence before much longer." The dog-like animal has officially been extinct since 1986, though footage Moss captured of a similar creature 15 years ago reignited debate.

Aurora Labs' low-cost '100 times faster' metal 3D printer gains interest from NASA Aug 21, 2015 | By Simon With the rise of metal-based 3D printing for creating everything from ready-made race car parts to parts used in aerospace and rocketry, it’s no surprise that some of these organizations have been looking towards what small hardware developers have been coming up with, too. Among other startups who have explored the potential of metal-based 3D printing includes Aurora Labs from Perth, Australia. So far, the company has already developed two 3D printer models - the S-Titanium and the S-Titanium Pro - that can print at least 20 different types of metal into solid objects. Although the company originally sought funding on Kickstarter for their original 3D printer design and succeed in exceeding their campaign goal, they pulled the plug soon after over fears of losing their IP. If recent news is any indication, pulling the plug in order to protect their technology wasn’t a bad idea.

Japan's epic samurai dramas are in a tight spot Japanese can roughly be split into two camps: those equipped with an encyclopedic knowledge of history and those who have only a vague idea of who the samurai were or that a Shogun once lived in what is now the Imperial Palace. The history geeks on one side and those who couldn’t care less on the other. Back in the 20th century, Japanese jidaigeki (samurai period dramas) targeted the former, particularly those middle-aged and older individuals still steeped in the traditions and values of a bygone and terribly insular era.