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Google SketchUp, 3D Components, Plug-ins, Softwares, Models, Services, All thing Sketchup

Google SketchUp, 3D Components, Plug-ins, Softwares, Models, Services, All thing Sketchup

National Research Council Canada: Home NRC facilitates access to international R&D network for Canadian firms New innovation advantage for Canadian companies through access to technology, expertise, and markets in Europe and beyond. Digital technology adoption resources Improve your understanding of the link between digital technologies and productivity from actual technology adoption experiences that are featured in learning documents, videos and success stories. NRC Success stories Take a look out how NRC's market-driven research, technology development and commercialisation support services help companies bring their product to the marketplace. 3D Model Websites 3D printers have immensely revolutionized the art and manufacturing industry. With advancements in the 3D printer technology, it is now not very difficult to own one, even in your home or office. Moreover, you don’t have to be an AutoCAD engineer to design a 3D model for your needs, as this job is taken up by numerous 3D model websites. So, either you want to create 3D furniture, a mechanical component, or even human or animal figurines, here are 50 of the best free 3D model websites to cover up all your needs. Take a look. 10 Cheap and Affordable 3D Printers to Buy 10 Cheap and Affordable 3D Printers to Buy There was a time when 3D printers were a novelty - but not anymore. Pikbest Pikbest offers thousands of 3D models that are presented under various categories like decoration, wedding, appliances, bathroom, kitchen, furniture. GrabCAD GrabCAD Community Library offers 2.8+ million designs and models including CADs, thanks to its largest community of designers, engineers, and students. Cults

Информационное моделирование зданий — PLMpedia Материал из PLMpedia Информационное моделирование зданий (англ. Building Information Modeling, BIM) — процесс генерации и управления данными о здании (или иной строительной конструкции) на протяжении его (ее) жизненного цикла. BIM состоит в использовании средств архитектурно-строительного проектирования для создания единой информационной модели здания, над которой могут работать все команды, участвующие в разработке строительного проекта. Информационная модель здания содержит информацию о его геометрии, пространственных отношениях, географическом расположении, свойствах материалов и т.п. Спецификацией стандарта BIM и созданием программных средств для доступа к разрабатываемому формату занимается некоммерческий альянс buildingSMART. Краткая история терминологии В конце 1970х – начале 1980х эта концепция развивалось параллельно в Старом и Новом Свете, причем в США чаще всего употреблялся термин «Building Product Model», а в Европе (особенно в Финляндии) – «Product Information Model».

Building a Super Robust Robot Hand German researchers have built an anthropomorphic robot hand that can endure collisions with hard objects and even strikes from a hammer without breaking into pieces. In designing the new hand system, researchers at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, part of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), focused on robustness. They may have just built the toughest robot hand yet. The DLR hand has the shape and size of a human hand, with five articulated fingers powered by a web of 38 tendons, each connected to an individual motor on the forearm. The main capability that makes the DLR hand different from other robot hands is that it can control its stiffness. The video below shows the fingers moving and the hand getting hit by a hammer and a metal bar: The DLR team didn’t want to build an anatomically correct copy of a human hand, as other teams have. Another key element in the DLR design is a spring mechanism connected to each tendon. Why build such a super strong hand? More photos: Images: DLR

IfcOpenShell 20 Most Amazing Microscope Shots These microscope pictures are taken from the book ‘ Microcosmos’, created by Brandon Brill . This book includes many scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of insects, human body parts and household items. These are the most amazing images of what is too small to see with the naked eye. 01 – A wood or heathland Ant, Formica fusca, holding a microchip 02 – The surface of an Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory silicon microchip 03 – Eyelash hairs growing from the surface of human skin 04 – The surface of a strawberry 05 – Bacteria on the surface of a human tongue 06 – Human sperm (spermatozoa), the male sex cells 07 – The nylon hooks and loops of velcro 08 – Household dust which includes long hairs such as cat fur, twisted synthetic and woolen fibers, serrated insect scales, a pollen grain, plant and insect remains 09 -The weave of a nylon stocking 10 – The end of the tongue (proboscis) of a hummingbird hawkmoth 11 – The head of a mosquito 12 – A human head louse clinging to a hair

Professional Development Series - Continuing Education Macro Photography Inspiration by Bill Jones 34inShare I love the amazing details you can find in these shots. We would love for you to share your macro photography with our flickr group. Jimmy Hoffman Igor Siwanowicz Mikesi Robert Seber Alliec2007 Maculatus CathS Stavros Markopoulos Justin Dotson Peet13 Steve Wall Yavuz Sariyildiz Yvan Barbier William Houston Gudrun Ruf Robert Serber Onixa Martin Amm Mascha MeLissa Stolte Brian Valentine lordv Glynn McDonald Kristoffer Jonsson Alain Dejeaifve jciv Healzo Juza Marta Grzesiak Konaboy Ursula I Abresch Leon Baas LordV B. my-shots Krzysztof Dabrowski goldenorfe stocks photography Gecko_gr Plowman Craven - Geomatics, Measurement, Surveys and Land Surveyors

Welcome to Eracobuild English - Statsbygg Statsbygg is the Norwegian government's key advisor in construction and property affairs, building commissioner, property manager and property developer. Statsbygg is a public sector administration company responsible to the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation (KMD), Statsbygg provides appropriate, functional premises to public sector enterprises, as well as realising prevailing sociopolitical objectives in relation to architecture, governmental planning interests, preservation of heritage sites and the environment. Our objectives and key strategies. Property Management Statsbygg manages approx. 2,7 million square metres of floor space, in Norway and abroad. On behalf of the Norwegian government, Statsbygg owns 2,350 buildings distributed among 600 property complexes at home and abroad. Have a look at our property portfolio. Construction As a building commissioner, Statsbygg plans, quality assures, budgets and follows up construction projects. Consultancy Development Organisation

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