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Technology Instructables
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Creating Makerspaces in Schools Two weekends ago, I attended EdCamp NYC at The School at Columbia, an independent school on Manhattan's Upper West Side. One of the things I love about attending edcamps is that the day is always unpredictable because you don't know what will be discussed or who will be leading conversations until that morning. What ensued was an inspiring day focused on tinkering, exploration and innovation. A Day of Play and Exploration The day began with a discussion led by Don Buckley, The School's Director of Technology and Innovation, focused on design thinking in schools. 100 Ways to Make Maker Faire Year-Round Maker Faire is happening all around the world and all through the year. For those of us who plan our year around Maker Faire Bay Area, however, we’re two weeks into 52 weeks of Maker Faire withdrawal. For ourselves and all of you, we’ve put together a small poster with 100 ways to make it through these 365 days, and to keep on making year-round. These 100 things will keep you making until your next trip to any Maker Faire near you no matter where you live. Here’s a starter list of fun projects you can do to make every day a Maker day.

Chambre secrète 123D aiguilles à tricoter This instructable shows how I made this 3D model of my own invention made with 123D design. The following text explains what it is and what you can use it for. I hope you like it! OpenU: 850+ Free Courses and Resources As the cost of college continues to rise, and the value of a degree (in terms of lifetime earnings) falls, there will be a long-term shift towards cheap or free learning methods that take advantage of technology. That has been the lesson of technology, over and over again: technology enables a lower cost way of doing business, and particularly in delivering content. As we adjust to this new world, and we are able to realize massive benefits to the scale it offers, it becomes clear what the future holds: how we education ourselves will be changed forever. Universities and Colleges, led by MIT among others, are supporting this future rather than standing in the way, and in the last few years have begun putting content online in the form of open courses, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and textbooks.

Inexpensive plastic developed that indicates freshness of food Don't eat that fish - the blue color of the indicator film indicates that it's spoiled (Photo: Fraunhofer) When it comes to buying packaged meat and fish, consumers usually just have to go by the "best before" label to know that it hasn't begun to spoil. Needless to say, the dates on those labels are just estimates and certainly won't tell you if the product has sat through a lengthy power failure, or been left out of the cooler for several hours.

AHS Makerspace (We are located in Brisbane, Australia, so have some preference for buying nearer home. These are sellers we have used or are considering. Please comment if you find other good sources.) Makers WNET is a proud partner of the Maker Party, an initiative hosted by Mozilla, the MacArthur Foundation, and the National Writing Project in which people around the world meet up, learn to make things, and share what they've made online. This collection is designed to support the Maker Party by providing a one-stop shop of STEM and digital making resources that focus on the problem, technology, or process behind object creation. Teachers can use the collection, which is categorized into design, how to (DIY), arts and crafts, robotics, and engineering subtopics, in conjunction with hands-on activities to further this initiative.

LED bleue transilluminator This instructable describes how to make a blue LED (470nm) transilluminator for DNA imaging using SYBR safe dyes. The transilluminator has a 6 x 7 cm viewing area for small agarose gels. The transilluminator can also be modified to sit beneath the mini-gel electrophoresis tank (from a previous instructable), as described in Step 8. Used in this way, you can also visually track progress of your DNA during electrophoresis. Open source hardware kit - This is an open source hardware project. 10 Amazing Women Behind Animal Shelters, Rescues, and Sanctuaries Where would all the world’s domestic animals be without help from shelters, rescues and sanctuaries? We owe it to these organizations for having saved countless lives over the years, and finding homes for many others. If you love being around animals then you can help your local animal sanctuary in these ways, and you can also get involved with helping abused or abandoned pets in these ways. You can even plan a vacation where you can volunteer to help animals! Isn’t that cool?

s touch-sensitive plastic skin heals itself By Kelly Servick L.A. Cicero

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