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I recently did a mini “spring-inspired” shoot with Taryn and Shelby of Joielala (which mean a handful of fun lookbook posts will be coming to the blog over the next few weeks!) This is just a sneak peak of one of the looks because I wanted to do a quick tutorial on how I created this pastel flower crown. They make such a statement and are great for weddings, special occasions, or…just because! Below are the steps on how to create one for yourself. I created a large, full crown, but if you want to make one a bit more delicate, just buy smaller flowers and space them out more. STEP 1: Get your supplies! STEP 2: Take your rustic floral wire and shape it into a circle that fits comfortably on your head. STEP 3: Begin arranging your flowers on the base and decide the general placement of the flowers prior to attaching them. STEP 5: Continue the process moving around to the front of the crown and to the opposite side. Related:  A faire

Updated DIY Valentine Treat Bags! Hi gang! I have an updated Valentine Treat Bag PDF that’s available as a free download! These have been pretty popular over the years and I’ve made this version more universal so that it can be used for any homemade treats you might want to give to that special someone. Just download the file and print directly onto a paper bag using a color ink jet printer. I’ve found that top loading printers work the best and the flatter the bag the better. Once you’ve made the bags, fill them with any sweet treat imaginable! Instructions are included in the PDF and if you need bags, I sell them in my Etsy shop. CONDITIONS OF USE: All Twig & Thistle downloads are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

DIY - FLOWER CROWN. - BLEUBIRD BLOG i love flowers and i love flower crowns even more. i'm going to show you how to make your own in just a few simple steps. perfect for a special occasion, a wedding or if you just want to feel pretty. this project costs around $15, but you can make several crowns so the cost is actually much lower. you can make a few different head pieces for yourself or make one for a friend. here's what you need... you can find all of these materials at your local craft store. i suggest buying high end fabric or silk flowers for a more realistic looking head piece. step one: create a circle that fits comfortably around your head, that is easy to take on and off. i tripled the amount of wire and then wraped a fourth time around to make it extra sturdy. step two: cut your first bloom and place it in the desired direction on the crown. using a small 4 inch piece of wire, wrap the bloom tightly with wire to the circle with pliers.

On the Cheap: Scrapbook Paper iPhone Covers I found this clever trick on Pinterest the other week from Oops I Craft My Pants and had to try it for myself: iPhone covers using scrapbook paper! Now when I had my first cell phone in high school (the old Nokia), I probably had about 15 different cell phone covers that I would switch out to match my clothes everyday! I figure this scrapbook paper iPhone phone cover is an easy way to update my phone without spending all the cash! First thing I did was purchase a couple sheets of scrapbook paper from Michael’s. I also purchased a clear iPhone 4 cover from Best Buy. You could really purchase any cheap clear phone cover, but I wanted one with protective rubber sides since I’m a klutz and always drop my phone! First thing I did was trace the scrapbook paper around the iPhone cover to get the basic shape. I cut out the main section just using a pair of scissors. For the camera hole I used a pencil to sketch in the hole that I had to cut out using an exacto knife…. and that’s about it!

Teach Me: How to Make Lace Crowns Last week I showed you an easy way to "glitterify." Now I'm going to show you how to make the crown that all the glitter goes on! I know, lace crowns have been all over Pinterest. But none of the tutorials gave the nitty gritty details. So I got my hands dirty, and I'm ready to spill what I learned. Honestly, it was easier to make the crown than it was to get someone to stay still long enough for pictures! Materials Needed: Lace Fabric Stiffener Round container Plastic gloves (optional, but you really should use them. Step one: Wrap the container you plan to use with plastic wrap or wax paper. Step two: Cut the lace to the desired length. 15 inches works for newborn crowns. Step three: pour some of the fabric stiffener into a shallow container. Step four: wrap the lace around the container. Step five: once it's dried, peel the lace off the container. Now you can embellish it! You can paint the stiffened lace with crafter's paint, like I did with the blue crown.

Panther Thighs: DIY Silk Scarf Trousers What you’ll need: Loose-fitting trousers, sewing machine, (or needle and thread if hand-stitching), large silk scarf, scissors, pins, thread of relevant colour, elastic, tape measurer Cut off labels Start by placing the trousers/PJ bottoms flat on the bottom right corner of the scarf. Depending on how long you want your trousers to be, the top of the trousers should not pass 3/4 of the scarf. Using the trousers as guideline, cut along with an 1-inch seam allowance. Use this as template to cut the rest out of the scarf (roll-over image below for guide). You should be able to cut four identical pieces from the scarf, following the edges. Pair the legs, right-side facing Leaving about 3 inches from the bottom corner (this will become a fly) pin the entire length of the outer-leg edge. Using a simple zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying (If you have an overlock machine or a serger, you’re one lucky bugger), sew close to the edges, extracting pins as you go. Good luck!

DIY SPRING FLORAL HEADPIECE 31st March 2014 I have to admit to hair being my last priority when it comes to getting ready. One reason for this is no doubt the crazy humidity in Hong Kong which turns your hair into a Fran Drescher style bouffant within a minute of leaving the house, which leads me to generally adopt the hair-in-a-bun-with-lethal-amounts-of-hairspray situation. Although 90% of the time this works for me (particularly when I’m just hanging in the studio), there are times when it’s nice to do something a little bit special, which is where this amazing floral headband Gemma and I created comes in. Pin It You need: A bunch of florals – Gemma suggests picking a few round full blooms like roses or ranunculus and and a few longer ones and then a few smaller finer flowers as filler. Pin It How to: 1. Pin It 2. Pin It 3. Pin It 4. Pin It 5. Pin It 6. Pin It 7. Pin It What I’ve learnt from Gemma is that floral wire can be used for soooo many fun projects, this is clearly just the beginning.

DIY Gold Tube Bracelets I have very vivid memories of walking into a bead store for the first time, almost 15 years ago, and being overwhelmed by the million and ten ideas that filled my mind. I was immediately hooked on the concept of transforming simple and unexpected elements into something beautiful and wearable. That moment was the catalyst for my eventual path into jewelry design and craft – my higher calling, if you will. Today’s tutorial takes me back to my first foray into jewelry making, where I’ll show you how to make two delightful bracelets using the same basic component. For single, adjustable gold tube bracelets, you’ll need: Start by cutting the knotting cord into 2 12 inch pieces. And now, all that’s left is the sliding closure! . . . and bring the top cord under both the bottom and middle overlapping strands through the loop, into a knot. Repeat the same step on the right side. Continue to make 5-6 more knots. Trim away any excess cord. Your adjustable & colorful bracelets are done!

Summer Flower Crown It's just not summer without a decorative flower crown to wear to any outdoor gatherings or weddings (or just a picnic in the park!). It's a simple process to make your own, keep reading to see how! Fake Flowers (you can use real ones too!) Floral wire Wire cutters (not pictured) Natural rope Ribbon Measure the rope around your head and then double it and tie it in a knot on one side (as pictured above) Start with some of the leaves. Cut a piece of floral wire and twist it around both the stem and onto both strands of the rope Attach a few other leaves and greens in the same manner spaced out along the rope Now we'll do the same thing but with the flowers. Continue until you're satisfied with the look of your floral crown Attach a couple strands of ribbon to each end of the rope with a tight knot. Try the crown on your head and tie the ribbons in the back to hold it in place. Now you've got a gorgeous summer floral crown to wear!

DIY Vintage Table With Dictionary Pages Top Home design DIY Kids Weddings Fashion and Style FOOD Cool stuff DIY Vintage Table With Dictionary Pages Top There are many ways to create a vintage piece, this table was made vintage with the help of dictionary pages. You may use not only dictionary pages but also other books’ pages, newspapers and so on. share More about diy furniture, diy furniture projects, diy project, furniture renovations, table renovations, vintage decorating, vintage decorating ideas 1 Comments Danarae Says: June 8th, 2012 at 12:57 am This is great!!! Leave a Reply Related stuff Popular: This week Sites we recommend

Make + party | Wire heart crown | Make and Tell This week we celebrated the Queen’s birthday. Which I should point out is no where near the Queen’s actual birthday, but we get a public holiday so I’m not complaining! And despite the fact that I spent most of the day eating and relaxing and not thinking about the royal family at all, somewhere along the line I was inspired to create a project with a bit of a regal twist. It turned out to be easier than I expected given that I almost never work with jewellery wire. So if you have a costume party coming up or just want to be the queen of hearts for a day, try this one out for size! Materials Jewellery wire (I used 20 gauge copper wire)Jewellery pliers (for bending and cutting the wire) Step 1 Bend the wire so that it forms the top of a heart shape. Step 2 Join the two ends of the wire together at the bottom and twist to close off the heart. Step 3 Repeat the first two steps above so that you continue making hearts at intervals of about 3 cm. Step 4 And it really is as easy as that! xx Steph

Cool DIY IKEA Dresser Renovation If you have a fine IKEA piece like this one – a small dresser. Traditional classical furniture of this brand is cool but if you like to make it special and unusual, have a look at this tutorial. You’ll need a dresser, some paint, brass hardware. The craft itself is rather simple, all you need to do is to drill the holes for the corner pieces and pulls after assembling the body of the dresser and patching the holes. Don’t forget to paint each drawer front before attaching the brass hardware.