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Cheap 2-Way Bluetooth Connection Between Arduino and PC

Cheap 2-Way Bluetooth Connection Between Arduino and PC
In the guide, I will explain how I managed to send data back and forth between a PC and Arduino via a cheap Bluetooth HC-05 transceiver, which can be found for less than $10 on ebay with the breakout board. The version I have used in this project does not have a breakout board so it's little cheaper but more difficult to solder. I strongly recommend buying the module with the breakout board. This Bluetooth transceiver basically acts as a generic serial COM port. The PC to Arduino Bluetooth serial connection can be useful in many applications such as controlling servos, motors, and writing to LCDs. The Arduino to PC connection can be useful in applications where the Arduino reads sensors then pass their values via serial Bluetooth to a PC for processing. The only downside of this cheap Bluetooth transceiver is the absence of headers which means you have to solder at least 4 wires. The Bluetooth serial module I bought has the following specs:

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Arduino Control via a Web Service with Teleduino Convert your Arduino into a sofisticated web control platform using Teleduino. Teleduino is both a product and a service. Once the Teleduino sketch has been loaded on your Arduino (the 'product'), it then connects to the Teleduino server awaiting your instruction from anywhere in the world via the internet (the 'service'). Typically there are no firewall changes required, and if your network supports DHCP then no network configuration is needed on the device. Easy! ArduDroid: A Simple 2-Way Bluetooth-based Android Controller for Arduino Nov 19. 2031: OPINION: The Amazing Synergy Between Arduino & Android. October 30, 2013: Andruino is now officially ARDUDROID and will be available on Google Play shortly. This name change to avoid conflict with another app on Google Play. August 31, 2013: I have published a guide on how to modify the default settings for the HC-05 module. July 10, 2013: Featured on MAKEZINE July 8, 2013: Featured on Hackaday July 4, 2013: Featured on Dangerous Prototypes

Weather station (Underground) with Netduino I am using a Netdunio-Plus board (Physically looks like Arduino but is using C# as programming language) to display current and forecast weather information on VGA screen. I pull the information from Weather Underground. I recently posted a similar project where an Arduino board was used to show forecast of the weather from Google Weather service. This project is fully automatic, no configuration required, and there several enhancements to the graphical display (and bug fixes). Video The output is graphical with icons and some colorful text, and color coding depending on temperature ranges and time.

Building an Arduino Robot, Part I: Hardware Components I have been doing software for almost as long as I have memory. I have also been following the open source hardware movement since its inception a few years ago, but I have never found the time or the disposition to attempt a hardware project myself. Until now, that is. I have decided to do a small hardware project to get my feet wet, a project that I will fully document and discuss here with the hope to encourage and motivate others to do the same. Here is the list of articles I have published:

Using an Arduino + Ethernet Shield to Update a ThingSpeak Channel Using an Arduino + Ethernet Shield to Update a ThingSpeak Channel This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Arduino to read in the analog input and update a ThingSpeak Channel by sending an HTTP POST via the Arduino Ethernet Shield or the Arduino Ethernet (all-in-one). The analog input can be the output of a sensor, like a light sensor or temperature sensor. ThingSpeak Client Arduino Sketch

Bluetooth Controlled Arduino RC Car This Project is something i started for my Microcontroller class. We were tasked with picking either Arduino or Raspberry pi and then get the MCU to control an RC car or do something fancy with an RC car; Then once we decided what we were going to do we were to make a tutorial so that we too could show others what we were doing. I chose to control the remote control car using my Android phone via bluetooth. For this project you will need these parts(A link to place where to get them will be provided if possible): 1 x Arduino UNO R3 || 1 x Motor Shield || RC Car or Motor or Alternative || Hobbyist Store, Adafruit, Toy Store RC Car Battery 5v+ || Should come with the RC car if you buy one. 1 x HC-06 Bluetooth Module or Similar || Hobbyist Store, Ebay 1 x Female to female 4 pin cable || N/A, mine came with the bluetooth module Jumper Cables || Hobbyist Store, Ebay 9v Battery pack || Android Device

Modify The HC-05 Bluetooth Module Defaults Using AT Commands UPDATES September 4, 2013: Featured on September 1, 2013: Featured on In this guide, I will explain how to use Arduino to change the settings of the ubiquitous HC-05 Bluetooth module using the AT command set. The HC-05 comes with a rich set of AT commands to perform various tasks such as changing the module's default settings including changing the pass code, the device name, and the baud rate. But the process of switching the HC-05 into AT command mode for first time users of the module is not straight forward and the docs takes short cuts. There are a couple of ways to do this.

The Basement Lab for Computer Vision and Personal Robotics This is The Basement Lab for Computer Vision and Personal Robotics’ June 2013 status report. Here I present status and progress for various tasks and my goals for the next phases as well as my hardware acquisition plans. Continue reading In previous posts, I presented new hardware I acquired to build an Arduino robot and preliminary component testing. In this post, I share my experiments aimed at building the robot.