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How to Make an Oversized Friendship Bracelet

How to Make an Oversized Friendship Bracelet
In case you haven't noticed, the friendship bracelet is back. And surprisingly, nothing has really changed about it. From the fashion pictures I've seen, they're the same old bracelets I wore in grade school. So, I decided it might me nice to make an oversized version of the bracelet. Instead of using the the traditional material of embroidery thread I used cotton yarn. The yarn gives the bracelet a chunkier look and it also allows you to make them much quicker. The method I'm using to make the bracelets is the exact same way I used to make them in the 5th grade. Supplies:Cotton yarn in various colorsScissors To get the correct length of string for you wrist, wrap the yarn around your wrist loosely three times and then add a couple more inches for good measure. Cut as many pieces as you wish to use. Line up all of the yarn. Tape loop down or hook it onto something to keep the bracelet from moving while you make it. Here's a close up of the knot.

Feather Extension Headband How to Make a Feather Extension Headband Feather extensions and earrings are all the rage right now {especially peacock feathers}. Very bohemian, very awesome. So rather than create earrings or a clip in extension, I thought about attaching the feathers to a subtle headband. And this is what I got. DIY Feather Extension Headband It seriously only took about 5 minutes to create. Here’s how I did it: Supplies: Blank headband Clear thread Hot glue gun Two very small strips of fabric Feathers of your choice *I purchased my feathers at Joann’s and they were already finished on the ends with a clear thread loop. First, take your clear thread and measure about four inches longer than you actually want your feathers to hang. Find the loop part on the end of your feather. Tie your clear thread to the feather with a double knot. See how the thread is basically invisible and it looks like the feather is suspended in mid-air. Now for the sorta tricky part. 1. 2. 3. 4. So that’s it. Kinda neat, huh. I'm Ashley.

Kitty Cat, Wire Ring. DIY. Inspiration Tutorial Things you need. Silver Wire 20 gauge Michaels or HEREPliersRuler *not shown.Candle Cut your wire about 5 inches. I drew a cat on a piece of paper to help me stay symmetrical. Find the middle of the wire, Then I bent the ears. and wrapped it around my candle. I bent the wire and wrapped it around the other wire. Shape as needed with your fingers or pliers. Just a little whimsy. Have a wonderful Tuesday. Lots of <3, Anne mini scalloped felt flowers Another felt flower! These are easy and so cute. I made them by first cutting out flowers with my Go Baby! You could cut a flower shape out by hand easily, too. Then I started cutting a spiral shape like so… Continue til you get to the middle, ending with a little circular shape. Then starting with the outside end, glue and roll toward the inside. Continue gluing and rolling… …then at the end tuck and glue the little circular shape. A finished little rosette! I added three to a headband, and they also look really sweet on clips! **Also, a few people asked where I got my elastic headbands-I found them at the dollar store awhile ago! **I used a plain old hot glue gun for the gluing!

Easy Wire Jewelry Hajlítottam már sok-sok fülbevalót, medált és néhány kar- illetve nyakláncot is, de valahogy a gyűrűkkel nem boldogulok. Készítettem már párat, de végül egyik sem nyerte meg annyira a tetszésemet, hogy közzétegyem. Ez az első olyan darab, amit meg merek mutatni, és ami nekem is tetszik. J Lehet, hogy azzal volt korábban gondom, hogy nem jutott eszembe olyan forma, ami szimmetrikus, és amelyben a drótvégeket is szinte észrevétlenül, egy-egy csiga nélkül el tudom tüntetni. Ezúttal sikerült, és nagyon örülök neki. Biztos a tavasz közeledte juttatta eszembe ezt a mintát, nekem mindenesetre nagyon megtetszett. Hozzávalók 30 cm hosszúságú 1 mm-es lágy drót 240 cm hosszúságú 0,4 mm-es lágy drót 6 mm átmérőjű ásványgolyó (türkinit) Szükséges eszközök Laposfogó Kúposfogó Oldalcsípőfogó Gyűrűfelütővas Az elkészítés menete Laposfogónkkal törjük meg derékszögben a 30 cm hosszúságú drótdarabunkat kb. 10 cm-re az egyik végétől, majd fűzzük fel rá az ásványgolyót ellentétes irányból.

Make Your Own Beads This is a fun and simple project... a great way to use up those little scraps of paper and thread that you don't want to throw away. What you need: 1. Scraps of paper or card stock 2. 3. What you do: 1. 2. 3. Now you can use these beads to make a bracelet, or you can mix them with other beads. Drilled Natural Stone Jewelry Tutorial Guest post tutorial by Jenny Hoople of Authentic Arts. Want to learn how to drill holes in beach stones? Well, I’ve got good news for you: it’s pretty easy and I’d love to tell you how it’s done. I’ve been making this natural stone jewelry for several months with pre-drilled pebbles that I purchased from fellow Etsy artisans. It took a little bit of internet research and guessing to figure out the best way to go about drilling my own, indigenous Wisconsin stones. Some sites said one thing, some said another. Choosing the Right Stone for Drilling Almost any stone that you find CAN be drilled, but I really recommend starting with softer sedimentary rocks (sandstone, mudstone, limestone, etc). Equipment You Need to Drill Your Own Beach Stones 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Lets Start Drilling! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Now get out there and start making some fabulous beach stone creations! Thank you so much Jenny for sharing your project!

Carry on...Carry on...: DIY Lanvin-inspired Pearl and ribbon necklace Supplies- Satin Ribbon-I used two different sizes but you don't have to. Large rhinestone pendant Assorted sizes of pearl beads Beading thread Thin lace trim First I started by beading the pearls onto the thread. Continue beading the large pearls and then begin incorporating the small pearls again working back up to the large pearls. Once your done beading, tie a knot large enough for the beads to not move around on each end. Then I took about a yard of ribbon and laced it through the loop of the pendant. Pull both ends of the thread through the pendant loop. At this point I decided I wanted to add some lace trim to the necklace. At the opposite end of the pearls you should have the ends of the lace trim. Voila! Thoughts- -I think I'm going to sew the lace trim to the pearl beads. Enjoy! xoxo, Amanda

Beaded Spider Tutorial This is a list of step by step instructions to make beaded spiders. Let's get started. Tools: Wire cutter Bent or Straight Nosed Pliers Supplies: 24 or 26 Gauge Wire or Cut Head Pins Large and Small Bead Combinations Broach Pin or Lapel Pin Blank All items are available at Craft and Hobby stores. Cut one wire as the body wire for each spider, it should be long enough to wrap around both beads and make a loop for a necklace or secure a broach pin. Bend the body wire around both beads, then twist the ends to secure the beads. Add the leg wires one at a time. Bend each leg wire in half, so the legs look like the letter M behind the head. Use your pliers to bend the tip of each leg to make feet. Use the ends of the body wire to make a loop for a necklace or to secure a broach pin. I hope you found the instructions to make beaded spiders clear and easy to follow. Enjoy Your Spiders!