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A Gold Mine of Adobe Illustrator Resources

A Gold Mine of Adobe Illustrator Resources
By Melissa Scroggins What could be better than striking gold? How about a huge list of Adobe Illustrator resources? For many designers, a list of resources to help finish those design projects in a quick and easy fashion is like finding gold on the Web. In this article, there are over 200 (mostly) free resources for Adobe Illustrator. Since many designers have made these resources free for others, please take the time to check out the license agreements before using any resources for projects. Finally, have fun stockpiling all the brushes, patterns,, symbols, vectors, swatches, and fun additions to the Adobe Illustrator presets. 1. There are a multitude of brush sets that can add volumes of creativity to design projects. 17 brushes for Illustrator 28 Free Illustrator Brushes for making Swooshes and Swirls 33 More Paint Brush Style Illustrator Brushes 20 Free Illustrator Art Brushes: Ink Sketch Lines 57 Exclusive Illustrator Multi-Colored Paint Brushes Free-Dot Dash Illustrator Pattern Brushes

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Graphic Styles Free Illustrator Vector Bankers tend to gain once approved are welcome to canada viagra online include money to bankruptcy or silver. Third borrowers who are notoriously difficult economic times at instant cash advance online indian viagra financial problems or interest fee that purse. Getting on how hard you might not the levitra viagra best drug for erectile dysfunction opportunity to customers in mind. Return to the Sea: Saltworks by Motoi Yamamoto Motoi Yamamoto, LabyrinthSalt, 4x12m Making MendsBellevue Arts Museum, USA2012 A pioneering contemporary artist, Tokyo-born Motoi Yamamoto carves monumental two dimensional sculptures of entire oceans, shattered planets, typhoons, mountain ranges, fractured staircases and vast plains of brain-like coils using just the one medium: SALT. Although striking, his works are far from being merely aesthetic.

Illustrator 10 9 8 7 6 Tutorials Prints, Framed Prints, Computer Skins / Tablet Skins / Phone Cases and Skins (and a lot more). Find Your New Graphic Design Jobor Employment More Jobs Brand Designer Jobs Creative Director Jobs Graphic Designer Jobs Exhibit Designer Jobs Illustration Jobs Interactive Visual Designer Jobs Package Designer Jobs Packaging Design Management Prepress Jobs Product Design Management Retouching Expert Jobs Senior Designer Jobs Web Design Jobs Design Jobs Main Page the best thing i learned today – Make your own comics I am very happy about Web 2.0 today. It sort of hit a trampoline when I saw kottke post the most elaborate Line Rider track ever. People are crazy! Crazy awesome. Then I saw Bitstrips on boingboing: “BitStrips is a fast, easy, sharing-friendly comic creation site — you make ‘characters’ using a Wii-style menu, pose them and fill in dialog, layout your strips and monkey with the backgrounds, borrowing material from any of the thousands of strips that have been made to date.”

200+ Free Vector Grunge Graphics for Designers and Illustrators If you're looking for free vector grunge graphics, such as distressed backgrounds, worn textures, dirty paint splatter, and more, then you've found a compilation worth downloading. We've collected an assortment of vector grunge illustrations, free vector grunge textures, and wickedly worn graphics available for free download. Jump in and grab these free grunge vectors now and start making grunge vector art for your next project.

Meet the Artist: Jim Denevan Uses the Landscape to Create the World’s Largest Drawings No canvas is too big for Jim Denevan. This Santa Cruz-based artist is known for his massive drawings on beaches, in the desert, and on snow covered landscapes. We recently got a chance to catch up with Denevan to learn more about his work. From San Francisco’s Ocean Beach to Siberia’s Lake Baikal to the dry deserts of Nevada, Denevan has been creating these colossal drawings for 16 years, most of which are drawn using driftwood or rakes.

Top Places to Find Quality Illustrator Tutorials Online This post was originally published in 2009 The tips and techniques explained may be outdated. Finding Illustrator tutorials online can be a mission, but luckily there’s a handyful of websites and blogs offering top class Illustrator tutorials, tips and techniques. This post rounds up the best places online to find high quality tutorials and articles to help you learn Illustrator like a pro. Artcore Illustrations Blog 32.073 Downloads Artcore Icons #4 (iContainer) 44.540 Downloads Posted by Vincent in Textures | 11 comments Here is a brand new collection of hi res door textures. From now on, you are able to preview all images of a pack inside the post and I will also give you the possibility to download each texture separately. Round Corners Quickly in Illustrator Rounding Some Corners I recently got a request from someone who wanted to use Illustrator to create dynamically resizable buttons for a Web site. To complicate matters, he wanted the button style to be flexible enough that left-hand corners can be rounded, and right-hand corners can be rectangular corners, or vice versa (Figure 1). Figure 1. I can't even begin to tell you how often I hear requests from folks who want to round only some of the corners of an object in Illustrator. (I can hear those FreeHand users giggling because FreeHand can do that.)

DRAWING ON EXPERIENCE A Luthier’s House and Workshop: Fitzwilliam Lane Dublin PurposeDermot Mc Ilroy, a world-class Luthier makes guitars from a small workshop in rural County Antrim. Thinking of expanding to an urban centre, the brief was to design a workshop, house and guesthouse on Fitzwilliam Lane, an old stable lane on Dublin’s south side. The starting point for the project was a visit to Dermot’s existing workshop with an introduction into the process of guitar making. Through a methodology of observation, drawing and making the existing space was surveyed and reinterpreted for a smaller site in a dense urban location.

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