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CleverHomes presented by tobylongdesign - intro

CleverHomes presented by tobylongdesign - intro

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modular modern homes by Davis Studio Architecture + Design Our prices are an estimated total cost of a completed pieceHome on the West Coast in an urban area, with good access, soils and utilities within 50' of the house, using a Standard pieceHomes plan and pH Balance Finish Package and specification. Pricing depends on many variables and unknowns and maybe higher -- or lower -- in your area. Please use the following information as a guide for preliminary budgeting. Developers: a cost savings of $30/sf can be realized for orders of three or more units to the same location. * This is a general guideline for estimated pricing to be used in preliminary budgeting.

Prometheus Movie Discussion Link to Timeline: Welcome to the most expansive timeline of the Alien films available. It is based on the four 20th Century Fox films: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection, their respective novelisations, and film production information from a variety of sources. It also includes some references from the Colonial Marines Technical Manual by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood. The events concerning the Nostromo's landing on LV-426 take place in the period 2063-2123. Plan of Steel Taken with the architecture of Rick Joy, McAdam thought about concrete, but he quickly learned that it wouldn’t meet his budget. He then considered a rustic steel structure reminiscent of the mining cabins he had explored over the years in the Mojave Desert. But again, cost was an issue. Then he visited a friend who was building equestrian facilities on her property. McAdam marveled at how the modular steel elements came together elegantly and quickly to form the barns, shelters, and other structures.

Pacific Heights Edwardian Home With Contemporary Interior Located at 3481 Washington Street in the prestigious Pacific Heights neighbourhood in San Francisco, California, this beautiful home blends classic Edwardian exterior architecture with contemporary interior design. Inside the house, you will find open living spaces with high ceilings and wide plank white oak floors. The backyard is a quiet oasis with concrete fire pit and water feature. The master bedroom has its own outdoor terrace and view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Via: Teed Haze Modern Townhome at Trinity Bellwoods For Sale at 231 Claremont “While only a year and a half old, I think these townhomes feel very at-home in the neighbourhood. They sit elegantly on the street, and have really added something to the area. ”—Paul This is the very first time this ‘model’ has been offered for resale in the Trinity Bellwoods development.

Logical Homes Welcome to Logical Homes Fifty years ago it was assumed that by now we would all be living in space stations high above the earth. Yet the future didn't quite work out that way. Jane Austen’s Contemporaries - Regency Reader Janeites and hist-ro fans undoubtedly have wished at least once (if not many, many times) that there were more Austens to read and absorb, to soak in during a long hot soak, to curl up to at bedtime. And almost having exhausted Heyer’s most excellent body of hist-ro works, I began to seriously wish this yet again. So after a troll, here is the wonderful world of Jane Austen’s contemporaries now just a click away. Frances Burney penned several well received novels, including Evelina, Cecilia and Camilla recommended for lovers of Jane. Written in the late Georgian era, she was a lady who braved the public scorn and censure by brandishing a wickedly sharp pen.

Confluence: Perfect sightlines, high ceilings, smart storage, and easy flow — ideabox Over the years we would hear..."I love the simplicity of the CONFLUENCE, but I need just a little more room." Room for entertaining, room for projects, room to just hang out. So, we combined all the virtues of the CONFLUENCE with just a little more space and give birth to the c.2+. The idea behind the c.2+ is not to simply add space, but to add space that is as much fun as it is functional.

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