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Marc Prensky

Marc Prensky
“Inspiring” … “Thought Provoking” … “Buzz-Creating” Visionary, yet Practical Perspectiveson Education for Today and Tomorrow from Marc Prensky: Education Keynote Speaker + Author Interview with Marc: Marc’s Most Recent Thinking (2014) (click image) An internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and innovator in the field of education, Marc Prensky offers deep experience and insight into updating our education for today’s world, and into using technology in powerful ways to educate today’s youth.

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Digital Nativism Prensky's Digital Nativism With an insulting tone worthy of the original American nativists who hated immigrants (especially Catholic ones), Marc Prensky speaks of pre-iPod humans (digital immigrants) contemptuously. (Prensky's work) In a rather shallow piece lacking in evidence or data, Prensky offers the terms "digital natives" and "digital immigrants" to set up a generational divide. His proposition is simple-minded. THE GLOBAL FUTURE EDUCATION FOUNDATION AND INSTITUTE Overview, Purpose and Goals The GLOBAL FUTURE EDUCATION FOUNDATION AND INSTITUTE is currently being established with the following goals: 1. To promote and implement EDUCATION AS BECOMING, ACCOMPLISHMENT-BASED EDUCATION and A FUTURE CURRICULUM in the world. 2.

CITE Journal Article Volume 1, Issue 1 ISSN 1528-5804 Print Version Commentaries Submit A Commentary Carroll, T. G. (2000). If we didn't have the schools we have today, would we create the schools we have today? Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education [Online serial], 1 (1). Alan November - Education Technology Consultant Alan thrives on confirming and challenging educators’ thoughts about what’s possible in the world of teaching and learning. More than anything, he is a teacher at heart, with a wealth of experience teaching learners of all ages. Alan November is an international leader in education technology. He began his career as an oceanography teacher and dorm counselor at an island reform school for boys in Boston Harbor. While Alan was a computer science teacher in Lexington, MA, he was probably the first teacher in the world to have a student project on line in 1984, a database for the handicapped.

Kids Code the Darndest Things: 10 Amazing Youth Innovators Kids deserve more credit than they get. They're observant, incredibly intuitive and can sometimes figure out what the world needs faster than adults can. With rapid advancements in technology, and coding education geared toward youth, it comes as no surprise that there are kids pushing innovation out there, and creating apps and programs at astonishingly young ages. Mental Health Screening Tools : Alcohol Problems (in Men)occur when a person drinks so much alcohol that it causes problems at home, work or one's relationships. Alcohol Problems (in Women)occur when a person drinks alcohol to the point where it causes problems with home, school, work or relationships. Angeris a feeling that everyone gets from time to time, but when it gets excessive, can cause serious problems in a person's life. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (in Adults)is a condition that occurs in not just children but also in adults. ADHD adults may not be as impulsive and hyperactive as children with ADHD, but adults may still have significant problems with disorganization, troubles completing tasks, and problems with boredom. Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)is a condition which affects how people hear the sounds around them.

The Ultimate Guide To Using iPads In The Classroom How Students Benefit From Using Social Media 14.60K Views 0 Likes A lot of criticism has been leveled at social media and the effect it has on the way students process and retain information, as well as how distracting it can be. However, social media offers plenty of opportunities for learning and interactivity, and if you take a moment to think about it, it's not too hard to see how students benefit from using social media. 100 Web 2.0 Tools Every Teacher Should Know About 21st Century Teacher We have heard alot about the 21st Century Learner. We know that they are:collaborativeadaptiveinformation, media and technology savvycommunicatorsimmediate and instantrequire instant gratificationcreators and adaptorBut what about the 21st Century Teacher, what are the characteristics we would expect to see in a 21st Century Educator. We know they are student centric, holistic, they are teaching about how to learn as much as teaching about the subject area. We know too, that they must be 21st Century learners as well. But teachers are more than this The 21st Century teacher is an adaptor.

Educators and Stagecast Creator Shortcut to the Education price list and ordering information. How do students benefit as they create and modify simulations, visualizations, stories and games? They build higher-order thinking skills.They become more engaged in the learning process.They develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.They score higher on standardized tests. (A 1998 Educational Testing Service research report, Does it Compute? The Relationship Between Educational Technology and Student Achievement in Mathematics found that students who used simulation software scored higher on standardized mathematics tests.)They gain an introduction to basic computer programming concepts.

111 EdTech Resources You May Have Missed–Treasure Chest July 3, 2011 It has been a HUGE week in EdTech this week with ISTE 2011, Google+, Microsoft 365 and the rumor of Facebook’s big announcement next week (can someone say videochat). I’m writing this introduction before I start wading through everything I’ve collected this past week. Not everything I think is important when I collect it makes it into the final list. However, even before I start the list, something tells me that this may be my biggest Treasure Chest ever. So, welcome to this week’s edition of Treasure Chest—111 (Yes-111!!!) EdTech Resources You May Have Missed.

Instructional Technology - Region 10 Website Videoconference Services Videoconferencing Services Videoconference Bridging Content Capture, Archival and Streaming Video Scheduling and Help Desk Field Services and Support Training and Consulting Desktop / Device-based Videoconference services Requirements and Fees Professional Development Professional Development Information on Graduate Programs and College and University Guidelines StarLogo TNG Version 1.5. Download it here Curriculum Materials HERE

The Votes Are In: Edutopia’s Tech Integration Lesson Contest WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation Facebook Edutopia on Facebook Twitter Edutopia on Twitter Educational Technology Visit the links below for more information about the work of Texas Education Agency's Educational Technology unit in the Division of Instructional Materials and Educational Technology and statewide educational technology initiatives. Technology Planning and Funding Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020 2014 Progress Report on the Long-Range Plan for Technology (PDF) School Technology Planning, E-Rate Modernization, and Broadband ConnectivityE-Rate in TexasOnline Technology Plan (ePlan)School Technology and Readiness (STaR) ChartStudy on School District Network Capabilities (TEC Sec. 32.005)Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), Title II, Part D (outside source)

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