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The revolution that’s changing the way your child is taught. The video does not seem remarkable on first viewing.

The revolution that’s changing the way your child is taught

A title informs us that we are watching Ashley Hinton, a teacher at Vailsburg Elementary, a school in Newark, New Jersey. Hinton, a blonde woman in a colourful silk scarf, stands before a class of eight- and nine-year-old boys and girls, almost all of whom are African-American. “What might a character be feeling in a story?” She asks. She repeats the question, before engaging her pupils in a high-tempo conversation about what it is like to read a book and why authors write them, as she moves smartly around her classroom. On an October morning last year, I watched Doug Lemov play this video to a room full of teachers in the hall of an inner-London school. Here is what Lemov sees in the video: he sees Hinton placing herself at the vantage points from which she can best scan the faces of her pupils (“hotspots”).

Lemov never considered himself a brilliant teacher. Characteristically, he started with a spreadsheet. Take “cold calling”. Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Online Flashcards. So You Want to Be a Google Certified Teacher? 8 Tips to Get You There! Top me tech tools 2014. Office Sway - Create and share amazing stories, presentations, and more. Hack Education Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2014. Top Ed-Tech Trends 2014: The Indie Web Part 8 in my Top 10 Trends of 2014 series This is an aspirational post.

Hack Education Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2014

After some 35,000 words in a series that has been pretty critical about the state of education technology in 2014, I want to write about something that gives me hope. I believe we can do better. I mean, what does an alternative to ed-tech as data-extraction, control, surveillance, privatization, and profiteering look like? I don’t have an answer. The Indie Web The Indie Web Movement has emerged out of growing concern that what was once so special and so powerful about the Internet and the Web – in part, that we could build our own personal, digital spaces and from there build online communities – is at risk of being lost. The Open Web has increasingly become the Corporate Web, with powerful monopolies controlling key features like “search” and “social,” not to mention the underlying infrastructure that’s always been theirs – telecommunications, the “series of tubes” themselves.

Noizio Plays Coffee Shop and Other Ambient Sounds to Help You Focus. Using Evernote (the right way). Using Evernote (the right way) I believe that the best insights are made possible when they’re built from the best knowledge available.

Using Evernote (the right way).

Discovering that information gets easier and easier every single day. Medium has become my go-to resource for war stories from the startup community. Twitter, of course, is my source of quality real-time news. Quora is my first move when I need a complex question answered. But I’ve always struggled to hold on to that knowledge once I’ve found it. It was hardly love at first sight. Essentially, I learned the right way to use Evernote. The key: Tags, not notebooks. - Home.

Michael Zimmer on Twitter: "36 Online Games Kids Can Play to Learn About Engineering: Try Engineering is a site that ... via @rmbyrne #edtech" Joitske sur Twitter : "33 new evernote tips and I don't think I knew even one of them... Lrnchat sur Twitter : "Ok looks like we're running again. Help us tonight! We're building #lrnchat"... General Electric sur Twitter : "Our #EmojiScience lab is in full swing! Send an emoji to generalelectric on Snapchat & we'll send you some science.

So You Want to Be a Google Certified Teacher? 8 Tips to Get You There! The Best Resources For Using Chromebooks In The Classroom – Help Me Find More. I’ve become increasingly disappointed with our District’s decision to not purchase Chromebooks and, instead, purchase far more expensive and far fewer MacBooks.

The Best Resources For Using Chromebooks In The Classroom – Help Me Find More

I did think, though, that readers might find a Chromebooks “Best” list useful and, perhaps, someday, so will I. Before I share those links (and I hope readers will contribute more), here are a few other Best lists you might find useful: The Best Resources On “One-To-One” Laptop/Tablet Programs — Please Suggest More! The Best Advice On Using Education Technology The Best Sources For Ideas On How To Use Technology With English Language Learners The Best Research Available On The Use Of Technology In Schools The Best Good, Inexpensive & Simple Classroom Technology Tools The Best Places To Find Research On Technology & Language Teaching/Learning The Best Sites For Learning About The History Of Technology My Best Posts For Tech Novices (Plus A Few From Other People) The Best Resources For Beginning iPad Users Related February 23, 2011.