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Tools, tips, techniques and tweets for online moderators...

Tools, tips, techniques and tweets for online moderators...
Photo by Milica Sekulic The International Research Foundation (TIRF) has recently published five papers on mobile assisted language learning (MALL), all freely available on the TIRF website. Each of the papers is followed by a discussion, which you can add to. Abstracts and links to the papers below – happy reading! Beyond the Classroom: Mobile Learning the Wider World (Ken Beatty) Mobile learning has extended opportunities for making teaching and learning available beyond the traditional classroom.

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QR codes: A treasure hunt Here’s another classroom idea for using mobile devices and QR codes. It’s a simple idea, based around the concept of a treasure or scavenger hunt, where students need to find specific information in various locations. In this case, my international students in the UK all had smartphones, but not 3G connections. This meant we had to rely on the school’s Wi-Fi network, and the location of the activity was limited to the school building itself. Blog IATEFL Slovenia 2016 photos A few shots taken during the 23rd IATEFL Slovenia conference, held in Terme Topolšica on 3 to 6 March read more

Swansea Metropolitan University Education Research The University’s research covers engineering, social science, arts and humanities disciplines. Striving to be engaged, always innovative, it’s often interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature. Through our research partnerships we influence economic, cultural and social landscapes at national, European and international levels by delivering benefits for business, government and communities. Classics Find out more Research in the areas of classical literature; Rome and the West; Economy and Materiality; and the Ancient Near East. 12 of the Best Mind Mapping Software to Brainstorm Better Ideas One of the worst feelings in the world is forgetting a great idea. All you had to do was write it down, but you were confident that you’d never be able to forget something so compelling. When it slid out of your mind, though, the easy loss of such an insightful thought nearly crushed your soul.

ANDREWARTICLESANDSTORIES My last three books are about telling and making stories in the language classroom Storytelling with Children. Oxford University Press. Second Edition 2008 Creating Stories with Children. it's NOT about what the teacher does with technology Bruce Springsteen: "When we kiss…" Not just going through the motions! You could probably say I've had four different though overlapping careers — in language teaching, language teacher training, technology and ELT management. The first of those I retired from (after 35+ years) a few months ago, though the number of contact hours I was doing was limited; teacher training I'm retiring from at the end of this month; management I got fired from (to the relief of all involved!) many years ago; which leaves only another 10 or so years in technology to do (I'm only (?) 57, so it ain't over yet!).

Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge Contact Sara Hennessy University of Cambridge Faculty of Education 184 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PQ Tel: 01223 767657E-mail: Publications Downloads of papers arising from all of our projects are available in Word or PDF format by clicking on links below Presentations

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle By: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) A concoction of twelve stories, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is the third book in the original Sherlock Holmes series. It shadows the experiences of detective Sherlock Holmes, an enigmatic genius, as he tries to unravel the mystery of each investigation he partakes in. Set in late 19th century London, the novel not only creates a successful mystery plot, but also circulates through real locations including Hyde Park, the river Thames, St George’s Church in Hanover Square, as well as adding fictional places to spice things up. The vibrant reoccurring illustrations of London’s means of transportation are also worth noting. The novel begins in the famous apartment 221B Baker Street, home to Sherlock Holmes who is visited by clients in need of assistance in resolving various issues.

Web Tools – Professional development unit Did you know that you can use Padlet ( to get anonymous feedback about a lesson from your students? Just create a padlet and share the link with you students! Like this: Like Loading...