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Google Maps and Google Earth in the Classroom. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (0.0KB) | Embed Subscribe: iTunes | | | Subscribe to the TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network The TechEducator Podcast is a weekly round table discussion about current topics in educational technology. For more information, please visit Many great ways to participate in the TechEducator Podcast. Follow us Live on Video: a Voice Mail: feedback@Teachercast.netTwitter: @TechEdShow ( #TechEducator Hosts: About our Guests: Kurt Wismer: Kurt teaches Business, Marketing and IT for the North Fond du Lac School District. Show Information Share the Love If you enjoyed the show, please rate it on iTunes and write a brief review. Learn How To Launch Your Very Own Podcast! Please contact TeacherCast with any Questions or to become a guest on the show You have Successfully Subscribed! Related posts. 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom. The TechEducator Podcast is a weekly round table discussion about current topics in educational technology.

For more information, please visit Many great ways to participate in the TechEducator Podcast. About the author Jeffrey Bradbury, author of Kidblog: An Introduction to Blogging With Your Students, is the creator of, TeacherCast University, and Educational Podcasting Today, is a Google Certified Teacher, Google Education Trainer, PBS Learning Media Digital Innovator, speaker, writer, broadcaster, consultant and educational media specialist. This Super Simple Google Docs Trick is Life Changing #edtech #gafe | EdTech Bytes with Bormann.

A few months back, I discovered through Twitter a super simple Google Docs trick that changed how I share Google Docs links with staff that I work with. I’ve performed this trick a handful of times, and every time I do, no matter what our topic of training is, everything stops because multiple teachers ask, “How did you do that!?” Once I show the trick, it is followed with…“Are you kidding me!? It’s that simple!?” The problem… Sharing a doc link and asking a group to Make a Copy inevitably would lead to mass confusion.

The Trick… Google has made it simple for me to FORCE my participants to Make a Copy with these steps… Locate the URL of your Google Doc.Change the last word in the URL from EDIT to COPY.Hit enter, and…voila! Now you can take that URL and share it with whomever, and they will have no choice but to Make a Copy. Force Make a Copy with Google Sheets and Slides Too… It must be a Google Sheet that YOU have created. Final Thoughts… Jarod Bormann#edtech rocks Like this: Like Loading... MindShift on Twitter: "Exposure an idea in multiple ways helps form nuanced understanding @sylviaduckworth #edchat. Jessica Brogley – Google+ Product Review: Acer Chromebook C720 Is Ready for Class.

Booting up in less than six seconds, the tiny 2.76-pound Acer Chromebook C720 offers a streamlined interface, robust security and collaboration options that students and faculty alike can appreciate. Running the Google Chrome operating system, the C720 provides users with access to the thousands of apps in the Chrome Web Store. Collaboration and study tools such as Google Docs come preinstalled on the notebook's 16-gigabyte hard drive. Although many apps require an online connection to run, most productivity programs also work offline. Even better, the Chromebook supports the creation and editing of Microsoft Word documents on- or offline. A 1.4-gigahertz Intel Celeron processor, a member of Intel's new Haswell chipset, powers the C720. The C720 also makes for a nice teleconferencing platform that's easy to use, with two surprisingly loud stereo speakers and HD-audio software support for accurate sound.

USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and HDMI ports, as well as an SD card reader, are available. 7 TED Talks about gaming’s potential. These TED Talks highlight promising and inspiring concepts, including gaming in education Every educator needs some inspiration now and then, and these days, such inspiration can be found online in just a few seconds. The internet brings inspiring and motivational speakers and experts to anyone with a connection and an internet-ready device.

TED Talks are some of today’s most popular examples of the internet’s power to expand learning opportunities to all. Each month, we’ll bring you a handful of inspiring TED Talks. Some will focus specifically on education; others will highlight innovative practices that have long-lasting impact. But all will inspire and motivate educators and students alike. Did you miss our most recent TED Talks features? (Next page: 7 TED Talks about gaming) Poll Your Students With Google+ Polls. 35 Educators You Should Follow on Pinterest - Shake Up Learning. WETC.Edtechchat.specialsheninger. Life of an Educator.