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I recently received the following message via email. I’ve omitted a small portion of the text to protect the privacy of the sender and have only corrected a few spelling errors to improve the overall readability of the passage. I know you do not know me, but I had to share something with you. My name is [omitted]. I have been divorced for two and a half years. My focus has been on God and my three children.

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Building the Culture of an Empowered Mindset Towards Technology Innovation I have been having an incredible year of learning in my half-time role with Parkland School Division, along with speaking and consulting for other schools/districts. I have learned a lot from both positions and I feel that it is very valuable to be able to look at school cultures within your organization, while also looking at what other schools do from an outsider’s perspective. In this work, I have realized how truly important the role of principal is in building, not only in creating a positive culture, but an innovative one.

1-to-1 iPad ePortfolio solution Today @j_allen asked how we handled eportfolio’s at Anastasis Academy. The 140 characters of Twitter felt a little too limiting to explain the hows and whys of what we do…bring on the blog post! Anastasis has a one-to-one iPad program. Our students own their iPads in a modified BYOD (bring your own device) setup. I say modified because we requested what device they brought. Fair Isn't Always Equal Product Details Author: Rick WormeliISBN: 978-157110-424-3Year:2006Media: 232 pp/paperGrade Range: 4-12Item No: WEB-0424 Differentiated instruction is a nice idea, but what happens when it comes to assessing and grading students? Are You the Keymaster? There have always been stupid ideas around education. Always. Mostly from one of these sources.

Currents of my river... Which learning tool, that is the question! Here is the deal. Our College would like to integrate a 1:1 program, into the learning environment soon. I believe this is a mighty fine step! Ben Jatos: Why I Teach Ben Jatos is a high school English teacher in a Portland, Oregon area high school. He has taught for 20 years. He just started his own blog, and he began by asking why he became a teacher and why he continues to teach. He begins:

Teachers, can you pass this test? If you got at least half right we will call it passing…. CLICK the orange tabs or swipe left to view all of the slides Teachers, Can You Pass This Test? I originally made this deck for a presentation to a class of graduate students, they bombed and most of them were half my age. Mixed Messages And Simple Truths On Monday, I heard Dylan William say that computers don’t make a difference to learning in the classroom. On Thursday, I heard Gerry White say that technology is responsible for a 12% increase in achievement. Both asserted that their statements were backed by research. Dylan William said on Monday (and Friday), “You are entitled to your own opinions. You are not, however, entitled to your own facts.”

Schooling the World On Power, Knowledge, and the Re-Occupation of Common Sense photo by Carol Black One of the most profound changes that occurs when modern schooling is introduced into traditional societies around the world is a radical shift in the locus of power and control over learning from children, families, and communities to ever more centralized systems of authority. While all cultures are different, in many non-modernized societies children enjoy wide latitude to learn by free play, interaction with other children of multiple ages, immersion in nature, and direct participation in adult work and activities. Once learning is institutionalized under a central authority, both freedom for the individual and respect for the local are radically curtailed. The child in a classroom generally finds herself in a situation where she may not move, speak, laugh, sing, eat, drink, read, think her own thoughts, or even use the toilet without explicit permission from an authority figure.