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The Principal of Change Thoughts from a tech-loving teacher Mike's Musings about Ed Tech 1-to-1 iPad ePortfolio solution Today @j_allen asked how we handled eportfolio’s at Anastasis Academy. The 140 characters of Twitter felt a little too limiting to explain the hows and whys of what we do…bring on the blog post! Anastasis has a one-to-one iPad program. Anastasis has 60 students in 1st through 8th grade. I digress…the question was about ePortfolios. We use a combination of Evernote, Edu 2.0 and Edublogs to keep and share our work. Edu 2.0 is our education portal. Each of our teachers has a class Edublog. We have a school YouTube account where students can upload videos and stop motion animations. This combination of tools has worked well as an ePortfolio for student work. Do you have a one to one program?

Principal Smart's Blog | Striving to teach less and learn more. danah boyd | apophenia The below original text was the basis for Data & Society Founder and President danah boyd’s March 2018 SXSW Edu keynote,“What Hath We Wrought?” — Ed. Growing up, I took certain truths to be self evident. Democracy is good. War is bad. And of course, all men are created equal. My mother was a teacher who encouraged me to question everything. I loved pushing people’s buttons with these philosophical questions, but they weren’t nearly as existentially destabilizing as the moments in my life in which my experiences didn’t line up with frames that were sacred cows in my community. The funny thing about education is that we ask our students to challenge their assumptions. The funny thing about education is that we ask our students to challenge their assumptions. For the last year, I’ve been struggling with media literacy. Most media literacy proponents tell me that media literacy doesn’t exist in schools. Epistemological Warfare Why do we value precision in language? Finding the Red Pill

Currents of my river... Which learning tool, that is the question! Here is the deal. Our College would like to integrate a 1:1 program, into the learning environment soon. I believe this is a mighty fine step! I am happy. I am excited. At this stage, I am open to all options. From what I can ascertain, the College are looking at devices that can be used as a textbook reader, have a USB and SD card slot and are relatively light. I work part time, educating students in the areas of Food Technology, Religious Education and Drama. In my view, we need: a computing tool that travels with our pedagogy. My students responses: something they can take home and use at home as often there is one computer at home, that Mum and Dad or older siblings use.A tool they can carry with them to save time unlocking laptop trolleys, logging on, discovering issues, not having enough laptops to use as a class set etcNote taking, organising notes. I would so dearly LOVE your opinion! Keeping the dialogue alive, Kind regards, @7mrsjames

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