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21 Things for the 21st Century Educator - Home

21 Things for the 21st Century Educator - Home

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100+ Online Resources That Are Transforming Education Yury Lifshits is working on algorithms and prototypes of new services at Yahoo! Research. Before that he was teaching university courses in the U.S., Germany, Russia and Estonia. Best Educational Wiki 2009 – The Edublog Awards The winners of the Best Educational Wiki 2009…. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the results tally! Wiki nominated in alphabetical order!

Internet Safety The best form of Online Safety begins at home with you, the parent. We offer you the following tips to keep your child safe on the Internet. The best way to know what your child is doing online is to ask. Whether you ask other parents, an Internet-savvy friend, or your child about how they use the Internet asking the right questions will help you understand what your child is doing online so you can make sure they are making safe online choices. Questions to ask your child: What sites do you visit? Overview - Rochambeau Map Collection Overview The Rochambeau Map Collection contains cartographic items used by Jean Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau (1725-1807), when he was commander in chief of the French expeditionary army (1780-82) during the American Revolution. The maps were from Rochambeau's personal collection, cover much of eastern North America, and date from 1717 to 1795. The maps show Revolutionary-era military actions, some of which were published in England and France, and early state maps from the 1790s. Many of the items in this extraordinary group of maps show the importance of cartographic materials in the campaigns of the American Revolution as well as Rochambeau's continuing interest in the new United States.

5 Tools for Building a Next-Generation 'Hybrid' Class Website [Nicholas C. Martin is a visiting professor at American University and the United Nations University for Peace. He is also co-founder and president of TechChange, an organization that trains leaders to leverage emerging technologies for sustainable social change. TechChange specializes in creating “next-generation” e-learning content, tools and communities. You can follow him on Twitter at @TechChange. Technology Integration in K-12 - The Foundations of Instructiona Upcoming Events View more events Student News Adeyemo receives $20,000 SREB Dissertation Fellowship Doctoral student in social foundations of education is researching experiences of black male high school athletes. Press release

Build Community: Teach Digital Citizenship in Edmodo Last week we announced a new partnership with Edmodo, the popular social network for teachers and students. We’ve created the Digital Citizenship Starter Kit, a set of student activities for the Edmodo platform based on our free K-12 curriculum, Digital Literacy and Citizenship in a Connected Culture. The activities are designed to make it easier for teachers to introduce digital citizenship concepts like Internet safety, identity, privacy, and cyberbullying using Edmodo’s secure platform and communication and sharing tools. As an Edmodo member you’ll need to “follow” the Digital Citizenship Community on the site. Read the Digital Citizenship Intro Letter (featured in the community) for an overview of the Starter Kit elements. And finally visit the Community Collection to download the Starter Kit or add it to your Edmodo Library.

Classroom Resource Resources with the subject "american-history" Backpack Practice, available only via Google Chrome, offers practice with skills from preK number recognition through Algebra and ACT/SAT test prep. Choose from topics such as math, science, history, or languages to begin. Be sure to allow the program to access your computer microphone when prompted. Some answers are given as a spoken response. View the image and respond to the prompt: identify the president, say the number of dots on the dice, etc.

7 Ingenious Resumes That Will Make You Rethink Your CV You love resumes. You really do. When we published "10 Creative Social Media Resumes To Learn From" in May, our readers enthusiastically responded by sharing it with friends, commenting on it and sending us links to their own snazzy resumes. We sifted through those links, picked our favorites and placed them in the gallery below. After clicking through the collection of resumes, were you inspired? What works for you in your industry?

Vocabulary 2.0: 15 Tips, Tools, & Resources Posted by Shelly Terrell on Saturday, February 20th 2010 Part of the Cool Sites series In every subject students must acquire new vocabulary, which is often taught through rote memorization. How do we engage learners to engage with new vocabulary? In a previous post I shared with you 12 word cloud resources .

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