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Teachers as Technology Trailblazers

Teachers as Technology Trailblazers

Free Technology for Teachers Arizona Technology In Education Association - AzTEA | AzTEA - Leading the Way Professional Learning in the Digital Age: The Educator's Guide to User-Generated Learning: Kristen Swanson: 9781596672284: Teaching My Calling The Techie Teacher Educational Technology — The Official Website of the Arizona State Department of Education Hot Topics The Educational Technology group offers a wide variety of support on the effective use of technology in the classroom to increase student academic gains. The Educational Technology group provides technology integration support tools, approves technology plans, supports the E-Rate process, provides online professional development and digital resources, and guides the work of the Statewide Instructional Technology Project (SIT). Mission To provide the state of Arizona with support and examples of education technology that will enhance student achievement, increase teacher effectiveness and create cost savings and efficiencies. Vision Create a 21st Century education experience using cutting-edge digital devices, digital content and proven pedagogical practices.

What is an EdCafe? | Students in charge of a corner of their universe iLearn Technology – Integrating technology in the classroom 21 st Century Educational Technology and Learning | K12 educational transformation through technology Now You See It // The Blog of Author Cathy N. Davidson » Should We Really Abolish Term Papers? Elucidating Issues in the NY Times “Blog V. Term Papers” I admit it. I was dreading the appearance of Matt Richtel’s “Blog versus Term Papers” article in the New York Times. He’s written pretty critically before about technology in classrooms and, although he was careful and professional in our interviews, I was paranoid that I was about to be ambushed. When I saw the title of the article, my heart sunk: I’ve never thought of it as a contest or a competition or a sports event. For me, what to assign in my classes is a matter of deep pedagogical conviction. [You can read Richtel's NYT article here: "Blogs vs. In some ways, Richtel’s article is less aggressive than my own piece (Sept-Oct 2011) in Academe which is highly critical of the establishment English Department that too-often forgets its own importance as society’s “keeper” of two of the three R’s of traditional literacy, namely “reading” and “‘writing.’” But is blogging the answer? (b) I respond more too. I loved their demands on me. What did they do in a quarter of first-year comp?

Summer-Fall 2013 Tech How will I as a teacher move toward developing my own personalized learning network?How will student demonstrations of learning be more personalized in my classroom?How can I design individualized learning opportunities that fulfill content expectations?How do I balance learning the tool and using the tool for learning?How can I share/celebrate my students’ work with a broader audience? This course will include whole group and small group discovery tasks, explorations and reflections. Class discussions and teamwork will be part of each class meeting.

Common Core: Reading, Understanding & Analyzing Complex Texts *ISTE Workshop: Transitioning to the Common Core with Google Apps – Join me! In my previous post “Common Core: What is a ‘complex text’ anyway?” I wrote about the three aspects of a text that the Common Core measures to determine its “complexity,” which include: 1) quantitative, 2) qualitative, 3) reader and task. Hopefully, that post helped to clarify how we as educators can evaluate the complexity of a text we are using with our students. This blog will focus on ways we can support students in reading, understanding and analyzing those texts. The individual standards for each grade level vary and the standards themselves act like a staircase. * Reading Literature Standards. Annotations Each year, I have students enter my room who claim to hate reading. Annotations are not a new strategy, but few, if any, of my incoming 9th grade students have ever been taught how to annotate. Highlighting tips: Annotation shorthand: ? Making notes in the margin: Digital Annotations

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