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Teachers as Technology Trailblazers

Teachers as Technology Trailblazers
If you're a regular reader of this blog, it's likely that you know that I am passionate about organic professional development. I'm one of the original founders of the Edcamp movement, and I also help people all over the country run Edcamp events. I love giving and sharing in this way. To be honest, it's my favorite hobby. One of the reasons that I dedicate so much of my personal time to Edcampers across the globe is that Edcampers are inherently givers. They want to connect, help, and share with their colleagues across the region.

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iLearn Technology The first question that I get asked when people find out that I’ve started a school: what makes Anastasis Academy different? And this is a tricky one to answer, because the truth is EVERYTHING makes us different. It’s hard to describe something that no one has seen before, so you begin to relate it with ideas and concepts that people are familiar with. What Angry Birds Can Teach Us About Instructional Design You’re probably familiar with Angry Birds, the massively popular iPhone game. What is it about this game that’s so addictive? And how can learning and development pros tap into that stickiness to get people this excited about training programs? ALSC Blog - Pursuing excellence for library service to childrenALSC Blog Here is a story, told in pictures, of five things I wasn’t prepared for before I became a storytime librarian: [Making finger puppets after a day at ALA Midwinter. Image courtesy of the author; originally posted on Instagram.] 1. That I would chose to spend so much of my free time doing things I love that happen to relate to work. First of all, this is 100% my choice to spend my time researching beginning readers and making flannelboards.

Netsmart How can we use digital media so that they help us become empowered participants rather than passive consumers? In Net Smart, I show how to use social media intelligently, humanely, and, above all, mindfully. Download the introductory chapter (PDF) here. Mindful use of digital media means thinking about what we are doing, cultivating an ongoing inner inquiry into how we want to spend our time. I outline five fundamental digital literacies, online skills that will help us do this: attention, participation, collaboration, critical consumption of information (or "crap detection"), and network smarts.

Blog - Will Richardson Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of predictions about what the future of work holds for all of us, not just our kids. It’s interesting now to see some of those predictions actually playing out. Case in point is this post in the Harvard Business Review that summarizes the Herculean change initiative now underway at AT&T. CCK12 Is flipped classroom the solution to education? I wonder! Is flipped classroom the solution to education? To what extent is flipped classroom effective in education and learning? Flipped classroom is on the spotlight. What is Assistive Technology What is Assistive Technology?A Basic Guide for Individuals with Disabilities and Their FamiliesThird edition, ©2004By Sharon Hauss, Family Support Specialist Preface

White Papers Click on the link titles for free white papers (PDF), with our compliments. No sign-up or registration required. Personal Knowledge Management by Harold Jarche PKM is a framework for individuals to take control of their professional development while working in organizations or across networks. The 90-9-1 Principle close Sean founded Ant’s Eye View's Austin practice, where he launched special practices, developed business and oversaw project delivery. He has worked extensively in marketing operations, brand management, customer service, product development, strategy, process design and measurement projects. Phemie Wright Hi I'm Phemie ... pronounced 'Feeemeee' for those thinking "PheWhatThe?".... *waves enthusiastically* No really- I am....See: And I would like to tell you a little bit more about me (seeing as though you have shown an interest by visiting this page).

How We Learn As the US moves into a phase where being innovative and entrepreneurial is becoming more and more critical in the face of the leveling field of worldwide competition, we look to two key elements that will help drive us there: creativitywillingness to break rules In the article Rebellion of an Innovation Mom, by Anne-Marie Slaughter, we learn about creativity and innovation and how we may be stifling it as parents if we aren't careful. This can also be transfered to the corporate learning environment. Looking at creativity, Slaughter tells us that what is critical for nurturing creativity is "random association and connection" and down time that allows the brain to "run and turn over seemingly disconnected bits of information, images, and ideas."

First Steps into Learning & Teaching in Higher Education: 21 May – 22 June '12 We are using Collaborate virtual classrooms for scheduled live sessions with guest speakers. A big Thank You to Sylvia Currie and the SCoPE community for this facility. There is also a general ‘free-for-all’ room available to everyone and a separate room for assessed participants (see bottom of this page for details). If you have not used Blackboard Collaborate before, here is a Quick Guide for Participants and a link to Blackboard Collaborates technical support page. Scheduled sessions Live sessions in Blackboard Collaborate will be held on the following dates and at the same time each week (Click on the Table to see it more clearly).

Snapshot of a modern learner Santos is not an enigma, but he is misunderstood. Santos sends approximately 125 texts per day. He sneaks his phone into classes in his book bag or jacket and is online just about all day. He posts messages to Facebook during class.