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80 All-You-Need Photoshop Brushes

80 All-You-Need Photoshop Brushes

landscape photography » one big photo Random photo Submit your photo Stumble Thru DesignFloat: 8500+ Photoshop Brushes Hey guys, the time for Friday roundup has come and we want to share some useful resources featuring free Photoshop brushes with you. We all know that brushes turn out to be the essential tools for web designers and help to add the desired atmosphere and create stunning websites. Using this Photoshop tool, it is possible to give the design the impressive touch and make it catchy. Of course, you have seen a vast amount of brush sets all around the web, but here you can find the top-notch collection of the most popular among them. Freebie: Download New Twitter Profile GUI PSD - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Today we are glad to release a yet another freebie: a Twitter GUI PSD for the recently released Twitter UI update, designed by Jon Darke of Every Interaction and released exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. The PSD provides the full mockup with all layers in vectors, allowing you to scale up the design elements without loss of quality. The set includes two versions: one for personal accounts and also the new Twitter Enhanced profile page with 835×90 header image for brands and advertisers.

The Top 50 'Pictures of the Day' for 2011 Every day at 5pm the Sifter posts the Picture of the Day. Below you will find a collection of the Sifter’s Top 50 from 2011. It’s hard to imagine the year is almost over, time seems to fly faster each successive year so it’s fun to take a moment and look back at the year that was. Click any of the pictures below to be taken to the individual post to learn more about the photographer and picture taken. Enjoy and stay sifty my friends! 15 Tutorials for Recreating Authentic Photo Effects Photoshop effects usually bring up thoughts of vibrant swirling lines and abstract pieces of stunning artwork, not to mention the not so cool Photoshop filters that have been the cause of eye-wrenching design choices for years. There are, however a range of effects that not only look great, but stay true to the traditional photographic techniques the effects originally evolved from. Here are 15 tutorials for recreating authentic photo effects such as Lomo photography, HDR and Cross Processing digitally in Adobe Photoshop. Pinhole Photography A pinhole camera is created using a small box with a tiny hole, the overall form is extremely simple with no lens. DIY pin hole cameras are often made from shoe boxes and photographic paper.

Textures Design resources are all over the internet. Most of them are good but a rotten apple can squeeze in the pile. We selected 20 of the most popular textures and texture packs on in the past month. Here is our selection, enjoy! Photoshop Brushes By ygt42876 June 16, 2005 11,788 Downloads More goofing off with photoshop brush capabilities. Some fun brushes on paths and others. Set includes; a spiney brush, footstep brush, train track brush, a plastic coil brush, a 1/2 shaded square brush, and 2 brush brushes. Additional extension information Reviews Adobe Photoshop : File size Notice that there are two sections to this window. The upper section allows you to adjust the number of pixels used for the image. This is how much data is available in the image. Imagine an image of a face with only 10 pixels of information per row and column, you probably would be able to tell that it is a face, but it would be unrecognizable. Now imagine an image with 1600 pixels by 1200 pixels, this is what most 2.1 megapixel cameras can record. There is a lot more information captured.

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