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A Radical View of Chinese Characters

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Français. Chinese. Español. Japanese. Language. Translators. Dizionario giovani, linguaggio dei giovani, gergo giovanile, dizionario moderno, dizionario contemporaneo. VocabGrabber. Future - The secret “anti-languages” you’re not supposed to know. Could you erectify a luxurimole flackoblots?

Future - The secret “anti-languages” you’re not supposed to know

Have you hidden your chocolate cake from Penelope? Or maybe you’re just going to vada the bona omi? Et voilà pourquoi l’allemand met le verbe à la fin - Le Temps. Le Temps: Dans votre livre* «Penser entre les langues», vous écrivez, à propos du «Hochdeutsch»: «Cette langue qui, pour être parlée, suppose que les locuteurs soient libérés de la contingence des affects.»

Et voilà pourquoi l’allemand met le verbe à la fin - Le Temps

C’est exactement l’argument avancé par les Alémaniques pour défendre leur emploi du dialecte. Les Allemands parlent-ils donc aussi le dialecte en famille? Language in Use. Language variation. Forvo: la guida alla pronuncia. Tutte le parole del mondo pronunciate dai madrelingua. TypeIt - Type accent marks, diacritics and foreign letters online. Audio Lingua - mp3 en anglais, allemand, espagnol, italien, russe, portugais, chinois et français. Software Translates Your Voice into Another Language. Researchers at Microsoft have made software that can learn the sound of your voice, and then use it to speak a language that you don’t.

Software Translates Your Voice into Another Language

The system could be used to make language tutoring software more personal, or to make tools for travelers. Learn Languages For Free Through Music Videos, Lyrics and Karaoke! English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. The 9 Most Common Languages. Language. 21 Digital Tools to Build Vocabulary l Dr. Kimberly's Literacy Blog.

If you follow this blog, you know that I believe effective vocabulary instruction is just about the most important instructional activity for teachers to get right. For lots of reasons. Vocabulary influences fluency, comprehension, and student achievement. How’s that for starters? Flashcards. The Mnemosyne Project. Building an Archive of ALL Documented Human Languages. - The Rosetta Project.

Omniglot - the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages. Corpus. Language Learning Tools. The world's largest language-learning service. Forvo : le guide de la prononciation. Tous les mots du monde prononcés par des locuteurs natifs. Fluent in 3 months. Indo-European Languages: Free Online Tutorials & Exercises. StarDict. Généraux. Langues. Tradukka. Your Guide to Languages on the Web. MyMemory. Reverso. SensAgent.

IATE - EU's multilingual term base. EuroVoc. IdiomaX. Anki - friendly, intelligent flashcards. Développer ses compétences linguistiques. 9 Websites You Can Use to Learn a Foreign Language - StumbleUpon. Traveling is a great way to see a country and learn about the people who live there.

9 Websites You Can Use to Learn a Foreign Language - StumbleUpon

But if you really want to learn what makes them tick than you need to learn their language. Immersing yourself in a new language can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are great free resources available to turn your first few words into fluency. BBC Languages A great resource to get you going. Word2Word This site can really increase your vocabulary and syntax. Internet Polyglot This site isn’t intended to be used as your sole learning site. Busuu A language learning community. Madinah Arabic Language Course This site was set up over 8 years ago specifically to teach Arabic for free. Livemocha. 75 Free Language Learning Resources Online.

Whether you’re trying to learn English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Italian –you get the picture – it’s good to get free help along the way.

75 Free Language Learning Resources Online

Luckily, there are tons of free online resources out there. Here are 75 to get you started … How Language Works. World Wide Words. Words language. 21 dictionnaires gratuits en ligne Larousse. LEXILOGOS - Dictionnaires, Cartes, Docs. Latin. DICTIONNAIRE LATIN OLIVETTI. A.-M. BOXUS - Grammaire latine - Plan. Locutions Latines (Locution Latine, Phrase en latin, Proverbes Latins, Citations latines, Expressions Latines) Cours de Latin. Les cours qui suivent n'ont pas la prétention de vous apprendre à parler et à écrire le latin aussi bien que Cicéron, Vitruve ou Columelle, mais plutôt de vous apporter une aide pour mieux comprendre les textes anciens et le sens des mots.

Cours de Latin

Ces cours sont tirés du livre de l'abbé Moreux, intitulé "Pour comprendre le latin" (G. Doin & Cie éditeurs, Paris, 1931). Nous avons ajouté diverses remarques pour ce qui relève du "latin médiéval". Vous pouvez désormais vous munir d'un dictionnaire latin-français (format de poche) : celui de Henri Goelzer, par exemple, conviendra très bien (éditions Flammarion). Premier cours (Introduction) (cours du 13 septembre 1997) Deuxième cours (cours du 20 septembre 1997)

Ukindia Learn Sanskrit Lesson 1. Paperhelp to help you write papers Lesson 2 ..Home....Asian Books..Sanskrit lessons ( external)..Tamil.Gujarati.

Ukindia Learn Sanskrit Lesson 1

Punjabi. Hindi.Urdu.SanskritArabic.Greek.English. Russian. Linguistics. Proto Indo European. Languages of the world. Languages.png (PNG Image, 2000 × 3261 pixels) - Scaled (30%) Old World Language Families. A Map of Lexical Distances Between Europe's Languages. A Finn and a Spaniard walk into a bar.

A Map of Lexical Distances Between Europe's Languages

How do they strike up a conversation? It would be exceptional for either to speak each other's language. And it would be rare for both to be fluent enough in French, German, Esperanto or Russian – all languages which once had the ambition to become Europe's lingua franca. Global Language Network. Lexicity. Mappa dialetti italiani. SALVA.DE.LO. Allinguasciolta / terminidesueti. Parola o espressione significato in italiano standard forma/occasione in cui viene usato raccolto nella zona di eta' del parlante tante cose augurio generico per piu' ricorrenze insieme o per niente di speciale ?

allinguasciolta / terminidesueti

Linguistics - A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Dictionary and Etymology. 8 Ancient Writing Systems That Haven't Been Deciphered Yet. The Indus Valley civilization was one of the most advanced in the world for more than 500 years, with more than a thousand settlements sprawling across 250,000 square miles of what is now Pakistan and northwest India from 2600 BCE to 1900 BCE.

8 Ancient Writing Systems That Haven't Been Deciphered Yet

It had several large, well-planned cities like Mohenjo-daro, common iconography—and a script no one has been able to understand. Over at Nature, Andrew Robinson looks at the reasons why the Indus Valley script has been so difficult to crack, and details some recent attempts to decipher it. Since we don't know anything about the underlying language and there's no multilingual Rosetta stone, scholars have analyzed its structure for clues and compared it to other scripts. Most Indologists think it's "logo-syllabic" script like Sumerian cuneiform or Mayan glyphs. But they disagree about whether it was a spoken language or a full writing system; some believe it represented only part of an Indus language, Robinson writes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Apprendre des langues. Otros. Verb conjugation in 100s of languages. Free on-line verb conjugator. Create Flash Cards Online for Free - Fauxflash. How Language Works (Edition 3.0): Table of Contents.