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Learn a language at light speed. 100 best language self-learning resources. We often find ourselves recommending products for self-learning foreign languages, and we thought it’d be useful to compile a list for your reference.

100 best language self-learning resources

We have included some of our own products only where we are convinced they deserve a place in the list, and we have included both paid and free study resources without discrimination. Everything on this list deserves your attention, but resources we're particularly fond of, the kind we'd use ourselves, are marked with a little star. Online courses Self-teaching can be much more effective than regular courses, but every once in a while, even self-learners need to ask a question, or receive words of motivation and support. It can also get rather tiresome to keep searching for new resources and learning how to learn.

Created by the inventor of ReCaptcha, the ubiquitous am-i-a-robot checker Duolingo has quickly become the leading free language-learning website. These excellent online courses are composed of interactive mini lessons. Learn languages online for free with Mondly - Language learning made easy, fun and free. Learn English, Español, 中国, Français, Deutsch. Linguician - Learn Languages with Music. Rocket Spanish Premium Level 1 Beginners Spanish Course. How A Complete Idiot (Me) Learned Conversational Spanish and How You Can Too — My Latin Life. Step 1: Spanish with Michel Thomas If you are green as nopales when it comes to Spanish (i.e. 50 words or less) start with Michel Thomas.

How A Complete Idiot (Me) Learned Conversational Spanish and How You Can Too — My Latin Life

He'll quickly introduce you to the basics and provide you with a strong foundation. The learning process is surprisingly effortless and with each lesson you'll feel like you are making real progress. He also insists on not taking any notes, so it's an easy course to complete on your morning commute. Michel Thomas is without a doubt the best place to start if you are completely new to the language. Step 2: Rocket Spanish Rocket Spanish is one of the best resources for learning Spanish because they really help you nail down the pronunciation, as well as the basics of the language. Step 3: Pimsleur AND Duolingo Step 2 will ruin you, but it's important that you stay strong and don't give up.

Step 4: Memrise and Cue Cards By now you should have a strong understanding of how the language is structured. Yabla French Video Immersion - The Authentic Way to Learn French. Tim Ferriss’ Meta-Learning Methods – Chapter Notes. What follows is the one pager of the Meta-Learning chapter of Tim Ferriss Four Hour Chef (the first part of CaFE is one-paging whatever you’re learning).

Tim Ferriss’ Meta-Learning Methods – Chapter Notes

You can get the full chapter and method notes from the Four Hour Chef’s meta-learning section here. “It is possible to become worldclass in just about anything in six months or less. Armed with the right framework, you can seemingly perform miracles” – Tim Ferriss The Two Guiding Principles Failure Points. DiSSS – Planning Your Attack Deconstruction – The Minimum Learnable Units “Students are subordinate to materials…Material beats method.” – Tim Ferriss. Front Page. Learn a language online. Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English for free. 5 Fun Ways to Learn a New Language.

For many of us, the start of the new year is the time we often dust off our language dictionaries and workbooks and resolve to learn a new language.

5 Fun Ways to Learn a New Language

We conjure up dreams of communicating seamlessly with locals during our next trip and impressing our friends with newfound skills. But most of the time, as we get caught up in work and life, our plans get shelved along with our books. But the truth is, learning a language shouldn’t be a chore. After all, reading, listening, and chatting with others are all great, enjoyable activities, and learning should be, too.

And it also can be easy—if you approach it in a fresh way. So put down the books, and try one of these other ways of learning a new language. 1. When I start to learn languages, I often approach it through the eyes of a child. When I first started learning Korean, I learned my numbers in 10 minutes with the Korean Numbers Song. 2. 3. Instead of reading about the local market in your language text, why not just go there? 4. 5. Lerne kostenlos Englisch, Deutsch und andere Sprachen. Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange.

Language Exchange - Learn English Chinese Mandarin Korean Japanese Spanish German French Italian Russian Arabic App. How to Learn Czech for Your Trip to Prague - Eastern European Travel. So you have that Prague trip booked and now you are feeling adventurous and smart at the same time — you want to learn Czech.

How to Learn Czech for Your Trip to Prague - Eastern European Travel

Good for you! There are not a lot of casual Czech learners and in general, the language gets an undeserved reputation for being too hard and not too useful. True, it is a weird, almost whimsical language and it can be pretty daunting. At the same time, having at least a bit of Czech knowledge makes your travels to this beautiful country ten times more exciting. No longer will you be constricted by English and locals will be really impressed, even if you do not speak it fluently. All in all, if you want to learn Czech, it’s a great way to connect with others during your trip, as well as a cool idea in general since you can use it as a gateway to other Slavic languages like Russian. First things first: Letting go of prejudices Learners and natives alike will be quick to warn you how difficult the language is. Let that go. All the words seem Greek to me!

Funky sounds. 5 techniques to speak any language: Sid Efromovich at TEDxuppereastside.