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Humanising Language Teaching Magazine for teachers and teacher trainers. Reverse Dictionary. <div id="needs_javascript"><center><b>Note: The new Reverse Dictionary requires JavaScript.

Reverse Dictionary

</b><br /><img src=" If you have disabled JavaScript in your browser, please <a href=" it for this site</a> or use the <a href=" version of the reverse dictionary</a> here. </p><p></center><div> Language Gym. The Hardest Writing System! - an animated rant about learning Japanese. Idioms of the World. Observatório das línguas na sociedade do conhecimento. The largest multilingual encyclopedic dictionary and semantic network. Nato dictionary. Glossaries by Subject. Terminology databases - Terminology Coordination Unit [DGTRAD] - European Parliament. Termsciences: is a terminology portal developed by INIST in association with LORIA and ATILF.

Terminology databases - Terminology Coordination Unit [DGTRAD] - European Parliament

Its aim is to promote, pool and share the terminological resources (specialist vocabularies, dictionaries, thesaurus) of public sector research and further education establishment to thus create a common terminological reference resource. Glossaries from EU institutions and bodies : a compilation of nearly 300 glossaries on various topics of EU legislation such as agriculture, taxation, migration or technology, containing relevant EU jargon, many of them in all 24 official EU languages. Tilde Terminology: terminology extraction and lookup in the cloud – about 5 million standardised and reliable terms; cloud facilities for terminology management and sharing; integrated terminology recognition and lookup in Translation Environment Tools: SDL Trados Studio, Wordfast Anywhere, OmegaT, memoQ.

IATE (InterActive Terminology for Europe): the European Union’s terminology database. ESCWA Glossary. Список книг которые есть в группе (в разработке) Search sign up Phone or email Password.

Список книг которые есть в группе (в разработке)

The World's Most Spoken Languages And Where They Are Spoken. Love in Translation. I moved to Geneva to be with my husband, Olivier, who had moved there because his job required him to.

Love in Translation

My restaurant French was just passable. Drugstore French was a stretch. IKEA French was pretty much out of the question, meaning that, since Olivier, a native speaker, worked twice as many hours a week as Swiss stores were open, we went for months without things like lamps. ILTEC - Projecto Divling - CD 2006. How to quickly learn declensions and conjugations. I’m definitely a weirdo.

How to quickly learn declensions and conjugations

I enjoy learning grammar! Declensions, conjugations, possessive pronouns. Explicit cookie consent. JOHNSON is a fan of the Freakonomics books and columns.

Explicit cookie consent

But this week’s podcast makes me wonder if the team of Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt aren’t overstretching themselves a bit. “Is learning a foreign language really worth it?” , asks the headline. A reader writes: My oldest daughter is a college freshman, and not only have I paid for her to study Spanish for the last four or more years — they even do it in grade school now!

How to identify any language at a glance. Sign Up for Our free email newsletters Thanks to globalization, it's very likely that at some point you've found yourself faced with a line of text written in a language you couldn't quite identify.

How to identify any language at a glance

Maybe in the international section of a grocery store, or on Facebook, for example. "What the heck is this language? " you ask yourself. Does grammar matter? - Andreea S. Calude. 8 Practical Ways to Learn All the Foreign Language Vocabulary Needed for Conversational Fluency. Did you know that 1,000 words can get you a long, long way in a foreign language?

8 Practical Ways to Learn All the Foreign Language Vocabulary Needed for Conversational Fluency

It might not seem that easy when you’re looking at the raw numbers. The Oxford English Dictionary includes more than 170,000 English word entries. The “Hanyu Da Cidian” dictionary includes 370,000 Mandarin Chinese words, and the “Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language” includes 200,000 Russian words. Most languages have similar numbers of words circling around.

What's the best way to teach languages? Alex Rawlings was a language teacher's dream.

What's the best way to teach languages?

He fell in love with languages when he was eight and learnt Greek, then German, then Dutch. Now, an undergraduate at Oxford, he is the UK's most multi-lingual student, speaking 11 languages. So what's his secret? "I remember seeing people on the beach in Greece when I was a kid and not being able to talk to them," says Alex. "I thought it'd be nice to be able to talk to anyone in the world in their language. Consequently sentence examples. Lexical Distance Among the Languages of Europe « Etymologikon

Posted by Teresa Elms on 4 March 2008 This chart shows the lexical distance — that is, the degree of overall vocabulary divergence — among the major languages of Europe.

Lexical Distance Among the Languages of Europe « Etymologikon™

The size of each circle represents the number of speakers for that language. Circles of the same color belong to the same language group. All the groups except for Finno-Ugric (in yellow) are in turn members of the Indo-European language family. Could There Soon Be A Global Language? Scientists say the ways humans describe nature transcends culture and geography. Kampala, Uganda At a bustling Kampala market, Desire Karakire listens to a group of young men express their frustrations over the state of their country. Inglês Lição 2. Começo: Eu falo um pouco: Vocabulário. What Languages Are the Hardest to Learn? 1036 26ShareNew There's a reason why most American students start with French or Spanish as a second language.

These romance languages are somewhat similar to English and require (relatively) less time to learn than most. Indo-European Languages: Free Online Tutorials & Exercises. Omniglot - the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages. Building an Archive of ALL Documented Human Languages. - The Rosetta Project. Your Guide to Languages on the Web. Endangered Languages Project. FASTEN SEAT BELTS 2 - Travel by Continent - Europe. Fasten Seat Belts, a light hearted guide to avoid misunderstandings while travelling. An innovative way to learn languages and pick up cultural tips. Travel by Continent / Europe In the Netherlands, it is the custom on someone's birthday to... Gifts, Miscellaneous, Do's & Don'ts, Netherlands Grec AP Audio program, Greece Neerlandais AP Audio program, Netherlands.

The Language ID Game. Conjuga-me - Conjugação de verbos regulares e irregulares. Conjugación de verbos en español - Conjugar Verbos. Conjugaison de tous les verbes avec Le Conjugueur. Livemocha - Free Online Language Learning - Free Lessons Online. A brand new way to learn a language. Log In - Learn a Language Online with Papora. Forvo: the pronunciation guide. All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers. Countries of the World by Languages - Megalanguages around the World - List of Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Speaking Countries. Dicionário Priberam da Língua Portuguesa.

Lingro: The coolest dictionary known to hombre! - A universal etymology dictionary. European Maps Showing Origins Of Common Words. U.S. playwright Rita Mae Brown said: "Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going. " That quote comes to mind looking at these fascinating European etymology maps of various commons words posted by reddit user sp07, which provide a kind of cultural commentary on Europe. The word for "church" shows the influence of ancient Greece: imgur/u/Bezbojnicul "Bear" appears to be influenced by Russia, where largest brown bear population in Europe can be found.

Online dictionary. Forvo: the pronunciation guide. All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers. Word Map. Langscape: Map. Langscape’s interactive map allows you zoom to any spot on the globe and see what languages are natively spoken there. Clicking on a language name will display an information window below the map containing basic data about the language and its speakers.

Above this general information are clickable icons which allow you to load sounds and recordings, references, and texts. You can also search for a language by name using the search box at the top left. The navigation controls in the map’s upper left-hand corner allow you to zoom in and out. The tools to the right of the map allow you to select the base map layer on which the language data will be displayed, and to view latitude/longitude. Online Graphical Dictionary and Thesaurus. One World - Nations Online - The Nations Online Project, a World Guide