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How to Weave Basket

How to Weave Basket
Basket weaving hasn’t been so easy with this method: weave around a cardboard frame. Originally, I saw this method in a Japanese craft magazine, I searched around for the template but can’t find it any where locally or online. So, I built it based on my dimension. Get the tutorial on how to make this easy woven basket and download the templates to try it out after this jump: I would say that this is a wonderful idea to make basket, with this method and concept, basically you can build a lot of shapes and sizes that you want. Here, I demo it with 3 shapes: triangle, round and square, but you can come out with rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon & even octagon with just a little tweak in the design. The height can be modified to suit your preference. Material: 1. Download the basket weaving template (consist of triangle, round and square) in pdf format. After tracing the template on the thick cardboard, use a pair of strong and sharp scissors to cut the template out.

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Rope Swirl Tapestries DIY a few of you have asked about the amazing rope swirl tapestries in our new store displays and you’re in luck because one of our display artists put together a tutorial on how to make them! it looks like such a fun rainy day project. what you need: a large piece of cardboard, black marker, scissors, rope in various sizes and colors, neon twine, pompoms. use a variety of different colors and textures to create a fun swirl – these purple and orange tassels are just another piece of string woven in with the others! once you’ve got it down, you can make a whole bunch in different sizes and colors, to create a whole wall tapestry just like the ones in our stores :) i can’t wait to try this! Be sure to check out our new DIY Projects category for more DIY Inspiration!

Japanese Packaging Templates - Best Used With Card Stock or Color Paper I’m not sure how I discovered this awesome collection of packaging templates but I’m glad I did! Some professor or student at a japanese univeresity was nice enough to share all their packaging templates with the world! These are a few of my favorites and you can see all of them on their website. Every situation is covered!

Make A Simple Weaving Loom & Basic Weaving Techniques: Pt 1 I hadn't even finished the first piece of weaving on my new table loom before I began thinking about a weaving project that anyone could weave without owning a traditional loom or any weaving tools. I also wanted the project to be a "work in progress" that could be left on the "loom" as wall art. And here it is... ...A wall hanging designed to be a "work in progress," as if the weaver had just been interrupted in her work.

Pyramid Gift Box Template This decorative box can be used to give a small gift or just as a decoration. Attached below is the pattern to make the box with complete directions on the sheet. This box was made by putting a sample wallpaper sheet sized to 81/2" x 11" and placed in my printer so that the pattern would print on the back side of the wallpaper. Back a few years ago I aquired some outdated wallpaper sample books from a store. I just asked the manager to let me know when he was updating his old sample books. So please print out the pattern and follow the directions.

How To Weave A Beautiful Journal Cover I am actually making journals! Journals are not my thing. I have nothing at all against journals, I just never in a million years would have thought I would be making journals. But I am now! And aren't they beautiful? Can't wait to begin using them! DIY Paper Fruit Basket Yes, you may remember our Easter Basket post. It seemed to be a hit, so much so that we had to create a version two with a summer twist. This basket, again made from a recycled, upcycled paper grocery bag, is a bit taller and without the handle, but could be a template for many other versions. Though it is a natural fit for a fruit basket, this upcycled creation could be used in many ways; a gift basket of cookies, a flower basket, a basket to organize your desk.

Tutorial For Portable Saori Vacation Weaving A quick re-cap about weaving in Saori Style and then the how-to! And to repeat what I said in the last post, I am not really inventing anything new here. Just putting things together in new ways. Most of the time I complete my own weavings on my Rigid Heddle Loom, but it is occupied at the moment with a Saori Weaving I am making as a base for a Winter Holiday wall hanging. I am including the image so that you can see that Saori is anything you want it to be - what ever you inner creative spirit wants it to be. As is mentioned in the previous post, for creative adults Saori is a satisfying way to freely express who we are at any given moment. Schoolhouse-Shaped Gift Box Images and text by Amy Christie for Design Mom. The school year is ending and it’s time for last-day-of-school parties, and gifts for teachers, coaches, librarians and school bus drivers. I’m sure this (free!) printable school house gift box would be gladly received by any educator (or non-educator) on your thank you list! Remember this house gift box from Christmastime? Well, this schoolhouse gift box is just as easy to construct — simply print, cut, fold, and secure with tape.

How to Weave A Heart Shaped Ornament Meg over at MegaCrafty has invited all of us to join her Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge and decorate your Christmas Tree with only handmade ornaments. As if I needed more handmade ornaments! But I am joining in anyway! Can't help myself! Given the fact that my poor old tree is already groaning in it's box just thinking about the weight of all the ornaments soon to be hanging from its branches, I may not make quite as many new ornaments as Meg will, but I will make and share a few just for the fun of the challenge!

House-Shaped Gift Box By Amy Christie I’m so pleased with this little project! I collaborated with Jordan of Polkadot Prints to design a darling house-shaped gift box that is as easy as pie to put together. You’ll want to make one for neighbors, postal workers, teachers — pretty much everyone you know! Simply print off the free template, cut it out and double-side tape it together. Fill it with a few small treats and your gift-giving list is done in a flash!