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Interface Design

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Human Revolution is the first Deus Ex to be released in a long time, so the franchise really had to be revived.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Eidos and Square Enix understood this very well. They knew this meant giving the artists a generous amount of creative freedom. Virtual Reality Products. NVIS, Inc.

Virtual Reality Products

Products NVIS designs and manufactures virtual reality products that allow customers to visualize and interact with simulated 3D environments. We offer a growing product line of commercially available immersive displays for advanced training and simulation applications. Depending on which display you choose, it may be compatible with a number of optional accessories including motion trackers, eye trackers, audio upgrades, and different helmet mounting configurations. Please contact us if there is a configuration you need and cannot find listed here. User interface design in video games, diegetic interfaces. U ser interface design in games differs from other UI design because it involves an additional element — fiction. The fiction involves an avatar of the actual user, or player.

The player becomes an invisible, but key element to the story, much like a narrator in a novel or film. This fiction can be directly linked to the UI , partly linked, or not at all. Historically games didn’t have any real link to the game’s narrative, most likely because early games rarely had strong story elements. Sixense - Gaming Grade Motion Sensing. ARSights. Presentation.