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8 – Des puces sur les murs : réalités et fictions. David Simplot-Ryl : « La notion de mur intelligent et par extension de ville intelligente, c’est encore de la science-fiction aujourd’hui.

8 – Des puces sur les murs : réalités et fictions

Ce qu’on envisage c’est que les puces vont être de plus en plus miniaturisées et vont pouvoir « embarquer » des sources d’énergie, voire même, dans le cas d’une utilisation dans un bâtiment, récupérer de l’énergie à partir de vibrations. Objet Connecté. BluFit, une bouteille d’eau connectée à son smartphone BluFit est une bouteille d’eau connectée à votre smartphone pour le sport permettant de mesurer la quantité d’eau que vous consommez afin de s’assurer que vous êtes bien hydraté.

Objet Connecté

Dans le... Weye Feye, un boitier wifi pour contrôler votre appareil photo à distance Weye Feye est un boitier WiFi qui se connecte à un appareil photo numérique pour lui offrir une commande à distance et le rendre pilotable depuis un smartphone ou une tablette. Un des principaux... MEMI, un bracelet connecté pour les femmes connectées. Le bâtiment intelligent / I. La maison communicante. Conde Nast : Schneider Colao : Studio & Gallery.

Meet ObE, A Living Installation With A Behavior Problem. Last spring the MUTEK Festival and the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] released DROMOS, an immersive experience based on the science of speed.

Meet ObE, A Living Installation With A Behavior Problem

Although the festival's central mandate is to promote the best of electronic music, it also runs the parallel mission of showing off the best in innovative audiovisual material. Fresh off the success of their first collaborative work and the glowing response from viewers and the media, Mathieu Le Sourd a.k.a Maotik, and Eric Raynaud, a.k.a Fraction, are back this Wednesday with a whole new interactive, living installation. A residency at Montreal's SAT allowed the duo to take over the Satosphere for a second time and use the dome's 360 degree construction to give life to ObE, an imaginary entity whose erratic behavior is impossible to predict. Born from the interplay between audiovisual art and interactive installation, ObE is a unique sensory experience. Concours vidéo FUTU : imaginez la ville 2.0 ! Ville hybride : vers une nouvelle sociabilité physico-numérique.

Just another WordPress site. Après les smart cities, les immeubles intelligents... Smart Cities and Smart Buildings make smart people. Données publiques, ville sensible et ville lisible. FLARE - kinetic ambient reflection membrane. Partnerships with Hyposurface. Aperture. Interactive façade shifts to ensure optimal light with shifting sun. You may easily label designer Marilena Skavara’s new interactive installation an adaptive facade but we prefer marking it as the thinking facade.

Interactive façade shifts to ensure optimal light with shifting sun

The facade functional behavior is based on the performance characteristics of cellular automata. The installation is provided with an artificial neural network sensitive to amount of light received during different times of the day. This helps training the facade for various sun positions which adjusts and balances the shifts using patterns of cellular automata thereby ensuring optimal light intensity in the surroundings. The fitting actually functions like a living adapting skin constantly training itself from the history of its own errors and achievements. Chap 1.1.1 - Nantes projet d’artistes (vidéo de Pierrick Sorin 2000)  Spheres. The BMW Museum is built in the form of a city space with seven “houses” around a central plaza.


Because its a museum of mobility the challenge was to create a dynamic environment for this place. Dynamism and mobility in architecture is commonly achieved by using dynamic architectural forms. The approach here was to transform the surface of the building into a mediatecture, based on the means with the highest dynamic impact on human perception: the moving image. It was clear from the outset that the surface not be seen as a giant screen but primarily as a dynamic façade. To achieve this transformation from a screen-based cinematic to a dynamic architectural surface, the 700 square meters of the walls are completely covered with monochrome white LEDs.

The façade is illuminated with both abstract and figurative motifs. The BMW Museum is a joint project of ART+COM (spatial media design, interactive installations) and Atelier Brückner (architecture, exhibition design). Sniff: Interactive Window Display. How A Building Turned Into An Illuminated Rubik's Cube.

Images via Javier Lloret I cannot solve a Rubik's Cube and I don't think I will ever be able to.

How A Building Turned Into An Illuminated Rubik's Cube

I've accepted this, but will always be impressed by the kids who can perfect the cube faster than I can say "savant. " The world record for solving the puzzle is 5.5 seconds which may never be topped, at least in terms of speed. Javier Lloret, a masters student at Interface Culture at Universität für Künstlerische und Industrielle Gestaltung Linz in Austria, may have actually one-upped the reigning speed champion, but in grandiosity, rather than dexterity. For his thesis project, Lloret designed Puzzle Facade, which transformed the Ars Electronica office in Austria into an illuminated, giant Rubik's cube. Coded in OpenFrameworks, Puzzle Facade uses an interface-cube that holds electronic components to keep track of rotation and orientation. Remember, though, you can only see two sides of the building while attempting to solve this puzzle. @zachsokol.