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Scienceguide: Rich parents, poor student results. 15 januari 2013 - The greater the parents’ financial support, the lower their offspring’s’ grades.

scienceguide: Rich parents, poor student results

New research by Laura Hamilton counters the ‘more is more’-theory. In the recent study "More Is More or More Is Less? " published in the American Sociological Review, the leading journal of the American Sociological Association, Hamilton used data from federal databases to compare financial contributions from parents with the grades attained by students. The findings suggest that students who receive blank checks from their parents are the ones least likely to excel. Rather than strategically using resources in accordance with parental goals, students are satisficing: they meet the criteria for adequacy on multiple fronts, rather than optimizing their chances for a particular outcome.

As a result, students with parental funding often perform well enough to stay in school but dial down their academic efforts. Cutting down completely? DUB: Grote verschillen in kosten university colleges. Krek.

Hans Adriaansens

AUC - Amsterdam University College. NRC: VU en UvA starten samen een University College. Amsterdam, 15 jan.

NRC: VU en UvA starten samen een University College

UCU - UniversityCollege Utrecht. EUC: Erasmus University College. Atlas --> University College Twente. UCM - University College Maastricht. LUC - Leiden University College. UWC Maatricht. UVC - University College Venlo. UCG - University College Groningen. University College Friesland. Univers: *Tilburg denkt na over University College. University College in kloostercomplex. Studeren in een oud klooster, het kan straks in Tilburg.

University College in kloostercomplex

Univers: UPDATE: Wel of geen University College. Komt er nu een University College of komt dat er niet?

Univers: UPDATE: Wel of geen University College

Het lijkt er steeds meer op dat de plannen van de baan zijn of, op zijn minst, minder vergevorderd dan eerst werd gedacht. Dit voorjaar werd volgens toenmalig collegevoorzitter Hein van Oorschot een haalbaarheidsonderzoek naar het financiële plaatje van een UC in het kloostercomplex De Rooi Harten aan de Bredaseweg gedaan. Dit zou te duur zijn, later werden nog andere varianten besproken. Tijdens een faculteitsvergadering van de Faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen opperde directeur Hans Dieteren vorige maand het idee om de nieuwbouw van de faculteit te combineren met de komst van een University College op de campus. Vandaag zei Dieteren: “Het CvB is minder ver met de plannen voor zo’n University College dan we dachten. BA Liberal Arts and Sciences. Liberal Arts and Sciences is a three-year English-taught Bachelor's program designed for ambitious and internationally oriented students.

BA Liberal Arts and Sciences

It is an interactive and small-scale program with a strong emphasis on the training of academic skills which offers you a unique opportunity to attain a specialized qualification in one of four Majors, combined with a broad and interdisciplinary education in the liberal arts. You will examine issues using insights from a range of academic disciplines and you will learn how to evaluate, discuss, present and write convincing arguments. Ultimately, you will become critical thinkers who know how to take an interdisciplinary approach on issues. Thanks to the program's interdisciplinary character, you are given the opportunity to take courses on a wide variety of subjects and, guided by their academic advisor, to put together your own degree program. Are you ready to apply?

University College Haarlem

Honours College's. Managing for a sustainable World - Windesheim Honours College. HBO 'college' van start. Introducing Liberal Education to a Dutch University of Technology: Jennifer Herek at TEDxLawrenceU. In the Netherlands, the growth of liberal arts colleges has influenced the higher ed sector as a whole. The traditionally American liberal arts model continues to gain popularity around the globe, but perhaps nowhere has it become so well-established so quickly as in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, the growth of liberal arts colleges has influenced the higher ed sector as a whole

After Utrecht University founded the first liberal arts-oriented “University College” in 1998, several other Dutch research universities, including the Universities of Amsterdam, Leiden, and Maastricht, followed suit. At least two more university colleges, at the University of Twente and Erasmus University Rotterdam, are scheduled to open this September. The colleges – which, unlike most U.S. liberal arts colleges are not private and free-standing but instead are appendages to large public research universities -- enroll only a small fraction of the country’s students.

“The colleges were the first, you might say, to demolish the egalitarian structure of Dutch higher education,” said Karl Dittrich, chair of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands. England hails Dutch HE dream. 13 maart 2012 - British media discover the Netherlands as education hotspot across the Channel.

England hails Dutch HE dream

Highly ranked HE- institutes, smaller classes, widespread English language programs and reasonable tuition fees make the difference. “Holland is a dream.” The Netherlands is a higher education paradise for English students, Russ Thorne wrote for the British newspaper "The Independent". NRC: 1-06-2004 Solliciteren om te mogen studeren. Selectie van studenten is omstreden, maar wordt binnenkort wettelijk mogelijk.

NRC: 1-06-2004 Solliciteren om te mogen studeren

Op de nieuwe universiteit van Middelburg wordt er al volop mee gewerkt. ,,Saaie jongen, niet geschikt.'' VK: 18/06/04 Crèche voor rijkeluiskinderen. ‘Plasterk-effect’ levert UCU-studente prijs op. Elitair en weinig wetenschappelijk.

‘Plasterk-effect’ levert UCU-studente prijs op

Zo betitelde Ronald Plasterk als columnist van de Volkskrant ooit het Utrechtse University College. Rebecca Noorderhaven won donderdag de Student Research Award met een bacheloronderzoek waarin ze onderzocht wat het effect van dergelijke kritiek is op studenten van het UCU. Wat blijkt? Het onderlinge vertrouwen groeit en buitenstaanders worden gewantrouwd.

‘Een dure crèche voor rijkeluiskinderen’. Dat Plasterk als Utrechtse insider met commentaar was gekomen deed nog het meeste pijn, aldus Rebecca die tegenwoordig in Cambridge studeert. Dutch pioneering in Liberal Arts. 19 januari 2012 - With Erasmus University, another major Dutch institute sets up a University College.

Dutch pioneering in Liberal Arts

No other European country has pushed Liberal Arts as decisively. Hans Adriaansens, pioneer in this field, has now retired from Roosevelt Academy and will be wished farewell in a ceremony next week. 'Na pionieren heb je Ausdauer nodig' How to build an elite research university. 10 oktober 2011 - The World Bank published a guideline on how to build elite research universities. Three things would be needed: “a high concentration of talented academics and students, significant budgets, and strategic vision and leadership”, according to the report.

Philip G. Altbach (Professor at Boston College) and Dr. Krek. Advies topsectoren. Revealed: State Colleges Giving Wealthy Kids More Financial Aid Than Poor Kids. This story was co-published with The Chronicle of Higher Education. Shauniqua Epps was the sort of student that so many colleges say they want. She was a high achiever, graduating from high school with a 3.8 GPA and ranking among the top students in her class. She served as secretary, then president, of the student government. She played varsity basketball and softball. Her high-school guidance counselor, in a letter of recommendation, wrote that Epps was “an unusual young lady” with “both drive and determination.” Epps, 19, was also needy. Her family lives in subsidized housing in South Philadelphia, and her father died when she was in third grade. Epps, who is African-American, made it her goal to be the first in her family to attend college. “I did volunteering.

At first, it looked that way. Epps was admitted to three colleges, all public institutions in Pennsylvania. It’s not just that colleges are continuously pushing up sticker prices. A ProPublica analysis of new data from the U.S. University Colleges: uitblinken moet. Amsterdam University College - Foto: Mischa Keijser De Nederlandse University Colleges hebben de toekomst. Het aanbod van geïnteresseerde studenten is groot, de selectie is streng. Aantal studenten university colleges in vijf jaar verdubbeld - Onderwijs. University colleges steeds populairder.