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Sense8 in depth: theories, philosophie, science

Unity Through Differentiation: The Radical Sex Positivity of ‘Sense8’ This guest post by Emma Houxbois appears as part of our theme week on Sex Positivity.

Unity Through Differentiation: The Radical Sex Positivity of ‘Sense8’

Sex positivity, as a movement and concept in general, is open to a great deal of interpretation and criticism because of the multitude of forms that it’s taken over the years. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the heated debates that formed what are alternately described as “the feminist sex wars” and “lesbian sex wars” in establishing where the boundaries between legitimate self expression and exploitation lie in areas like commercial pornography and BDSM lie. Discussions of power, privilege, and control typically remain central to the topic of sex positivity, and they’re vitally important when considering film in particular, a medium where female expressions of desire are more often than not conceived of and executed by men. “There were two main ideas on my mind. See Also: “The American Lens on Global Unity in Sense8,” “Jupiter Ascending: Female Centered Fantasy That’s Not Quite Feminist” What is consciousness?

The Neurological Reality of the 'Sense8' Sensates. In one of the sweetest scenes in Sense8, the “sensates” (eight strangers around the world who share a mental connection thanks to their specially evolved brains) sing “What’s Up?”

The Neurological Reality of the 'Sense8' Sensates

By 4 Non Blondes in tandem. The scene spans continents as the characters sing karaoke, in the shower, or through relieved tears, united in the delightful earworm. A refreshingly original and optimistic premise, the Wachowskis’ and J. Michael Straczynski’s Sense8's story focuses on eight mentally connected strangers, and was renewed this week. What I found fascinating about the show was that the power of a sensate comes from the actual connection between other people, rather than an acquired superpower or an individual, inborn talent.

First, let’s look at what being a sensate entails. In real life, a study in mind-to-mind interface last year only just proved that telepathy across nations is possible, given the right machinery. Study co-author Dr. The speed of thought is dependent on how thick our nerves are. Dr. Sense8 - Brainwave Symphony - Netflix. Persönlichkeit: Ich bin viele, na und! "Werdet endlich erwachsen!

Persönlichkeit: Ich bin viele, na und!

" – "Dann gebt doch die Kinder ins Heim und setzt euch den ganzen Tag ins Café, ihr Schwachmaten! " – "Schämt euch bis ans Ende der Welt. " Ein paar Wochen lang wütete auf Twitter eine Auseinandersetzung unter dem Hashtag #Regrettingmotherhood. Mütter hatten zugegeben, dass sie das Muttersein nicht ausschließlich genießen. Vordergründig empörte die Massen, dass diese Frauen nicht glücklich und erfüllt sind, allein weil sie Kinder haben – so wie es der Muttermythos verlangt.

Das Innenleben ist manchmal kompliziert. Da entstehen Widersprüche, und die werfen große Fragen auf. Why Brain-to-Brain Communication Is No Longer Unthinkable. Empathy Is Actually a Choice. Gray Matter By DARYL CAMERON, MICHAEL INZLICHT and WILLIAM A.

Empathy Is Actually a Choice

CUNNINGHAM ONE death is a tragedy. One million is a statistic. You’ve probably heard this saying before. To see the full article, subscribe here. Gray Matter By DARYL CAMERON, MICHAEL INZLICHT and WILLIAM A. ONE death is a tragedy. You’ve probably heard this saying before. Change of Language, Change of Personality? Authenticity in a sci-fi world. D H Kelly watches Sense8 and finds a realistic depiction of human sexuality D H Kelly, 18 August 2015 Netflix’s Sense8 is an awesome piece of science fiction drama.

Authenticity in a sci-fi world

With gorgeous visuals and terrific action sequences, highly varied use of music and an international production that frequently crosses time zones within the same scene, it feels like something special from the very beginning. However, it is the writing by Lana and Andy Wachowski, along with Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski that really does magical things. Sense8 follows eight strangers, spread (somewhat unevenly) around the world, who suddenly find themselves able to share one another’s experiences and communicate through their thoughts and feelings. There’s a prominent lesbian couple who seem more like authentic lesbians, rather than regular screen lesbians. The sex isn’t typical screen sex where at least one pair of breasts must be in full view at all times Image description and credit:

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Übertragung von einfachen Gedanken per Internet gelungen

Die Empfängerin hatte eine elektromagnetische Spule nahe an ihrem Hinterkopf. Beide blickten auf einen Bildschirm. Die Empfängerin konnte nun auf einem Bildschirm Fragen auswählen, die der Sender zu sehen bekam. Sobald der Sender die Frage gelesen hatte, konnte er zwischen einem Bereich des Bildschirms für „Ja“ und einem für „Nein“ wählen, die in verschiedenen Frequenzen blinkten. Die durch die verschiedenen Blinkfrequenzen ausgelösten Hirnwellen wurden dann per Internet an die Spule am Kopf der Empfängerin gesendet.