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Technology Tips Newsletter - Visual Note Taking and Sketchnoting. Editor: Shannon Mersand The Basics and Benefits of Visual Note Taking Find the best resources about visual note taking and sketchnoting that allow individuals to utilize drawing and images when capturing and representing ideas for class assignments, during training, meetings or conferences.

Technology Tips Newsletter - Visual Note Taking and Sketchnoting

Visual Note Taking Wesley Fryer provides a fantastic overview of the types of visual note taking, examples and links to tools to get you started. Sketchnoting 101: How To Create Awesome Visual NotesMatthew Magain provides twenty tips on how to get started with sketchnoting. Sketchnotes: A Guide to Visual Note TakingElaine from JetPens offers a basic guide and tips on how to sketchnote. Sketchnoting in EducationKathy Schrock provides a list of helpful resources to inspire and get started with sketchnoting in education. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Coursera - Free Online Courses From Top Universities. Massively MOOC. We need to talk about TED.

In our culture, talking about the future is sometimes a polite way of saying things about the present that would otherwise be rude or risky.

We need to talk about TED

But have you ever wondered why so little of the future promised in TED talks actually happens? So much potential and enthusiasm, and so little actual change. Are the ideas wrong? Or is the idea about what ideas can do all by themselves wrong? I write about entanglements of technology and culture, how technologies enable the making of certain worlds, and at the same time how culture structures how those technologies will evolve, this way or that. So my TED talk is not about my work or my new book – the usual spiel – but about TED itself, what it is and why it doesn't work. The first reason is over-simplification. At this point I kind of lost it. What is TED? So what is TED exactly? What is it that the TED audience hopes to get from this? I'm sorry but this fails to meet the challenges that we are supposedly here to confront. Senior Congressman Seeks Adjuncts’ Stories on Working Conditions – The Ticker - Blogs. The senior Democrat on the U.S.

Senior Congressman Seeks Adjuncts’ Stories on Working Conditions – The Ticker - Blogs

House of Representatives’ education committee has introduced an electronic forum that seeks to gather stories about the working conditions of adjunct professors and to assess how the growing use of contingent faculty members affects students and higher education in general. The electronic forum “is an opportunity for adjuncts and other contingent faculty to inform the Congress about what’s happening on the ground with higher education,” said Rep. George Miller of California in a written statement. “There is a huge lack of understanding of what it means to be in the adjunct world.”

He added that Congress should be taking a “serious look” at the phenomenon of adjuncts’ struggles at a time of rising tuition costs. The forum’s website allows visitors to submit comments that may be posted online, submitted to the Congressional record, or used in a report from the committee’s Democrats. Return to Top. Body & Mind. Browse courses. Miss_b. ICT. -


» Periodic Table of Social Media Sites Social Media Infographics. Wissensdurst trotz Studienabschluss - Weiterbildung in offenen Gratis-Onlinekursen. Serie "Wissensdurst trotz Studienabschluss", Teil 1 Von Marina Schweizer Per Mausklick können Teilnehmer auch Kurse von renommierten US-Unis wie Stanford und Princeton besuchen.

Wissensdurst trotz Studienabschluss - Weiterbildung in offenen Gratis-Onlinekursen

(Stock.XCHNG / Daniel V.) Immer mehr Deutsche bilden sich neben dem Job weiter. Vor allem Hochschulabsolventen sind wissbegierig. "Take the world’s best courses online. Die schlechte Nachricht gleich am Anfang: Gutes Englisch ist Pflicht für Onlinekurse. Wenn Englisch aber keine Hürde ist, öffnet sich über die Onlinekurse eine neue Fortbildungswelt. "Introduction to Systematic Program Design, Computational Neuroscience, Democratic Development. " Per Klick können Teilnehmer Kurse von renommierten Unis wie Stanford und Princeton besuchen. "Man muss nicht zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt an einem bestimmten Ort sein – man braucht ja nur eine Internetverbindung. Die LMU München bietet als eine der ersten deutschen Hochschulen jetzt vier Onlinekurse an. Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes.

Free Proofs textbook. A Free text for a course on proofs Jim Hefferon Mathematics Department, Saint Michael's College jhefferon at Introduction to Proofs is a Free undergraduate text.

Free Proofs textbook

It is Inquiry-Based, sometimes called the Discovery Method, or the Moore Method. Highlights Inquiry-based The text consists of a sequence of exercises, statements for students to prove, along with a few definitions and remarks. Free Linear Algebra textbook. A Free text, with complete solutions, for a standard US undergraduate course Jim Hefferon Mathematics Department, Saint Michael's College jhefferon at Linear Algebra is a text for a first US undergraduate Linear Algebra course.

Free Linear Algebra textbook

It is Free. You can use it as a main text, as a supplement, or for independent study. Highlights The coverage is standard: linear systems and Gauss' method, vector spaces, linear maps and matrices, determinants, and eigenvectors and eigenvalues. Here Is Linear Algebra Click to download Linear Algebra and the answers to exercises. You may also be interested in beamer slides for classroom presentation which draw from the text source, and a lab manual that supplements the text material using Sage. Material of less general interest. Additional material. Mecmath. Open Culture - Part 3.

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