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Saroo’s Google-Earth Quest: How an Orphaned Boy Found His Way Home as Grown Man

Saroo’s Google-Earth Quest: How an Orphaned Boy Found His Way Home as Grown Man
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Deepak Chopra: The Mideast Protests, Social Networks & the Global Brain Fans are worried that Stephen Colbert will lose his edge after he takes over from David Letterman on CBS’s The Late Show. But the competition between him, and Jimmys Fallon and Kimmel could refresh the stale landscape of late night. Oh television, you capricious beast you. One week, Stephen Colbert is the focus of a hashtag-led campaign to have his show canceled amid a race row, the next it is announced he has landed one of the plummest jobs on late-night television. The outstanding puzzle, the one which Colbert, CBS, and even Colbert’s fans will no doubt stoke playfully in the coming year, is which Stephen Colbert will rock up to present his first edition of The Late Show, after David Letterman’s retirement in 2015. He has already indicated it will not be the bug-eyed, conservative-satirizing hyperbolist of The Colbert Report, which has disappointed some fans. In a statement, Colbert said: “Simply being a guest on David Letterman’s show has been a highlight of my career.

A Fed whistleblower on Goldman's conflicts² ProPublica’s Jake Bernstein reports on the intriguing tale of Carmen Segarra, a former Goldman Sachs bank examiner at the New York Federal Reserve who was fired for determining—and then insisting, after being told from superiors to say otherwise—that the bank’s conflict-of-interest policies were sorely lacking. Finding conflicts of interest at Goldman Sachs, of course, is like finding gambling in the casino. Conflicts are part of its raison d’être. As Bernstein points out, the old joke on Wall Street is that the firm’s motto is “If you have a conflict, we have an interest.” But Segarra’s was a very specific bureacratic mandate: Find out whether Goldman’s conflicts policies conformed with Fed rules issued amidst the financial crisis. Segarra’s notes of an initial meeting read like farce: Goldman said it didn’t have a company-wide conflicts policy. “Our eyes were open like saucers,” she said. In other words, even Goldman’s conflicts-of-interest oversight had conflicts baked in!

Bluetooth-enabled magnet orders pizza at the push of a button A Dubai-based pizza shop is offering refrigerator magnets to customers that automatically orders their favorite pizza over the Internet when the button on it is pressed With most major pizza chains equipped with online ordering and smartphone apps, having a pizza delivered is faster and easier than ever before. But that still may not be quick enough if you get a craving for your favorite pizza from your favorite pizzeria. That may be why one Dubai-based pizza shop is making things even easier on its customers by offering Bluetooth-enabled refrigerator magnets that can place an order for delivery at the push of a button. Red Tomato Pizza is distributing the magnets to their VIP (Very Important Pizza) customers who request one through the shop's website, where they can also select (and change) their default order. Source: Red Tomato Pizza via Mashable About the Author Post a CommentRelated Articles Just enter your friends and your email address into the form below

Occupy Woo Street King John, modelling his Magna Carta hair I’m not the man to give you learned commentary on the Court of Appeal’s judgment in the Occupy LSX eviction case. I don’t think there’s much call for the in house view on public law issues. I am, however, absolutely the man to poke fun at Paul Randle-Jollliffe. 29. I’m rather fond of the dry manner in which the judiciary respond to “esoteric arguments”. One wonders what “a Magna Carta heir” might be, if such a concept existed. On the other hand, this suggestion from Adam Wagner makes just as much sense: An insistence on the currency of thirteenth century charters is, of course, a trope of the Freeman on the Land woo theory. Many of those FOI requests allege bias and fraud in the administration of family law, which is an area where we have seen Freemen and their fellow-travellers before. It is doubtful, however, that being called “simply wrong” will deter Mr Randle-Jolliffe from his beliefs. Like this: Like Loading...

Dior x Printemps Never seen any decorated window displays looking so spectacular and magical such as this! This festive holiday season, French luxury department store Printemps have collaborated with Dior to create an exclusive upscale in-store installation, a pop up boutique and window displays featuring seventy-four puppet dolls kitted out in Dior haute couture, the whole attires and dolls were hand crafted and assembled by Dior’s in-house artisans. Shini and I were in awe by its work of art and creativity which tickled our fancies, executed brilliantly as one of the most ‘Spectacular spectacular’ showcases in Paris. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we joined hands with the dolls in one of the windows prancing around and drunk laughing? Many thanks to Ykone and Le Printemps Haussmann for inviting us to the amazing event.

A Look Around The Bend On The Health Innovation Highway Eric Topol M.D., director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute and author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine, describes what’s next in the continuing saga of technology-based industry disruption as the great inflection of medicine. While moderating a California Innovation discussion for expediting drug discovery and cures, and as a long-time Silicon Valley participant, I couldn’t help but notice parallels in medical discovery to the evolution of the Internet as a platform. It appears that a key milestone igniting Topol’s predicted future is emerging--the formation of a Health Innovation Highway. The Health Innovation Highway has the potential to do for medicine what the Internet did for business. The widespread adoption of the Internet in the 1990s unleashed a flood of entrepreneurial activity by dramatically reducing the cost of innovating, launching, and growing a startup. Today we are experiencing the equivalent of the pre-Internet 1980s in health care.

John Sperling John Glen Sperling (born January 9, 1921) is an American businessman who is credited with leading the contemporary for-profit education movement in the United States. His fortune is based on his founding of the for-profit University of Phoenix for working adults in 1976, which is now part of the publicly traded Apollo Group. For ventures ranging from pet cloning to green energy, he has widely been described as an "eccentric" self-made man by the Washington Post and other media.[1][2] Early life and education[edit] Sperling was born into a poor sharecropper family in the Missouri Ozarks. His father worked for the railroad and his mother was a fundamentalist Christian.[3] He spent several years as a sailor in the merchant marine, and even as a wandering 1950s beatnik. Entrepreneurship[edit] Apollo Group[edit] Apollo Group (NASDAQ: APOL) is an S&P 500 corporation based in the South Phoenix area of Phoenix, Arizona. University of Phoenix[edit] Activism[edit] Bio-medical projects[edit]

SpikerBox lets you listen to bugs' neurons The SpikerBox is a scientific educational device, that lets you listen to the neural activity of bugs Image Gallery (4 images) Neurons, the nerve cells that send and receive electrical signals within the body, are one of those things that most of us probably don’t give a lot of thought to. Educational entrepreneurs Timothy Marzullo and Gregory Gage, however, think about them a lot. They think about them so much, in fact, that they’ve designed a gadget that lets anyone listen to the neural electrical activity of bugs, and conduct a series of interesting experiments. The SpikerBox essentially consists of a microprocessor, a speaker, and two neural probes (also known as metal needles). Users start by grabbing a handy invertebrate, such as a cockroach or cricket, and briefly dunking it in ice water to anesthetize it. As soon as the device is turned on, users will be able to hear a popping sound over its speaker. The SpikerBox can be seen in use in the video below. Cockroaches are extra.