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To Steal a Mockingbird?

To Steal a Mockingbird?

vanityfair Crain was more than an agent, Lee would tell friends years later; he was her friend, critic, business adviser, champion, and marketer. He may have been even more. “About Nelle. ‘When Maurice became ill, he asked Elizabeth Otis, who was the president of McIntosh & Otis, if she would take on—given the authors’ approval—his list, which McIntosh & Otis did,” Julie Fallowfield, Lee’s beloved agent there until 1996, told me. Steinbeck felt so indebted to M&O that he reportedly gave it a percentage of the money he was awarded when he won the 1962 Nobel Prize for literature. “During its decades of representation, M&O acted appropriately and in Harper Lee’s interests, handling the kinds of activities that are the business of a literary agent,” Lee stated in her lawsuit. Valuable Estates Today, Thomas and Gail live in a rented house, having lost the case and most of their money in the lawsuit. For many years, Pinkus seemed content with staying in the shadow of his unpretentious father-in-law.

Smaller Government Centrist Description You want the government a bit smaller overall than what we have not, but not a whole lot smaller. You could get what you want with a nearly equal mix of Democrats and Republican, if they are the correct Democrats and Republicans. Or you could add a few Libertarians to that equal mix of Democrats and Republicans. Then again, this year the Libertarians actually have a more moderate than usual presidential ticket, with former Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray. And I have a few more options for you below. Political Campaigns, Parties and Organizations Balanced Approaches to Smaller Government Here are some sites that offer some creative ways to cut excess government while protecting and even extending the values that big government currently serves. media. Economics Regardless of your political values, economics is worth knowing...

We are all in this together - The Hill's Congress Blog Earlier this month, Netflix made history with its original series “House of Cards” by garnering nine Emmy nominations, including best drama series – the first time that television’s leading award has recognized a program delivered exclusively online. Many media outlets interpreted this nomination to mean that we had finally ushered in the Internet television era now that an increasing number of consumers access programming through the Internet. Just a week after the Emmy nominations, the House Judiciary Committee held the first of a series of hearings to better understand the role of copyright and technology. During the first hearing entitled “Innovation in America: The Role of Copyrights,” the committee heard from the content community. While there was some recognition of the Internet’s benefits to users, the call for stronger copyright protection dominated the discussion. The market is working. Consumers crave online content that is creative and cutting edge.

10 More Conspiracy Theories Mysteries Conspiracy theories – I can’t get enough of them! Fortunately there are so many floating about that we have been able to give you not one, not two, but now three lists of theories that many people believe with all their might. Be sure to read the earlier lists if you haven’t already and feel free to add any conspiracies missing from all three to the comments here. It makes the list because it appears in almost every alien or UFO conspiracy theory ever devised. There are television shows purporting to explain just what goes on there, one even including an interview with “a disgruntled employee,” who is provided with black-out lighting, but no vocal distortion, and who states that “it is a testing ground for experimental aircraft. I considered putting the Aurora Aircraft on this list, but since its existence is tied so closely to Area 51, I use Area 51 as a catch-all of sorts. But the conspiracy theory goes on to claim that humans were unable to come up with these technologies.

A Printable Guide To Creative Commons Something you probably see a lot of these days as you browse the internet is Creative Commons licensing. You’ll see many graphics that say something like ‘shared under a Creative Commons license’, or you’ll see a little rectangular graphic with some signs in them. Since we live in an age where most of our information comes from the internet in some way or another, its useful to know when and how it is ok to use something that you’ve found. We’ve already taken a look at some fair use guidelines (which comes along with a brief mention of Creative Commons licensing), but we thought that this handy infographic below gave a great, easy to read and understand version of the different types of CC licenses available. Keep reading to learn more. These licenses allow you to easily give others the opportunity to share your work. | Dedicated to Truthseekers. Walking Dead publisher drops DRM | Tech Culture The publisher of the Walking Dead, Saga, Witchblade, and the Savage Dragon announced on Tuesday that it's closing the book on digital rights management. New books from Image Comics are now available for digital download from its online store without DRM. Readers can purchase new books from in several platform-agnostic formats: PDF, EPUB, CBR, and CBZ. Previous publishing agreements haven't changed, so people who prefer to buy from proprietary apps such as Comixology, Amazon, and Apple will still be able to do so. Ron Richards, Image Comics' marketing honcho, told the comics news site ComicBookResources that the DRM-free books would benefit comics creators the most. One of the first comics available DRM-free is Scatterlands, a collection of the free webcomics by writer Warren Ellis, a noted futurist and anti-DRM advocate, and artist Jason Howard.

Ironic Situation Let me preface this post by saying that I enjoy a clean headshot as much as the next guy. And I’m not suggesting that violent content should be removed from video games either. In fact, I’m a proponent the belief that giving people the ability to act out this sort of behavior in a fantasy environment decreases the chance of acting it out in reality. [1] What I’m saying is that I don’t see the logic behind an illegal behavior being considered more acceptable than one that isn’t. An with that I leave this diatribe vague.