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Possible printings. On 3D printing, database ontology and open (meta)design. Home Page of Dr. Kwok-Bun Yue. Business Model Concept Map. BI Requirements Elicitation. yEd - Graph Editor. Your ideas. Our canvas. Diagramming for JavaScript and HTML, by Northwoods Software. Perspectivas em Ciência da Informação. O arquivo PDF selecionado deve ser carregado no navegador caso tenha instalado um plugin de leitura de arquivos PDF (por exemplo, uma versão atual do Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Perspectivas em Ciência da Informação

Como alternativa, pode-se baixar o arquivo PDF para o computador, de onde poderá abrí-lo com o leitor PDF de sua preferência. Para baixar o PDF, clique no link abaixo. Tree structure. A tree structure showing the possible hierarchical organization of an encyclopedia.

Tree structure

The original Encyclopédie used a tree diagram to show the way in which its subjects were ordered. A tree structure or tree diagram is a way of representing the hierarchical nature of a structure in a graphical form. It is named a "tree structure" because the classic representation resembles a tree, even though the chart is generally upside down compared to an actual tree, with the "root" at the top and the "leaves" at the bottom. Terminology and properties[edit] The names of relationships between nodes model the kinship terminology of family relations.

Visual Understanding Environment. Seed Use Cases - Linked Building Data Community Group. This page presents a summary of existing known use cases based on existing linked data applications and platforms and prototypes developed in R&D projects.

Seed Use Cases - Linked Building Data Community Group

Queen's University. UML Diagrams Gallery - Unified Modeling Language Tool. Robert Gove and Kang Chanhyun - Cmsc734_11. Homework 3, April 6, 2011 for CMSC 734: Information Visualization.

Robert Gove and Kang Chanhyun - Cmsc734_11

Robert Gove. Architecture. We have designed Thinkmap to be easily extendable, fast, and able to integrate with a wide variety of legacy systems.


Thinkmap is composed of a number of loosely coupled components that can be quickly reconfigured to fulfill many different visualization tasks. These components are lightweight, flexible, and standards-based. The unique features of Thinkmap start with a sophisticated core. The core enables the dynamic, asynchronous flow of data that is Thinkmap's hallmark. Careful abstractions expose this power, but hide the complexity. The data access layer of Thinkmap is known as the Datasource API. Enables rapid development of Java client-side GUI components that work alongside Thinkmap. Enables the publication of Thinkmap Java applets. Thinkmap Applications that are accessed over the Internet can easily be deployed as J2EE Web Application Archive ("WAR") files.

ToscanaJ: Welcome. Adjectives. Business Process Management (BPMS) and Workflow software. ⚡Presentation "Howard Mason, BAE Systems Chair, ISO TC184/SC4: Industrial data Chair, CEN TC310 Chair: ISO/IEC/ITU/UNECE MoU/MG on eBusiness The ISO TC184 SC4 standards." ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010: Conceptual Model. ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010 is based upon a conceptual model – or “meta model” – of the terms and concepts pertaining to Architecture Description.

ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010: Conceptual Model

The conceptual model is presented in the Standard using UML class diagrams to represent classes of entities and their relationships. For historical perspective, here is the conceptual framework used in the original edition [IEEE 1471-2000™]. Context The first diagram captures terms and concepts of systems and their architectures, as a context for understanding Architecture Description. Referring to the diagram: Systems exist. Stakeholders have interests in a System; those interests are called Concerns. Systems have Architectures. Video Classes. Illustration, technical documentation & 3D CAD design. Ezio Manzini: Design, When Everybody Designs. eCAADe 2015 - 33rd Annual Conference 16th-18th September 2015. Workshops offer the possibilities to give participants a hands-on experience and, for the workshop leader, to have an intense discussion with a small group of people on their research topic.

eCAADe 2015 - 33rd Annual Conference 16th-18th September 2015

The workshops will be held on the 14th an the 15th of September 2015 at the Vienna University of Technology. Locations eCAADe Workshops eCAADe Workshop - Robotic Woodcraft Workshop 01 Digital tools and creative practiceTuesday 15.09.2015, 9:00 – 12:00Location - TU Vienna. Visual-db. Mark D.


Gross "Indexing visual databases in architecture with diagrams" Gross, M.D. in A. Koutamanis, H. Designing with precedents-introduction. Every year thousands of new product ideas are being put into a material world that is already cluttered with an enormous amount of existing products.

Designing with precedents-introduction

What role then do existing products play in the generation and development of new product forms? How can this role be influenced by means of new design techniques? Mind Mapping Tools in UML Modeling Software. Great ideas come quick and leave as quickly as they come.

Mind Mapping Tools in UML Modeling Software

When brainstorming, having a way to record and organize those ideas can make sure your creativity is well captured. Mind mapping is a tool to help you keep and organize ideas. Ideas are layout in branches, which is extremely reader friendly and can drive you to think of more ideas in detail. Maintain casual linkages among ideas in mind map Link related ideas and concepts by using a link connector. Represent ideas by setting icons to node Set icons to nodes to represent different kinds of idea and concepts. International Workshop on Visual Artifacts for the Organization of Information and Knowledge. Rob Kremer's Home Page. Untitled. Rob Kremer Knowledge Science Institute University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta Canada T2N 1N4

Smarter Window Materials Can Control Light and Energy. Thursday, Jul 23, 2015 Researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin are one step closer to delivering smart windows with a new level of energy efficiency, engineering materials that allow windows to reveal light without transferring heat and, conversely, to block light while allowing heat transmission, as described in two new research papers. By allowing indoor occupants to more precisely control the energy and sunlight passing through a window, the new materials could significantly reduce costs for heating and cooling buildings.

In 2013, chemical engineering professor Delia Milliron and her team became the first to develop dual-band electrochromic materials that blend two materials with distinct optical properties for selective control of visible and heat-producing near-infrared light (NIR). Structural Design Lab: Projects. 25 Free Architecture Books You Can Read Online. Coursera - Free Online Courses From Top Universities. Inicio. Projeto E – Metodologia Projetual como Modelo de Aprendizagem Baseada em Projetos. CIDI2015. Lehrstuhl für Produktentwicklung: Zeitschriftenartikel. Publication. Data Zoom. Carnegie Mellon University. AIS: Course Hand Notes 1. Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia / Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Delft University of Technology: TU Delft.