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Business Intelligence Solutions: Make Smarter Business Decisions | Kogent Corporation "Race" in College Admission FAQ & Discussion 9 [Moderator's note: This thread has been superseded by a newer FAQ and discussion thread, in which you are all invited to participate. Accordingly, this thread will be closed to further posts.] Ethnic Self-Identification Is Optional for College Admission Students are often puzzled about how to respond to questions on college applications about race or ethnicity. U.S. makes clear that self-identifying ethnicity is OPTIONAL for students in higher education. That self-identifying by ethnicity is optional has long been clear on the Common Application, which more than 450 colleges (for example Harvard, Carleton, the University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina, and the University of Virginia) use as their main or sole application form. 1. which various colleges, including Harvard, accept.

Home | About AACSB | Newsroom | Contact Us Member Services Join Now Exchange Affinity Groups Member Listings Business Services Directory Staff Contacts Accreditation Accredited Institutions What is Accreditation? What is AACSB Accreditation? Accreditation Standards Business Accreditation Accounting Accreditation Committees Volunteers Promoting Your Accreditation Additional Resources Contacts Conferences Seminars Asia Events Webinars Bridge Programs Seminar Host Opportunity Sponsorship Opportunities Exhibit Opportunities Requests for Proposals Presenter Resources Publications BizEd Magazine Data Reports Data Trends and List of Accredited Schools eNEWSLINE Research Reports White Papers Data & Research Data at a Glance DataDirect Data Collection Surveys Advanced School Search Resource Centers Administrator Assessment Doctoral Education Ethics and Sustainability Facilities Globalization in Management Education Innovation and Business Schools Research and Scholarship Student Resources Business School Jobs AACSB Home AACSB Exchange My Purchases

Featured Article Krešimir Josić works in several areas of mathematical biology and applied dynamics. His main interest is theoretical neuroscience. In particular, he is interested in how coherent behavior in neuronal networks is used to encode information. His work in this area has appeared in journals like Nature, Neural Computation and the Journal of Computational Neuroscience. Over the last few years he has supervised the research of several undergraduate students, and is always on the lookout for talented and motivated students to join his research group. Visit the homepage of Dr. Rankings - Project - Graduate Schools - Education - US News Ranked in 2014 | Computer Science Rankings Methodology Earning a graduate degree in computer science can lead to positions in research institutions, government agencies, technology companies and colleges and universities. These are the top computer science schools. Each school's score reflects its average rating on a scale from 1 (marginal) to 5 (outstanding), based on a survey of academics at peer institutions. Specialty Unlock This Information Sign up for College Compass to get complete access to U.S. Get AccessNo Thanks 1 2 3 .. 8Next »

Home : The Gulf Coast Consortia National University • Master of Science Computer Science Lead Faculty: Dr. Pradip Peter Dey The Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program at National University provides students with a solid foundation, in the fundamental knowledge and skills of software engineering, database theory and design and cloud computing, exposing them to best practice methodologies using a variety of tools and techniques required for solving real world problems and to be of immediate benefit to the computing industry. National University s MSCS program not only prepares students in the theoretical and practical aspects of solving complex computing problems but also it develops other essential communication skills. Specializations After acquisition of common fundamental concepts, students select one of the following three specializations in order to concentrate on specialized knowledge and skills in one of the advanced areas: (1) Advanced Computing, (2) Software Engineering, and (3) Database Engineering. Integration Career Tracks Admission Requirements

The Society for Mathematical Biology The Walt Disney Company - Job Openings Games Videos Create My Page Characters Movies Music Live Events Parks Store For You Workbench Profile Login The requisition you were trying to access does not exist. FAQs The Walt Disney Company - Job Openings Corporate Information Site Map Guest Services/Help | Site Map Privacy Policy/Your California Privacy Rights | Interest-Based Ads | Terms of Use | Internet Safety © Disney. A Guide To Law School Prediction Calculators Published June 2010 You’ve just gotten your LSAT score back from the LSAC website after frantically hit F5 countless times on score-release day. For better or for worse, you now have a three-digit number that law school admission committees are going to give great consideration. On the other hand, maybe you don’t have your LSAT score and/or GPA yet, but want to have some idea of what you need to aim for to get into certain schools. Coupled with your GPA (as calculated by the LSAC/LSDAS), your LSAT score is going to play a significant role in determining where you will be admitted for law school. Many applicants turn to admission prediction calculators to try to ascertain their chances. This article will examine four admission prediction calculators: HourUMD Law School Probability Calculator, Law School Probability Calculator (standalone), Law School Admission Council’s Search for Schools Based on UGPA and LSAT Score (also known as the LSAC Calculator), and Law School Predictor (LSP).

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