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2.5] GLSL Shaders (DoF, Bump Mapping, Waving Wheat, Dynamic Shadows, and More!)

2.5] GLSL Shaders (DoF, Bump Mapping, Waving Wheat, Dynamic Shadows, and More!)
Works with 1.3.1 (Be sure to download the newest installer!) Do not post questions here about your problems if you haven't read this post and haven't checked out the wiki. If you ask a stupid question, I will give you a stupid answer. I don't expect you to know everything about this mod or Java or GLSL but I expect you to use common sense. That means if you get an error in the install log, you need to copy and paste it here. The heart this mod simply sets up custom GLSL shaders for rendering in a flexible deferred shading pipeline. Check it out! Even if depth-of-field isn't for you, there are endless possibilities with GLSL shaders. Waving wheat, world curvature, and toon shader (video by Yourself): Parallax occlusion and specular mapping: These videos were made with a previous version of this mod. The new version of the mod does not yet include anti-aliasing options. The mod works nicely with most other mods (including Optifine). The download contains a graphical installer. Known Issues: Related:  various minecraft mods

Minema 1.31 - The recorder for jerk-free movies - now with sound! This mod allows you to record fluid movies in Minecraft, even if the video recording itself isn't.\nThis is made possible by a temporary modification of the game timer that ensures a constant game time passed between each frame, disabling any synchronization with the actual time.\nIn other words: performance doesn't matter for fluid videos anymore! Technically, it can be compared with the startmovie command in Source engine or the fixed_time_step variable in CryEngine. Here's a great introduction video by loook: And Yogscast's review with more examples how to use Minema with other mods: With this mod, you can easily record ridiculously complex scenes, like 32000 eggs and arrows spawned simultaneously at one point with random velocity: If you always wanted to know how it looks like when you flood your world with thousands of creepers, take a look at this: More videos: Spoiler: Another video with additional optimizations to render extremely memory/CPU intensive TNT explosions: Changelog2.0-beta3:

1] OptiFine HD_A4 (FPS Boost, HD Textures, AA, AF) HD Textures Minecraft 1.5 and above comes with general support for HD textures. OptiFine fixes many bugs, adds support for new features and fixes the performance of larger texture packs. Custom Animations Minecraft 1.5 and above supports animations for blocks and items (info). OptiFine additionally enables the animation of all other textures. To create a custom animation for any texture in the game create a ".properties" file in the anim/ folder of your texture pack. from=/anim/mypainting.pngto=/art/kz.pngx=0y=0w=16h=16 - "from" is the location of the custom animation. - "to" is the texture you wish to animate. - "x, y, w, h" are the coordinates of the rectangular area of the destination texture. The source texture should be a vertical strip of separate frames. Each custom animation may specify its animation speed and frame order. tile.X=Yduration.X=Z X starts at 0 and represents the order you want frames to display in. tile.0=0tile.1=1tile.2=2duration.2=5tile.3=1tile.4=0 width. palette.block.

Pixelated - A Minecraft Story Hello, my name is Aaron, and I write Minecraft Stories. This is my first story I am posting on the Forums, with more to come. Alright, here goes: Chapter 1: A Strange New Land I awoke in a strange land. It was blocky, and pixelated. “Hello.” Then, I revisited what Alexis had said, “Wait, you can punch trees?” I stopped when I had about… well, a lot of planks, and they were magically stored in this watch thing. We were inside our shelter, no light, no windows. Chapter 2: The Next Morning The next morning, I awoke to a zombie, dead, in the middle of our house. I replied, “Ok…” and I helped her toss it outside our house. Also, Alexis was panting. “Whatcha doing?” She placed it outside, and we went inside. Chapter 3: The Expansion The next morning, the pig was dead, in the bag. We went outside, and began walking to a pond outside our home. I hit Recipes, and found a recipe for a shovel and a pick. She awoke when I was moving my bed. She was astounded. Chapter 4: I Hate Furnaces “Hello? “FIRE!”

8.1] Millénaire - NPC village (1.7.1: Quest list, tweaks) Note regarding the wiki: it's getting quite out of date, help with it is very welcome. Translations of the main pages to other languages would also be useful. ​Note regarding translations: many of them are somewhat out-of-date. New: Millénaire forums for more in-depth discussions than here: Millénaire Forum Millénaire is a single-player mod for Minecraft. Villages are populated with men, women and children of various kinds, who perform tasks such as trading with the player, expending current buildings or improving existing ones, cultivating crops such as wheat in Norman villages and rice in Indian ones, crafting tools and powerful amulets, etc. Help villages grow by trading with them and be rewarded with unique items such as Normand and Indian food or statues and tapestries to decorate your house with. Download Millénaire on Want to know more first? New: Byzantine culture! Millénaire Library of user-created content to extend the mod: Updates - Version stable pour MC 1.7.2. .

2.5]Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders (GLSL Shaders, Dynamic Shadows, More!) Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatibile with MC 1.7.2] Please read this entire post before attempting an install or posting about a bug. Development news is posted on my Facebook page: This thread is the home for the latest version of the GLSL Shaders Mod and for Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders to be used with the GLSL Shaders Mod. Screenshots! Volumetric clouds (work-in-progress effect coming soon!) Chroma Hills resource pack recommended! More Chroma Hills screenshots! About The GLSL Shaders Mod adds a deferred shading pipeline to Minecraft's rendering system which allows for custom shaders to be used with Minecraft. You need to install this mod to use my shaderpack! Downloads Shaders Mod for use with Minecraft 1.7.2 or newer Older versions See karyonix's thread for older versions. How to Install Visit karyonix's thread for details on how to install the GLSL Shaders Mod. Setup (PLEASE READ) To use a shaderpack, follow these instructions. 1. 2. 3. 4. or 5.

VoxelSniper Lead Design & Programming Development Builds Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Development Builds are available here: Development Builds Overview VoxelSniper is the premier long range map editing tool for Minecraft. VoxelSniper 7 is a ground up rewrite based on a platform agnostic engine called VoxelGunsmith Better documentation means it's never been easier to learn to use VoxelSniper. Coming Soon Metrics This plugin utilises Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true. About us The Voxel Box is a community-driven creative play server that consistently push the limits of what the Minecraft client and server can deliver to builders and to players. The VoxelBox

(1.1) Dokucraft, The Saga Continues. (32x) Yeah I'd like to join in on this. I'm not 100% great at doing texturework, but I'm working on the Iron Armor at the moment. I spent a good 1-2hrs last night studying Doku's techniques, (Which is mainly lighting) and I believe I've got it down pretty good. Here's a screenshot of what I have so far, and it isn't much, but any suggestions/critique is welcome. It's been a long time since I've seriously done pixel art. There's some adjusting that needs to be done on it, example: the eyeholes need to be moved up by a pixel, and I need to trim the faceplate "Cheekbones" back a bit farther. (EDIT: I'd love to add that, you can use Doku's original tiles as a color palette/template. [Edit: It'll be easier if the textures that people do work on are in the base "Light" pack first, and the "High" and "Dark" packs come later, since they either only change color or contrast, or add in a small detail.

The Book of the Nether [Chapter 11 completed!] Chapter 10: A Fiery Night There was silence as the six friends stood at the gate, the light from its frame extinguished. Complete silence, because all of them knew that nothing could be done about it. "Well, guys," Chris spoke up, turning around to face the crimson landscape, "That sucks." "Pardon my French, Chris," Vladimir interjected forcibly, turning on his friend, "but no ­! We are far away from home with no way of returning. "I am trying to have us keep calm, Vlad," Chris spoke slowly, annunciating clearly. "Focus on what?" Chris sighed and looked at his friend. Vladimir shook his head, and again looked at the frame of the gate, standing innocently in the center of the cave. Steel got up from the wall he was leaning on, and took some dirt from his bag. Flint bounded up to his brother, tapping him on his head. "Well," Chris said, snickering, "I guess the Nether Exploratory Crew is a go!" Vladimir groaned, walking past Chris and giving him a pained expression. "Hey, guys! "Pwomiss?"

8.1] Randomobs [4th Oct : 3.1 : Fixed the friendly wolves bug] I don't mod Minecraft anymore ; thus, those mods are provided as is, and I won't give any support for it anymore. Have fun using them anyway ! Please note that Randomobs WILL WORK with any version of the game. Balthichou's and PlumPlonk's mods : Hi there. We're a french modders duet, and we enjoy little modifications which do not take over the whole game. Mods we've made so far : Randomobs 4.3 : If you're bored of clone animals, this mod is for you ! Bring me back to the beginning of the page ! Hi everyone, I'm here to share what was our very first mod. Tired of seeing always the same cows, pigs, chickens and zombies ? The code of the mod is now part of MCPatcher, meaning patching your jar is enough if you're using a texture pack ! Please note : it doesn't mean you can just patch your jar and it will work. Randomobs 4.3By Balthichou & PlumPlonk ! I'll keep it updated, so stay tuned ! Preview : Pics : Spoiler: Here's a little piggery. Skeletons in an ancient temple. Wolves ! Don't. Installation :

2.5/12w19a] TooManyItems in-game invedit *May 10* Marglyph's TooManyItems Create and enchant items in-game, including mod items. Save and load entire inventories. Create unlimited stacks and tools. TL;DR common issues: Not all features work in MP, and you need permissions. Copyright: All of TooManyItems except for the small portion excerpted from the original Minecraft game is copyright 2011-2013 Marglyph. Downloads The following links have ads on them to provide some support for modding Minecraft. Non-Forge: Please refer to these jar mod installation instructions, or to your launcher's instructions if you are using a launcher. Forge: Place the TMI jar into your mods/ or mods/<version> folder. * Sorry for slow updates, they will speed up soon * For 1.7.6 non-Forge versionFor 1.7.5 non-Forge versionFor 1.7.4 non-Forge version (2014_01_13 updated!) (Note: 1.6.4 version has a problem with the newest Forge that did not exist with the original 1.6.4 Forge release. Pre-1.6 These are all jar mods. Update log 2014-04-08 -- 1.7.6 is up Spoiler:

2.5] Camera Studio (UPDATED on Mar 25) Camera Studiofor Minecraft 1.6.4 Ever wanted to have a smooth camera movement all-together with your accelerated video ? Then this mod is made for you ! New version available ! (details here) For higher FPS with the recorder, I highly recommend using Optifine. NEW V2.164 : Compatible with minecraft 1.6.4. NEW V2.8.5 : Let there be ROLL !!! NEW V2.2 : CameraStudio now embeds a video recorder ! This recorder can also record sound (audio and video are mixed in the same file). A new command, /rec, will start or stop recording (hotkey configurable): the video file is saved in the .minecraft/videos folder. You'll find options to set up video FPS, and a slider to accelerate your video (1x to 100x). And, top of the top (TADAM), you now will be able to record yourself from a third point of view, while keeping you main view ! Magic, isn't it ? Spoiler: What performance can I expect with the recorder ? Here is a very good tutorial video covering installation and use for a self-timelapse recording (i.e.

[8X 16X 32X 64X 128X 256X 512X] [1.0.0 & 1.0.1 Pre-release] Texture Pack Templates Everything was updated to 1.0.0! Finally! I'm finishing the mobs, GUI, and all the rest as you read this Saving your texture pack: ______________________________________________________________________________________ To extract .rar files, you need one of these programs: 7-zip (Windows) Better Zip 2 (Macintosh) ______________________________________________________________________________________ Help spreading the word! [url=" Creative Commons License: .psd Templates for Minecraft Tex Packs by epixpivotmaster (or vinivite) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at Special Thanks! OtavioM- For helping me with some names for the blocks and psicological motivation! Quote Update 9/9/2011 550 Downloads! Update 9/23/2011 Woah, 2467 downloads already! Update 9/24/2011 Update 10/16/2011 Update 11/29/2011

7.3] Hippoplatimus's Mods - Paint Mod (now with ModLoader!) You may be interested in my Mod Manager to easily manage your mods. Thanks to Samkio & Torrent for this video. Here's a giant painting, created by samalot. The paint mod allows you to craft paintbrushes which you can then use to paint on most blocks. You can color the paintbrush by putting it in a crafting table with any dye. You can also make a paint chipper, which acts like an eraser. You can wash paint off using water (or lava). Detail brushes can be crafted by using a feather instead of a wool block. If you want to rinse a brush off, so that it can be dyed a different color, throw the brush in a body of water. Downloads If you need help installing, you can check out this video, made by Wolv21.Download ( for Server ( (regular)-Download for Server (regular) Installation For the first download, simply install the contents of "Put in JAR" into minecraft.jar (remember to delete META-INF). For the server download, install the files into minecraft_server.jar.

8.1] Zeppelin [0.16] [WIP] Zeppelin News!4/17/2012 0.31 released! Leaves work again! Description Zeppelin is a mod you can use to fly ships around in the Minecraft world. An awesome runthrough by GNS. My old, very old video: Videos! Spoiler: New Zeppelin video from BigFatPolarBear Aether compatible (was) - Watch Neth's awesome video Install video brought to us by Mine123Crafter! Nice video from Neth! A great video brought to us by The Original Minecraft Mod Showcase (with some unfortunate crashes (which are now fixed!)) A nice video by thinwhiteduke89, shows how to craft the controller and steer a ship around. Video from robbaz : An interview (of me) done by killthenrun1 Banners! Courtesy of KensukeNL: [URL= [URL= From dotsnake: From Something37: Usage The Controller Create a craft controller block

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