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Espionage History Archive. An Underground City of Giants Discovered in the Grand Canyon. Even with advances in modern day archaeology, most of the world’s buried cities still remain a mystery.

An Underground City of Giants Discovered in the Grand Canyon

Amazing discoveries require great efforts and sometimes, an even greater amount of luck. If we were to trust Early 20th Century Journalism, we would learn that serendipity led to the doorstep of the most famous and fascinating underground city of giants discovered to date. Buried Somewhere in the Catskills is a Stash of Nazi Loot. During a recent expedition to explore the abandoned holiday resort of Grossinger’s, located in the Catskills in upstate New York, I came across a charming old photography studio in the neighboring town of Liberty.

Buried Somewhere in the Catskills is a Stash of Nazi Loot

Decorated in beautiful tile, with Art Deco flourishes, and currently home to a small print shop, it was to become the key to unearthing a remarkable tale of undiscovered Nazi treasure, hidden right there in Sullivan County, New York State. The story involves a forgotten hero from the golden age of aviation, a mysterious forest castle once owned by the Freemasons, and an invasion of German saboteurs during World War II. A postcard showing Grossinger's pool. Types of American Folk Magic From New Orleans to the Ozarks.

Up until recent years, this form of American Folk Magic didn't necessarily have a just was.

Types of American Folk Magic From New Orleans to the Ozarks

Today we call it Appalachian Granny Magic because: A. it came from the Appalachian Mountain Region and. Aliens And Ancient Ruins In Antarctica. Lovelock Cave and the Nevada Giants. X - T h e o r i e s: Scott Glancy's Conspiracy 101. Monsters in America, A Cryptozoological Map of the United States Featuring Legendary Creatures From Across America. Urban Ghosts10 Strange Secret Societies That You've Probably Never Heard Of. (Image: Miss Alice Donlevy) Today, the term ‘secret society’ seems somewhat ironic.

Urban Ghosts10 Strange Secret Societies That You've Probably Never Heard Of

Alchemy symbols with meanings (click to enlarge) Maps Show Where And When UFO Sightings Occur, From 1925 To 2014. Adventures in Data Analysis-UFO Sightings and Visualizations in CartoDB. Today my project was to visualize time series data in CartoDB.

Adventures in Data Analysis-UFO Sightings and Visualizations in CartoDB

Every UFO Sighting Since 1933, Mapped. This animated data viz reveals that aliens don't shy away from cities.

Every UFO Sighting Since 1933, Mapped

If only this data viz were around when Mulder and Scully were searching for little green men and women. It shows UFO sightings since 1933 in sequence—fittingly, as little blinking lights over a map of the world: The intergalactic graphic was created by MBA candidate Christian Pearson using web-based software and data from the National UFO reporting center. It's a part of QuantBait, a visualization initiative through which Pearson wants to tell stories about economic, political, and social issues. This UFO sighting map "was a fun way of conveying the point that beautiful data visualization can provide deep insights," Pearson writes via email.

Atlantipedia. Brazil’s Secret History of Southern Hospitality. I pressed the buzzer to the gate on the crest of a steep hill and waited, not knowing who or what to expect.

Brazil’s Secret History of Southern Hospitality

I hadn’t written or called, and didn’t really expect to find anyone home. Within seconds, though, a dapper white-haired man with black metal-frame glasses came walking down the yard's path in a chipper sort of way. He looked like Colonel Sanders’s twin, but without the goatee and moustache. After I fumbled something in Portuguese about my being an American and that I had come to write a story but wasn't sure that this was the right place, the man flashed a great big smile. The secret foundation that contains the world’s paranormal artifacts.

By Gavia Baker-Whitelaw on October 26th, 2014 Part wiki, part role-playing game, part storytelling community, the SCP Foundation has spent the past six years lurking in one of the darkest corners of the Internet.

The secret foundation that contains the world’s paranormal artifacts

Caught in the sweet spot between “cool enough to keep attracting new members” and “obscure enough that no one is likely to Kickstart a documentary about it and ruin everything,” the SCP Foundation is a phenomenon that combines creepypasta—the Internet’s version of campfire horror stories—with the obsessive culture of Wikipedia editing. SCP stands for either Secure, Contain, and Protect (the main aims of the Foundation) or Special Containment Procedure. But what is the Foundation, and what is it protecting and containing? Its official mission statement is as follows: 10 Mysteries Left Unexplained. 10 Real-Life Laws That Regulate The Supernatural World. 10 Fascinating Artifacts Of Mysterious Origin. Mysteries.

10 Fascinating Artifacts Of Mysterious Origin

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of Science. 6 Real Islands Way More Terrifying Than The One On 'Lost'. Summer's right around the corner, and it's time to pick your next vacation spot.

6 Real Islands Way More Terrifying Than The One On 'Lost'

Now, we know the problem you're facing: You want a nice island paradise, but you also want to experience horrors beyond comprehension, and maybe you even want to die on your trip. Well, we've got some great islands for you... Ilha de Queimada Grande; A.K.A. Snake Island. 6 Legendary Lost Treasures That Are Still Up for Grabs. Video games and old movies give us the impression that the whole world is filled with treasure chests, tombs full of bling, and random pockets of riches here and there just waiting to be picked up, but that's ridiculous -- only some parts of the world are like that. That's right -- lost treasures do exist. And plenty of them. However, if gold coins were as easy to get as Mario makes it look, someone would have done it already. That's why awesome finds like the following are still unclaimed after centuries ... or at least they were, before we posted this article. #6. 5 Mysterious Ruins That Predate Known Civilization? - The Epoch Times.

The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge.In “Beyond Science” Epoch Times collects stories about these strange phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities. Are they true? You decide. Artifacts and ruins discovered all over the world have made many scientists question whether the currently accepted understanding of prehistoric culture is correct. 10 Explanations Behind Supposedly Unsolved Mysteries. Mysteries People want to believe in magic and miracles, so we often enjoy unsolved mysteries more than any other kind of story. For that reason, the stories of the mysteries persist—even long after we discover the actual explanations behind them. 10Atlantis Atlantis first captured our imaginations during the time of the Greek philosophers, when Plato mentioned the mysterious land in his letters to Socrates. 10 Mysteries That Hint At Forgotten Advanced Civilizations.

The Occult - Occultopedia: The Occult and Unexplained Encyclopedia. Dark Books Magic Library.