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Virginia Living Museum - Explore Plants and Animals of Virginia. The Virginia Living Museum is home to more than 250 species of animals and plants found throughout Virginia including reptiles, mammals, birds and fish.

Virginia Living Museum - Explore Plants and Animals of Virginia

With its rivers and waterfalls, mountains and sandy coast, Virginia has an array of wildlife ranging from the extremely rare red wolf to jellyfish. The Chesapeake Bay is the world’s richest marine-life estuary. Experience the Bay’s diversity year round at the VLM. Plus explore the underwater worlds of a steamy cypress swamp and a cool mountain stream. Most of the mammals and birds on exhibit could not survive in the wild because they were either injured, orphaned or born in captivity. Fun Science Facts for Kids - Interesting Earth, Amazing Chemistry, Cool, Funny, Crazy. Crash Course Kids - Science Topics. Smithsonian Kids. Discovery Kids. National Geographic Kids.

San Diego Zoo - Kids. Science Experiments by Bill Nye. Science Experiments and Activities. Free Online Science Games. BBC Nature - Video clips of your favourite animal.