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Hurog: Home

Hurog: Home
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Laura Jo Phillips Terry Spear, Author of Urban Fantasy & Medieval Romance Dakota Frost, Skindancer ''The Vonnegut Web'' Julie Garwood aka Emily Chase Julie was born in 1946 in Kansas City, Missouri to a large Irish family. At the age of six, Julie had her tonsils removed and complications from the surgery resulted in a long period of recuperation. She fell hopelessly behind in school and never caught up. "I was a slow, slow reader," Julie says. Julie married young and had three children. Julie lives with her family in Leawood, Kansas.

Christine Warren | New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Estep From the distant past Before this blog ever existed, I inhabited other places you could only get to by modem. First Compuserve, then Genie, and then the Well, and answered questions and so on in each place, and hung around. I've no idea if there are any archives anywhere of the Compuserve stuff or the Genie topics, but The Well is still there, I'm glad to say, and every few years I go back and am interviewed and hang around the inkwell.vue area for a few weeks. It's a wonderful place, and accessible to anyone from the web: So, in context of the current interview , which has only just begun, I found myself reading a post from the 20th of June 2000, written while I was writing Which I am reposting a bit of here because a) there's lots more cool stuff like this on the various Well topics I did (here's the first , the second , the third, -- and b) if ever a story was meant to be on this blog, it's this one. ...last week Maddy woke me up early in the morning. "Nope," I said.