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US of A Foreign Policy

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The United States of insanity. Since the ascent to power of US President Donald Trump, two discussion topics have become increasingly popular: whether or not the man is insane and whether or not it's appropriate to talk about whether or not the man is insane.

The United States of insanity

While many psychiatrists, mental health workers and media figures have abided by the idea that it is unethical to publicly debate the head of state's mental soundness, others view the taboo as reckless. In an interview with The Independent, for example, Yale University's Dr Bandy Lee cited Trump's "taunting of North Korea" and spontaneous bombing of Syria as indications that his "instability, unpredictability and impulsivity … point to dangerousness due to mental impairment. " In February, The New York Times ran a letter to the editor signed by 35 mental health professionals concerned that Trump's "words and behaviour suggest a profound inability to empathise".

OPINION: Obama's 'kill list' Super-sized symptom. How America and China Could Stumble to War. WOULD A Chinese leader barely in control of his own country after a long civil war dare attack a superpower that had crushed Japan to end World War II five years earlier by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

How America and China Could Stumble to War

As American troops pushed North Korean forces toward the Chinese border in 1950, Gen. Douglas MacArthur could not imagine so. But Mao Zedong did. MacArthur was dumbstruck. Chinese forces rapidly beat American troops back to the line that had divided North and South Korea when the war began. Similarly, in 1969, Soviet leaders could not imagine that China would react to a minor border dispute by launching a preemptive strike against a power with overwhelming nuclear superiority. US Now Relatively Confident Russia Is Not Trying to Annex Alaska.

Here’s What 71 Years of US Presidential ‘Red Lines’ Have Taught Us. The American foreign-policy establishment is fond of punishing those who threaten to use weapons of mass destruction against innocents.

Here’s What 71 Years of US Presidential ‘Red Lines’ Have Taught Us

For CNN commentator Fareed Zakaria, all it took was a Tomahawk missile strike on the Syrian air base suspected of sending jets to bomb the rebel-held village of Khan Sheikhoun with sarin gas to make Donald Trump “presidential.” The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza questioned neither the moral nor the strategic purpose of strike, only its legality. Former Obama staffers like Anne-Marie Slaughter struck positive notes in response, grateful that some message, any message, had finally been delivered to Bashar al-Assad. Nicholas Kristof and David Brooks both praised the country for standing up for the taboo against chemical weapons that arose among European nations after World War I. Since the 1960s, categorical opposition to weapons of mass destruction—biological, chemical, and nuclear—has been a hallmark of American foreign-policy thinking.

Mapping the War Machine. Republished from a multipage article at When it comes to understanding wars, for some people, a picture of the dead or of the injured or of the traumatized or of those made refugees can be worth ten million words.

Mapping the War Machine

And, for at least some of us, a picture of where war is in the world can be worth at least a thousand. What follows are two dozen pictures mapping war and militarism and the struggle for peace overlaid on a global image of nations. These are drawn from — and you can create your own with — an online tool for mapping militarism published by World Beyond War at This tool has just been updated with new data. By laying some important facts about war on the map, we’re able to recognize some ideas that rarely make it into prose. 9 foreign policy issues the Trump administration will have to face - Washington Post. How America became a superpower. The Futility of Air Strikes in the War on Terror. Photo Credit: vadimmmus / Shutterstock The global war on terror – or whatever it is called nowadays – is not going well.

The Futility of Air Strikes in the War on Terror

From Afghanistan to Libya, the adversaries of the West seem undaunted by Western bombardment. The Taliban advances towards Lashkar Gar in Helmand Province (Afghanistan), while groups such as the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries and even ISIS hold their ground in central and eastern Libya. Fellow Americans, Wake Up & Escape The Matrix. Where Do Matters Stand?

Fellow Americans, Wake Up & Escape The Matrix

On the eve of World War II the United States was still mired in the Great Depression and found itself facing war on two fronts with Japan and Germany. However bleak the outlook, it was nothing compared to the outlook today. By Paul Craig Roberts Source: Covert Geopolitics Has anyone in Washington, the presstitute Western media, the EU, or NATO ever considered the consequences of constant military and propaganda provocations against Russia? Five Questions for Peter Lavelle on “Know-nothing American diplomats” - The Duran. Question: What was your immediate thoughts on the letter signed by 51 mid-level State Department employees calling on the Obama Administration to start bombing immediately the Assad government in Syria?

Five Questions for Peter Lavelle on “Know-nothing American diplomats” - The Duran

Answer: First, it is unprecedented for currently employed State Department officials in such numbers to revolt against their boss Secretary John Kerry and his boss the President of the United States. Of course it was intentionally leaked to the media. Second, it demonstrates what I have said for years – the political establishment is deeply divided when it comes to Syria. “The scope of our failure”: The real story of our decades-long foreign policy disaster that set the Middle East on fire. I first interviewed Andrew Bacevich, the soldier turned scholar, after he spoke at the Hope Club, an old-line gents’ establishment in Providence, Rhode Island.

“The scope of our failure”: The real story of our decades-long foreign policy disaster that set the Middle East on fire

That evening he outlined a dozen or so “theses,” as he called them in honor of the 95 Luther is said to have nailed to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church in 1517. He was in essence reading a rough outline of the manuscript then on his desk. It was a powerful presentation, and we met again in a Boston restaurant to talk shortly thereafter. This was roughly a year ago. Seymour M. Hersh · Military to Military: US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war · LRB 7 January 2016. Barack Obama’s repeated insistence that Bashar al-Assad must leave office – and that there are ‘moderate’ rebel groups in Syria capable of defeating him – has in recent years provoked quiet dissent, and even overt opposition, among some of the most senior officers on the Pentagon’s Joint Staff.

Seymour M. Hersh · Military to Military: US intelligence sharing in the Syrian war · LRB 7 January 2016

Their criticism has focused on what they see as the administration’s fixation on Assad’s primary ally, Vladimir Putin. In their view, Obama is captive to Cold War thinking about Russia and China, and hasn’t adjusted his stance on Syria to the fact both countries share Washington’s anxiety about the spread of terrorism in and beyond Syria; like Washington, they believe that Islamic State must be stopped. US Bombs Israel 'Just To Be Sure' US officials are confident they understand the situation on the ground in Syria.

US Bombs Israel 'Just To Be Sure'

(Duffel Blog photo.) WASHINGTON, D.C. — Pentagon spokesperson Col. The Pentagon’s Empire of Whining. Ashton Carter. Donald “known unknowns” Rumsfeld was a nasty piece of work (“iron-ass,” as Daddy Bush would have it). Fellow neocon and current Pentagon supremo Ash Carter – whose job will last shortly over a year – now runs the risk of forging a reputation as a discount diva on the lam. So Russia is guilty of undertaking “challenging activities” at sea, in the air, in space and in cyberspace.

Artificial Killing Machine – Visualizing U.S. military drone strikes / by @polygonfuture. Created by Jonathan Fletcher Moore and Fabio Piparo, Artificial Killing Machine is an autonomous mechanical installation that uses the public database on U.S. military drone strikes to visualise deaths of individuals that would otherwise be represented purely as statistical data. When a drone strike occurs, the machine activates, and fires a children’s toy cap gun for every death that results.

The raw information used by the installation is then printed. The materialised data is allowed to accumulate in perpetuity or until the life cycle of either the database or machine ends. A single chair is placed beneath the installation inviting the viewers to sit in the chair and experience the imagined existential risk. This project consists of 15 toy cap guns and servo motors. The control program was written as a web server, and the main logic was written in Python.

George W. Bush’s enduring shame: The twisted legal rationales we can’t escape, a dozen years later. A recently disclosed John Yoo memo that helped grease the skids to war with Iraq may have helped President Obama avoid war with Iran. Or perhaps it’s just a bit of epic trolling. Or maybe a bit of both. Whatever the case, it should not go unremarked in the wake of Obama’s success in preserving the Iran deal against GOP opposition in Congress, because of how it illuminates the broader landscape of U.S. foreign policy battles over the decades. Whether or not it played any role—or figures in possible future lawsuits—it underscores both how dark and twisted GOP foreign policy and defensive secrecy demands have been, and how Democrats have been much more eager to adopt the GOP’s rationales when they hold power than to challenge them when they do not. What America’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan Really Tells the World About US Hegemony. How a long war of necessity turned into an unfinished one of choice.

By Muska Dastageer for The Diplomat August 31, 2015 Facebook910 Twitter21 Google+1. What It Means When You Kill People On the Other Side of the Planet and No One Notices. Tomgram: Engelhardt, What It Means When You Kill People On the Other Side of the Planet and No One Notices [Note for TomDispatch Readers: Think of today’s dispatch as part two of my summer memoirs. In a way, it tells the tale of how I came to write my idiosyncratic history of the Cold War, The End of Victory Culture.

Note that for a contribution of $100, you can get a personalized, signed copy of that book from me and in the process help support this website. 'A Little Bit Plump,' 'Loud' And Other Ways People Spot Americans Abroad. Americans are apparently "plump," "jumpy," "travel in groups" and "think they own the world," according to bystanders from other countries.

Oh, and they go to McDonald's a lot. A YouTube video from user sw yoon asks people from around the world how to spot an American. Apparently, there are a few telltale signs: The Vocabulary of War Criminals. By Rev. 9 depressing predictions for the future of America. The Pentagon’s ‘Long War’ Whatever happens with the nuclear negotiations this summer, and as much as Tehran wants cooperation and not confrontation, Iran is bound to remain — alongside Russia — a key US geostrategic target. America’s immoral exceptionalism: The lie we keep telling ourselves about foreign policy and democracy.

The Permanent Paranoia of Empire. U.S. Allows Sales Of Armed Drones To Allies With Clean Human Rights Records. Key Factors Enabling the American Government to Commit Horrific Acts Abroad. Why is there such an explosion of violence across the Middle East? Here's an alternative view... By Robert Fisk. Half-Finished War Memorial For Iraq And Afghanistan Announced. WASHINGTON, D.C. — A memorial dedicated in honor of halfway-finished wars has been approved for placement in the nation’s capitol. North America is a crime scene: The untold history of America this Columbus Day. Bring Back Adolf: Needed, A New Furor About Der Führer.

Obama's true foreign policy dilemma is not what Tom Donnelly thinks it is. Army War College Welcomes Foreign Exchange Class Of Future Brutal Dictators. Not Forgotten: Street Art to Remember the Victims of the School of the Americas. Why War is Inevitable. Tyranny’s Toolkit. The Strangelove Effect. The Asia Pivot: Old Policy, New Name - Geopolitical Monitor. Tuning Out Obama. US-sponsored “Democracy”: A Tale of Two Protests: Ukraine & Thailand (I, II) Family Of Innocent U.S. Drone Victims Compensated With 101 Kalashnikovs. Todd Miller, The Border-Industrial Complex Goes Abroad. Inside America's Plan to Kill Online Privacy Rights Everywhere. Amber Alert Issued For Missing US Foreign Policy. Scahill: Will the Global War on Terror Ever End? The Six Primary Reasons for Why They Hate Us. Empire of the Senseless. Madness. The Moralization of American Exceptionalism. Avoiding the US's next grand delusion - Opinion.

Avoiding the U.S.'s Next Grand Delusion. RT On The U.S. and Its Chemical Weapons Story. Experts Point To Long, Glorious History Of Successful U.S. Bombing Campaigns. Chomsky: The U.S. behaves nothing like a democracy. Yemeni Reporter Who Exposed U.S. Drone Strike Freed from Prison After Being Jailed at Obama’s Request. Crooks and Liars. The Threat of Nuclear War, North Korea or the United States? Who Are We at War With? That’s Classified. The Emperor Strikes Back. Noam Chomsky: Obama Is ‘Running Biggest Terrorist Operation That Exists’

Secrecy News - from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy. Bradley Manning trial: 10 revelations from Wikileaks documents on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Europe. Noam Chomsky: America is accelerating the apocalypse. The “Rot” Rots On. "Now that the SOB is dead..." Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater Guards Tied to Secret C.I.A. Raids. Jeremy Scahill on 'Dirty Wars' and Obama’s Expanding Drone Attacks. America’s dirty wars exposed. The Hijacking of Human Rights - Chris Hedges' Columns. America Is Plagued by Zombie “Experts” Who Are Invariably Wrong on Foreign Affairs.

Tom Engelhardt: A conspiracy of stupidity. Dirty Wars: Jeremy Scahill and Rick Rowley’s New Film Exposes Hidden Truths of Covert U.S. Warfare. 7 Brilliant Insights from Noam Chomsky on American Empire. Budget Agreement Reached! - By Gordon Adams. 8 crazy things Americans believe about foreign policy. Private Security Hovers as Issue After Embassy Attack in Benghazi, Libya. Empire and Its Consequences. U.S. Military Sent to Jordan on Syria Crisis. A Culture Of Delusion. Professor Obama Lectures The Muslim World. PHP - SECRET WARFARE. R Is for Reckless - By John Kerry. John Feffer: The dumbing down of American foreign policy.