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Apple, America and a Squeezed Middle Class

Apple, America and a Squeezed Middle Class
But as of spoke, interrupted with an inquiry of his own: what would it take to make iPhones in the United States? Not long ago, Apple boasted that its products were made in America. Today, few are. Why can’t that work come home? Mr. The president’s question touched upon a central conviction at Apple. Apple has become one of the best-known, most admired and most imitated companies on earth, in part through an unrelenting mastery of global operations. However, what has vexed Mr. Apple employs 43,000 people in the United States and 20,000 overseas, a small fraction of the over 400,000 American workers at General Motors in the 1950s, or the hundreds of thousands at General Electric in the 1980s. “Apple’s an example of why it’s so hard to create middle-class jobs in the U.S. now,” said Jared Bernstein, who until last year was an economic adviser to the White House. “If it’s the pinnacle of capitalism, we should be worried.” “The speed and flexibility is breathtaking,” the executive said. Mr.

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BBC Mundo - Noticias - ¿Dónde vive internet? Muchos vivimos conectados a internet sin saber qué hace posible el milagro. Cuenta el periodista estadounidense Andrew Blum que el día que un técnico le dijo que una ardilla se había comido un cable de su calle, y que por ello no podía navegar en internet, se percató de una cosa: desconocía por completo la realidad física de la red. Cada día navegaba por el ciberespacio sin pensar en qué se escondía detrás de su pantalla. Así que picado por la curiosidad, se levantó, hizo sus maletas e inició su viaje a lo largo de esa maraña de cables. De este modo descubrió que internet efectivamente "está" en alguna parte y que es mucho más fácil de ubicar geográficamente de lo que muchos creen. Las venas de internet "Internet está básicamente en los países del capitalismo clásico mundial: Londres, Nueva York, Holanda, Tokio… Aunque hay excepciones como Aspen en Virginia o Palo Alto en California", explicó Blum a BBC Mundo. "Me sorprendió cuán centralizado está. De Miami a América Latina Hogar, dulce hogar

Who Buys All Those Google Ads? An Infographic Breakdown | Epicenter Google cleared $37.9 billion in 2011 revenue, which equates to more than $3 billion a month, mostly from those little text ads next to your search results that neither you or anybody you know will admit to ever clicking on. Insurance and finance buys for Google Adsense words accounted for $4.2 billion of that total — more than 10 percent — according to Larry Kim, the founder of Wordstream, a company that sells software to analyze text ad campaigns and commissioned the infographic above. The most expensive search term in that niche was “Self employed health insurance” — not surprising in the aftermath of the recession and the Affordable Care Act, which will eventually require nearly everyone to have health care insurance (unless the Supreme Court nullifies the law later this year). That phrase cost $43.39 per click, nearly $10 more than the next most expensive term, “cheap car insurance”. Since the devil is in the details, how does Wordstream do it? Sound a little complicated?

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