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The Donald and his Policy most Foreign

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Trump Aides' Idea: Help Russia, Ask for Nothing Back. The White House explored unilaterally easing sanctions on Russia’s oil industry as recently as late March, arguing that decreased Russian oil production could harm the American economy, according to former U.S. officials.

Trump Aides' Idea: Help Russia, Ask for Nothing Back

State Department officials argued successfully that easing those sanctions would actually hurt the U.S. energy sector, according to those former officials and email exchanges reviewed by The Daily Beast. In one email exchange, a State Department official feels the need to explain that lowering punitive sanctions on the Russian oil industry would be rewarding Moscow—without getting anything from the Kremlin in return. “Russia continues to occupy Ukraine including Crimea—conditions that led to the sanctions have not changed,” the official wrote. The continued discussion of unilaterally lifting sanctions on Russia came after the dismissal of retired Lt. Gen. President Trump Pulls United States Out of Paris Climate Accord. It used to be the young bucks and their T-bones, or the welfare queen with her Cadillac, who were leeching off good, hard-working Real Americans.

President Trump Pulls United States Out of Paris Climate Accord

It turns out Ronald Reagan was modest. On Thursday, in a speech that was such a towering pile of complete horseshit that it may well reach the moon, President* Donald Trump told the country that the rest of the world is now the craftiest welfare queen of them all. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below I didn't think he could top his ghastly American Carnage inaugural address for sheer fact-free and paranoiac mendacity, but he managed to do it on Thursday. By announcing that the United States was withdrawing from the groundbreaking Paris Accords regarding the world climate crisis, the president* wallowed in rank, xenophobic victimhood while basking in the scattered applause of the otherwise unemployable yahoos whose self-respect is sufficiently low that they still work for him.

Getty It was appalling. H.R. McMaster: Confronting Today’s Challenges Requires ‘Humility’ In a speech Sunday night to the American Jewish Committee, National Security Adviser H.R.

H.R. McMaster: Confronting Today’s Challenges Requires ‘Humility’

McMaster solidified his reputation as one of President Donald Trump’s more effective spear catchers and messengers, earning two sustained rounds of applause from a crowd that definitely was not part of Trump’s Election Day base. Mind you, McMaster is the man the president has reportedly derided as a “pain” for talking too much and for possessing an inconvenient and unwelcome penchant for nuance. Speaking to the AJC in the wake of the most recent spasm of deadly Islamic-driven terror, McMaster offered his “heartfelt” condolences and “thoughts and prayers” to America’s “brothers and sisters” in England and Afghanistan. Trump Announces Paris Climate Deal Rejection In Front Of 16 Running Faucets. Republican Congressman Says God Will 'Take Care of It' as Trump Pulls U.S. Out of Paris Climate Agreement.

It's the day after President Trump followed a jazz band into the White House Rose Garden to give a spectacular performance of his own, an alternately counterfactual and delusional speech announcing he was pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Republican Congressman Says God Will 'Take Care of It' as Trump Pulls U.S. Out of Paris Climate Agreement

As Steve Bannon tightened up the marionette strings above, Trump embarked on a fact-free dystopian diatribe that rivaled his bizarrely dismal inauguration speech. He cited a faulty study from the pro-industry U.S. Chamber of Commerce to claim the pact would kill 2.7 million jobs. He also misrepresented China's commitment to the pact, and generally sought to paint the accords as a devious plot by 194 nations to take America's money. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Open Thread - Man Baby President Once Again. Hell Yes I Mangled Donald Trump's Hand On Purpose, Macron Says. President Trump Turned International Diplomacy Into A Fistfight—And Lost. During his inaugural international trip as the leader of the free world, President Donald Trump learned the problem with first impressions—you only get to make one.

President Trump Turned International Diplomacy Into A Fistfight—And Lost

After indulging the royals of Saudi Arabia with assurances that he was “not here to lecture”—in exchange for gold chains and glowing orbs—Trump took a much harder stance toward major Western democracies, distancing his administration politically and, in some cases, personally from some of America’s oldest and closest allies. The concept of diplomacy as a pursuit of mutually beneficial terms for both parties stood in stark relief against Trump’s worldview, which divvies up the world into two groups: winners and losers. In a meeting with European Union leaders on Wednesday, Trump reportedly dubbed the Germans “bad, very bad” and decried current U.S. military commitments to Europe as “unfair to the people and taxpayers of the United States.” Even handshakes with allied leaders became confrontational. Thank You! Here are 8 embarrassing things Trump did on his European tour.

For nine days, Donald Trump has been traveling across the Middle East and Europe, bringing every terrible stereotype about “ugly Americans” to vivid life.

Here are 8 embarrassing things Trump did on his European tour

He labeled Germany (where he doesn’t have business interests) “very bad” after saying nary a critical word in Saudi Arabia (where he does have business interests). He chastised our partners in NATO while revealing he doesn’t actually understand how it all works. He literally threw his weight around like an attention-starved problem child, and he broadcast his every move to the world via his cellphone, which would be a security risk if we had a president anyone wanted to kidnap. Alternately charming and boorish, Trump plays the role of a lifetime overseas. TAORMINA, Italy — Little matters more to Donald Trump, the brander-turned-American president, than imagery.

Alternately charming and boorish, Trump plays the role of a lifetime overseas

Trump staffed his government out of central casting, and this past week it was time for him to audition for his role: leader of the free world. In Washington, Trump is mostly seen only when he chooses: At a lectern in the Rose Garden. Germany’s Merkel Issues DIRE Warning To Europe: America Is No Longer To Be Trusted (DETAILS) It’s no secret that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is no fan of Donald Trump.

Germany’s Merkel Issues DIRE Warning To Europe: America Is No Longer To Be Trusted (DETAILS)

They had a frosty visit when she visited the United States. He infamously refused to shake her hand for the cameras as is customary in the Oval Office, and even reportedly presented her with some kind of bogus “bill” for supposed expenses with regards to financial obligations to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Combine that with the fact that Trump publicly scolded our fellow NATO member nations at the summit in Brussels, and you have a recipe for Chancellor Merkel coming to a very grave conclusion: The United States of America can no longer be trusted to defend its NATO allies and support Article V — which states that when one nation is attacked, all nations are attacked – as along as Donald Trump is president.

This is an especially striking blow, since the only time Article V of NATO has been invoked is when the U.S. was attacked on September 11, 2001. Trump handshake 'not innocent' - Macron. Image copyright Reuters French President Emmanuel Macron has said his clenched handshake with Donald Trump was "not innocent" and was a "moment of truth".

Trump handshake 'not innocent' - Macron

The awkward encounter saw each grip the other's hand so firmly that their knuckles turned white . Mr Macron told French media he had wanted to "show he would not make small concessions, not even symbolic ones, but also not overdo things". The leaders met in Brussels on Thursday ahead of a Nato summit. Trump Just Gave Italy A Huge F*ck You At The G-7 Summit (VIDEO) Donald Trump is a spoiled, narcissistic brat.

Trump Just Gave Italy A Huge F*ck You At The G-7 Summit (VIDEO)

This shouldn’t be news to Americans at this point, at least not if you’ve been paying attention at all. German news magazine rips Trump, calling him 'unfit' and 'a danger to the world' Germany’s Der Spiegel newspaper is pulling no punches after covering Donald Trump’s disastrous trip to Europe. In a brutal op-ed, they lay out the case that Donald Trump is simply "unfit to be President of the United States": Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. Pandemics in the age of Trump. If Donald Trump’s administration maintains its commitments to stoking nationalism, reducing foreign aid, and ignoring or denying science, the United States and the world will be increasingly vulnerable to pandemics. When these positions are reversed—that is, when foreign aid is increased; when, in times of pandemics, national interests are subservient to global cooperation; and when science and evidence are our guides—great strides have been made in ridding the world of epidemic and pandemic diseases and relieving the suffering felt by millions.

History is not a blueprint for future action—history, after all, never offers perfect analogies. However, there is little dispute among historians of medicine and science that the past has taught us a lot about what works and what doesn’t. When it comes to pandemic disease focusing on nationalist interests is exactly the wrong approach to take. Trump’s behavior at NATO is a national embarrassment. President Trump speaks during the unveiling ceremony of the Berlin Wall monument during the NATO summit in Brussels on May 25. (MANDEL NGAN/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images) Poor NATO. This Just Might Be One Of The Funniest Trump-Pope GIF Spoofs Ever. This humorous bit takes only several seconds to watch, but the laughter/smile will most likely linger much longer. On Thursday, Jordan (@JordanUhl) posted a hilarious GIF clip on Twitter, adding:

WATCH: Trump tries power handshake on French president — and gets defeated by a white knuckle grip. ‘He only knows how to write in 140 characters’: Trump slammed over yearbook-style note at Holocaust memorial. Syria: Why Trump Must Learn the Art of Stalemate Diplomacy. By sitting on the sidelines in the diplomatic process to end the Syrian Civil War, President Trump diminishes his ability to influence outcomes. He should authorize American diplomats to engage with Turkish and Russian counterparts to craft an accord excluding Iran.

Missing Middle In War and the Art of Governance, per Joseph Collins, Nadia Schadlow opines that U.S. operations in Afghanistan and Iraq revealed what she calls the “missing middle,” defined as a gap between combat and steps to achieve stability and forge a sustainable outcome. Collins said, “If we have such plans for Mosul [Iraq] and Raqqa [Syria], they are well kept secrets.” Duffelblog. Trump Denies Leaking Israeli Source, Confirming Source Is Israeli On International Television (VIDEO) Trump’s third day across seas may end up being his most devastating. Sitting down with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump opened his mouth and immediately started blundering his way into an international incident. Trump Touched A Glowing Orb In Saudi Arabia And Folks Found It Just A Bit Odd. President Trump Has Abdicated the Office of Commander-in-Chief.

Last week, the Washington Post reported that the White House is considering a plan that would not only escalate U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, but also allow the Department of Defense to set troop levels there, a departure that veers into the president's constitutional duty as commander-in-chief. The report comes on the heels of a similar announcement authorizing Defense to set troop levels in Iraq and Syria. Trump Unleashes the Generals. They Don’t Always See the Big Picture. American officials said Thursday that General Nicholson had not requested permission from Mr. Trump, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis or Gen. Joseph F. New Power Center in Trumpland: The ‘Axis of Adults’

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and other Trump administration ‘adults’ are meeting in private to hash out policy—and having a major impact on the president. Better alternatives to President Trump's foreign policies. President Donald J. Trump has hastily undertaken many misguided foreign policies. Chinese Media Can't Stop Making Fun Of Donald Trump. The U.S. Military Thinks Missiles And Bombs Work Better With A Strategy, Too. The Daily 202: Trump doesn’t know much about history. It’s making his on-the-job training harder. ‘Slaps himself in the face!’: Chinese press mocks Trump for caving on China currency manipulation.

The struggle to give a soul to a soulless presidency. 'Trump doctrine' emerges: 'He is the decider' White House press secretary Sean Spicer clearly didn't like the suggestion last week from White House communication director Mike Dubke that “there is no Trump doctrine” when it comes to foreign policy. Yes, there is, apparently. Trump Confident U.S. Military Strike On Syria Wiped Out Russian Scandal. WASHINGTON—After ordering the first U.S. military attack against the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, President Donald Trump held a press conference Friday to express his full confidence that the airstrike had completely wiped out the lingering Russian scandal.

Trump Assures Nation That Decision For Syrian Airstrikes Came After Carefully Considering All His Passing Whims. Log In - New York Times.