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Here Are 7 Bombshell Details from CNN’s New Exposé on Trump’s Disturbing Calls with Foreign Leaders. Exclusive: The Secret Plan to Unwithdraw From the WHO After Trump’s “Bizarre,” “Ruinous” Exit. If Trump’s announcement is carried through, it would “probably be the most ruinous presidential decision in modern history,” said Lawrence Gostin, O’Neill professor of global health law at Georgetown University.

Exclusive: The Secret Plan to Unwithdraw From the WHO After Trump’s “Bizarre,” “Ruinous” Exit

The U.S. “wouldn’t have access to real-time data, wouldn’t be able to influence global decisions about health and safety, wouldn’t be contributing to global coordination on vaccines and treatment, so wouldn’t be part of any technical guidance to the world.” As the novel coronavirus began its lethal spread throughout the United States—which now accounts for roughly a quarter of the world’s more than 400,000 deaths from COVID-19—President Trump sought to redirect blame from his administration’s disastrous handling of the crisis to both the WHO and China, linking the two as complicit in covering up the virus’s dangers. The letter did not spell out what such a demonstration of independence would entail.

By then, U.S. tensions with China had escalated. New Der Spiegel cover tells you exactly what the world thinks of Trump. Hoo-boy.

New Der Spiegel cover tells you exactly what the world thinks of Trump

Guess Germans think things have gotten a little out of hand over here in Universal Studios’ Cautionary Tale Land. Here’s a screen grab of the full cover: The rough translation of this: “The Fire Devil: A president sets his country on fire.” (I nearly translated this all by myself, because I know a little German.) Great cover, except the hands are way too big. Trump mocked in China’s state media for fleeing to bunker in the face of protests: ‘Mr President, don’t go hide’ According to a report in The Guardian, Chinese state media and government leaders are mocking reports that Donald Trump fled to a secure bunker under the White House in the face of massive police brutality protests that reached the White House gates.

Trump mocked in China’s state media for fleeing to bunker in the face of protests: ‘Mr President, don’t go hide’

Following reports that a “rattled” Trump was ushered to safety by the Secret Service as police battled with George Floyd protesters in the streets of Washington, D.C, among other cities, officials in China took notice. “At a press conference on Monday, foreign ministry spokesman, Lijian Zhao urged the US to eliminate racial discrimination and protect the lawful rights of minorities, according to state-backed media, CGTN.

‘The death of George Floyd reflects the severity of racial discrimination and police brutality in the US,’ said Zhao,” reports the Guardian. More pointed attacks on Trump came from Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of nationalist tabloid Global Times. You can read more here. Russia Sending Medical Supplies to U.S. as It Scrambles to Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic. As top American officials bash the Russian government for spreading disinformation on the coronavirus pandemic, U.S.

Russia Sending Medical Supplies to U.S. as It Scrambles to Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic

President Donald Trump is accepting a supply of medical equipment from Moscow. Russia is set to deliver a planeload of personal protective equipment and supplies to the United States on Wednesday following a phone call between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, a senior administration official told Foreign Policy. “We will put into immediate use any needed items that are [Food and Drug Administration] approved. Likewise, the United States is sending equipment and supplies to many other countries and will continue to do more as we are able,” the official said.

The official did not elaborate on what specific supplies were included in the delivery. But the delivery also represents a major optics win for Moscow as the worldwide delivery of medical supplies from competing powers takes on an increasingly geopolitical edge. Trump’s US delegation was ‘dumbfounded’ by hostile reception at Munich conference: report. According to a report from Politico, the U.S. delegation attending the Munich Security Conference were “dumbfounded” by the hostile reception they received from world leaders which included more than a few speeches that were highly critical of the policies of Donald Trump.

Trump’s US delegation was ‘dumbfounded’ by hostile reception at Munich conference: report

The report kicks off by stating, “If the three-day event, which drew to a close on Sunday, illustrated anything, it was that the divergence between the U.S. and the dominant European powers — Germany and France (the U.K. was MIA) — is greater than ever. Those who thought last year’s tense gathering represented a low point in the relationship left Munich this year chastened.” Over the weekend, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a seventeen-minute speech that included praise for the president’s economic policies that was greeted with silence, while other leaders took shots at the U.S.

WATCH: Putin and Assad caught on video laughing as they mock Trump during Damascus meeting. Trump was just undercut by the Pentagon on his shocking claim of a Saudi Arabia quid pro quo. How Trump’s Parade of Lies Finally Caught Up With Him. In January 2019, Jennifer Pritzker wrote an impassioned plea to her political party: She was a lifelong Republican, but the GOP was driving her away with messaging and policies targeting transgender people.

How Trump’s Parade of Lies Finally Caught Up With Him

It had only been a few years since Pritzker, the world’s only known trans billionaire and a Republican megadonor, had chipped in a whopping $250,000 to President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee. But three months after publicly objecting to the GOP’s stance on trans issues, she gave $1,000 to Democrat Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign. Pritzker is a member of a prominent, wealthy, and politically active family (her cousin J.B. Pritzker is the Democratic governor of Illinois, and his sister Penny was Barack Obama’s commerce secretary).

Trump is now facing two significant foreign policy crises — and he has nowhere to turn for help. Replace Mike Pompeo with a champion of diplomacy. Sign Up for Our free email newsletters Secretary of State Mike Pompeo might be on his way out.

Replace Mike Pompeo with a champion of diplomacy

An open race is on for a Senate seat in his home state of Kansas, and Republican leadership appears uncertain their current candidate can claim victory. If Pompeo has made up his mind, he hasn't said so publicly, but already speculation about his possible successor is afoot. It's a long shot, but as in any Cabinet-level turnover (and in this administration, they are legion), this is a chance to make things better. Pompeo never was. Trump’s top economic aide just made a stunning admission about the president’s dealings with China. White House Director of Economic Policy Larry Kudlow made a stunning admission on Wednesday as he was discussing President Donald Trump’s trade negotiations with China.

Trump’s top economic aide just made a stunning admission about the president’s dealings with China

Eamon Javers, a CNBC journalist covering the economy, reported on the remarks Kudlow made to a group of reporters. Kudlow said that Henry Kissinger, President Richard Nixon’s former secretary of State, had recently been to the White House — and he has also recently met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping twice. “I asked if Kissinger is playing a back channel role in trade talks,” Javers said. “Well, now you’re getting into the family jewels,” Kudlow responded. This alone is a jarring revelation. And then he went on: North Korea Brands President Trump an ‘Erratic Old Man’ The U.S.

North Korea Brands President Trump an ‘Erratic Old Man’

Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal by Kentucky’s only abortion clinic regarding a law that mandates doctors who perform abortions to confront a woman—even if she objects—with detailed descriptions of her fetus along with ultrasound pictures. The appeal stated that the law violates the right to free speech and disturbs the patient by requiring doctors to perform invasive ultrasound procedures during an already-vulnerable time. Kentucky officials, meanwhile, argued to the Supreme Court that the rule provides women “information that is truthful, non-misleading, and relevant to their decision of whether to have an abortion.”

American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Alexa Kolbi-Molinas, who represented the clinic, said in a statement that the high court’s decision “rubber-stamped extreme political interference in the doctor-patient relationship,” adding, “the law is not only unconstitutional, but as leading medical experts and ethicists explained, deeply unethical.” Jilted Trump Announces Formation Of Cooler, Way More Powerful NATO With His New Best Friends Oman, Macedonia, And Suriname. Trump slammed after disastrous presser with Macron: ‘What an embarrassment to our country’ Trump, Macron hold tense meeting: 'Would you like some nice ISIS fighters? I can give them to you' Full Trump Transcript Includes 37 Pages Of Confused President Mashing Fingers Against Dial Pad While Ukrainian President Tries To Speak. WASHINGTON—Shedding light on what exactly transpired between the U.S. president and Ukraine during a mysterious April call, a transcript released Friday includes 37 pages of a confused Donald Trump mashing his fingers against his phone’s dial pad while President Volodymyr Zelensky tries to speak.

Full Trump Transcript Includes 37 Pages Of Confused President Mashing Fingers Against Dial Pad While Ukrainian President Tries To Speak

According to the released call logs, President Trump responded to Zelensky’s appeals for further cooperation between the two countries by hitting nine and then star 30 times in a row while yelling ‘Ukraine!’ Into the phone. This was reportedly followed by an eight-minute exchange where the president repeatedly held down the entire keypad in an attempt to hang up the phone. In addition, several pages of the transcript document noted rapid fire dialing as Trump muttered about not knowing how to spell Ukraine with numbers.

Ex-ambassador stunned after official testifies that Trump blocked statement condemning Russia’s military actions in Ukraine. Christopher Anderson, who was an advisor to U.S. envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker, is testifying on Capitol Hill this Wednesday in the ongoing House impeachment inquiry. In a prepared opening statement, Anderson claims that senior White House officials blocked the State Department from releasing a statement condemning Russia’s military action in Ukraine back in November of 2018. “On November 25, 2018, Russia escalated the conflict further when its forces openly attacked and seized Ukrainian military vessels heading to a Ukrainian port in the Sea of Azov,” Anderson’s statement read.

“While my colleagues at the State Department quickly prepared a statement condemning Russia for its escalation, senior officials in the White House blocked it from being issued. Kurds throw tomatoes and rocks at departing U.S. soldiers. The art of forsaking a deal—the real 'genius' of Donald Trump. What’s happening to the Kurds can’t possibly be a surprise to those who have watched Trump repeatedly kick NATO. Or watched him twist the arms of leaders from Europe to Asia over claims that they’re not putting up enough protection money. Betraying people isn’t just what Trump does; it’s what his followers have been cheering for. When Trump walked away from the Paris agreement on climate change, lied about what was in that agreement, and championed the cause of climate crisis denial—that was betrayal.

When Trump broke the Iran nuclear treaty without cause, leaving allies to hold the bag as he illegally walked away from a valid multinational agreement that was protecting against nuclear proliferation—that was betrayal. Trump Furiously Searching Raytheon Catalog For Gift After Realizing He Promised China And Ukraine Same Javelin Missile. WASHINGTON—Scanning for discounts in the precision weapon and early warning satellite sections, a visibly distressed President Trump reportedly flipped through the Raytheon catalog in a panic Friday after realizing he had accidentally promised China and Ukraine the same FGM-148 Javelin missile. “Shit, shit, shit—when I offered that rocket launcher to Xi [Jinping] I totally forgot I’d already told [Volodymyr] Zelensky he could have it,” said Trump, who was overheard muttering to himself that he could just tell the Chinese president the Javelins were out of stock, but then Xi would be upset once he found out the Ukrainians had managed to get one.

“Maybe I’ll get China a Patriot, instead? No, that’s too much. I don’t want to seem desperate. Trump Assures Kurds There Will One Day Be Very Nice Tree Planted In D.C. Commemorating Their Deaths. WASHINGTON—Amid backlash for abandoning an ally that has been crucial in the fight against ISIS, President Donald Trump assured the Kurds Wednesday that there will one day be a very nice tree planted in Washington, D.C. commemorating their deaths. “Our Kurdish allies should rest assured that, despite the fact that U.S. troops will no longer provide them with military support, at some point in the future there will be a very good tree with branches, leaves, and bark memorializing their untimely and very brutal demise,” said Trump, promising that even if there wasn’t a plaque or anything denoting that the tree was intended as a tribute to the slaughter of Kurdish fighters and civilians, visitors would probably leave “flowers or little stuffed bears” to let others know that it was a sad tree.

“You have my firm commitment that in 30 or 40 years, any tourist who happens to stumble upon the tree in a small park off K Street might think about how you were massacred for a second or two. Trump-Ukraine: White House Releases Text of Zelensky Call That Sparked Impeachment Inquiry. Reports: Trump Tried To Extort Ukraine Into Investigating Biden. So judging by last night's leaks from various sources, it looks like the whistleblower Bill Barr is working so hard to gag knows specifically that Trump threatened Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky with loss of military aid -- unless he agreed to investigate Joe Biden. US Exports To Lobster-Loving China Plunge Amid Tariffs. Trump had a plan to ‘blow up’ the G7 and give the ‘middle finger’ to our allies: report. CNBC Panelist Explodes Over Trump's Latest: 'Stupidest Idea I've Ever Heard!' (UPDATED) So what happened today was markets were recovering nicely from the China-Trump feud, then China announced new retaliatory tariffs.

Then Fed Chairman Jerome Powell gives a speech at the Jackson Hole (don't get me started) which calmed the markets. Internet can’t stop laughing after ‘Toddler-in-Chief’ Trump whines Danish prime minister is ‘very not nice’ Trump cancels Denmark trip after PM says Greenland isn't for sale. President Donald Trump is calling off an upcoming trip to Denmark after its prime minister rebuffed his interest in buying Greenland, a Danish territory, the White House announced on Tuesday.

Trump: I could win Afghanistan war 'in a week' President Donald Trump on Monday touted a secret plan to win the war in Afghanistan “in a week” at a tremendous cost to life, but insisted he would rather work with regional partners to “extricate” U.S. troops and bring to a close the nearly two-decade-long Middle East military conflict. How Trump is putting American foreign policy up for sale.

I Helped Write the Exec Order on Public Reporting of Lethal Operations. Here’s What Trump Has Undone. On Wednesday, in a breathtaking move, President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order (E.O.) rescinding a section of an Obama-era E.O. that required the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to submit an annual public accounting of the toll of U.S. counterterrorism strikes. In justifying the termination of this report, the Trump E.O. cites an ostensibly similar reporting requirement in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), as amended, requiring the Department of Defense to account for the results of military operations worldwide.

Statements from the State Department and National Security Council (NSC) characterized the E.O. requirement as “superfluous,” and the NSC argued that it “distract[ed] our intelligence professionals from their primary mission.” Trump flips out and threatens ‘obliteration’ after Iran calls him retarded – Raw Story. Why Did Trump Pull Back From Bombing Iran? It Depends On Who You Ask. Since news broke that President Donald Trump had approved, and then abruptly canceled, a military strike on targets in Iran, the press, analysts, and even government officials have struggled to articulate exactly what it was that made the president change his mind. The aborted strikes, first reported in the New York Times, were meant as a response to Iran shooting down a US surveillance drone earlier this week. The choice to halt the military mission came, the Times said, when "[p]lanes were in the air and ships were in position, but no missiles had been fired.

" The Adventures of Tariffman Continues! Stable Genius. Here are dozens of hilarious images from the British resistance during Trump's London visit. Great Signs, Cont. Here are dozens of the most hilarious images from the British resistance during Trump's London visit. Trump baby blimp soars again after protesters raise $50,000 for charity. Five hugely visible British protest images that probably have Trump fuming in London. Trump Is Greeted By Giant Penis As He Lands In The UK. Mexico tariff plan: Trump wants Central American migrants stopped. Trump Warns China Not To Underestimate His Willingness To Sacrifice Every American’s Well-Being.

The logic behind US humiliation of the Palestinians. The Trump-Putin Relationship, As Dictated by the Kremlin. Trump Seeks Carter’s Advice Regarding China’s Rise Amidst US Bankruptcy. Trump Offers Clear, Historical Precedent For Deploying U.S. Military With No Provocation. Stable Genius’ Word Salad Explains Tariffs Policy. U.S. Foreign Policy in Free Fall. Trump's Steel Slat Barrier for Mexican border lampooned by designers.

China Is Losing Trump’s Trade War — and So Are We. Trump And First Lady Make Secret Trip To Iraq To Visit U.S. Troops. Here’s Why Trump Is Pulling Out of Syria. Soldier Back Home From Serving At Mexico Border Still Having Nightmares About Being Used As Political Prop. Donald Trump: No Punishment For Saudis in Khashoggi Murder. - The Washington Post. Politics.theonion. What Is ‘The Trump Doctrine’? Treaty Clause. Splinternews. Trump Says Germany 'Totally Controlled by Russia' at NATO Breakfast - John Kelly Reacts. Foolish Trump Tweet-Begs North Korea To 'Honor Our Handshake' HILARIOUS: Portugal's President Yanks Trump's Arm HARD In Handshake.

Politics.theonion. 15+ Of The Funniest Memes And Reactions To Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong-Un. Theonion. North Korea airs purported footage showing Trump saluting one of Kim Jong-un's generals. "We’re America, Bitch:" White House Official Defines Trump Doctrine. U.S. blocks United Nations call for independent probe into Gaza deaths. Sanctions Flap Erupts Into Open Conflict Between Haley and White House. Trump begged Vietnam to buy US military equipment because he needed ‘quick wins’: report. Politics.theonion. Salon. There is No Trump Doctrine, Only Contradictions and Bluster. Trump’s UN Speech May Have Been Terrible, But The Faces Of Other Representatives Were Priceless. Trump orders military to build wall in Afghanistan to keep terrorists out. This photo of John Kelly face-palming during Trump’s warmongering UN speech means we are all doomed. WATCH: Trump faces awkward silence at UN as his socialism joke bombs.

Untitled. How the Trump Administration Broke the State Department. Trump Vows To Leave A Better Afghanistan For Nation’s Grandchildren To Fight In. BUSTED: Leaked transcript shows Trump begged Mexican prez to stop saying he’d never pay for the wall. WATCH: Trump and Macron exchange words during lengthy and bizarre handshake. Trump Gave the Military More Power, But Here’s What Really Concerns Us. Poland's First Lady Denied President Trump a Handshake. Trump is meeting privately with Putin — and he asked staffers for bargaining chips to trade away.

Spies Fear Trump’s First Meeting With Putin. Untitled. Commander in chief Trump goes AWOL. Trump Aides' Idea: Help Russia, Ask for Nothing Back. President Trump Pulls United States Out of Paris Climate Accord. H.R. McMaster: Confronting Today’s Challenges Requires ‘Humility’ Trump Announces Paris Climate Deal Rejection In Front Of 16 Running Faucets. Republican Congressman Says God Will 'Take Care of It' as Trump Pulls U.S. Out of Paris Climate Agreement. Open Thread - Man Baby President Once Again. Hell Yes I Mangled Donald Trump's Hand On Purpose, Macron Says. President Trump Turned International Diplomacy Into A Fistfight—And Lost. Here are 8 embarrassing things Trump did on his European tour. Alternately charming and boorish, Trump plays the role of a lifetime overseas. Germany’s Merkel Issues DIRE Warning To Europe: America Is No Longer To Be Trusted (DETAILS)