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Capital - My taxes go where? How countries spend your money. Justice in Criminal Investigations. For the Record / January 22, 2016by Sujatha Selvakumar The suicide of 14-year-old Benjamin Lim, who was interrogated by the police unaccompanied by an adult, raises questions about individual rights and police procedures.

Justice in Criminal Investigations

In the Singapore system, the police is not obliged to inform suspects of their rights, and there are features that make the process unfavourable towards suspects. A better balance needs to be struck between efficiency and individual rights, especially when it comes to youthful suspects. Criminal Investigations are daunting for anyone, and even more so for young persons. Barack Obama: Why we must rethink solitary confinement.

Barack Obama is president of the United States.

Barack Obama: Why we must rethink solitary confinement

In 2010, a 16-year-old named Kalief Browder from the Bronx was accused of stealing a backpack. He was sent to Rikers Island to await trial, where he reportedly endured unspeakable violence at the hands of inmates and guards — and spent nearly two years in solitary confinement. In 2013, Kalief was released, having never stood trial. He completed a successful semester at Bronx Community College. Rethinking College Admissions. Photo Over recent years there’s been a steady escalation of concern about the admissions process at the most revered, selective American colleges.

Rethinking College Admissions

And little by little, those colleges have made tweaks. Some Inconvenient Gun Facts for Liberals. Photo FOR those of us who argue in favor of gun safety laws, there are a few inconvenient facts.

Some Inconvenient Gun Facts for Liberals

We liberals are sometimes glib about equating guns and danger. In fact, it’s complicated: The number of guns in America has increased by more than 50 percent since 1993, and in that same period the gun homicide rate in the United States has dropped by half. Hillary Clinton’s plan for paid family leave is bad policy design. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Paid family leave has created a schism in the Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton’s plan for paid family leave is bad policy design.

True, all of the party’s candidates have outspokenly backed the idea that the U.S. should catch up to the rest of the world and guarantee its citizens paid time off for a new child or a serious injury. But Hillary Clinton has broken with her rivals by not endorsing the proposal pending in Congress. For a long time Clinton hadn’t said what she would do instead. Now the details are finally out, and in many ways her proposal is nearly identical to the other Democrats’: She wants to ensure that when Americans take 12 weeks off through the Family and Medical Leave Act—a current guarantee of unpaid leave—they will get at least two-thirds of their normal pay up to an unnamed cap. From the top to the bottom of MNREGA. MNREGA – the world’s largest public works programme - is intended to be demand-driven and has local implementation at its core.

From the top to the bottom of MNREGA

A Farmer's Wake-Up Call To India: Try To Understand Why We Die. At The Logical Indian, we strive to bring you stories and news that matters using evocative media.

A Farmer's Wake-Up Call To India: Try To Understand Why We Die

We curate content that is both meaningful and socially relevant. We are not traditional media house backed by corporate funds but passionate citizens just like you are. We don't believe in blaming the system or the administration for the ills of our nation. How long shall we keep complaining, how long shall we wait for our voices to be heard?

How One PIL On the Lack of Cleanliness of Railways in India Exposed Bureaucratic Deadlock. The Wealth of Nations – The Caravan. ABOUT 45 MINUTES NORTH of Ahmedabad, having passed under a sign that announces your impending arrival in “GREEN CLEAN GANDHINAGAR” and another advertising Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, you may or may not notice a small placard with the word “GIFT” printed over an arrow pointing east.

The Wealth of Nations – The Caravan

Follow that arrow down a dusty access road, past a rusted-out advertisement for an amusement park called Gujarat Funworld, which looks decidedly un-fun. Within 15 minutes, you’ll reach Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, or GIFT—a place, a video on its website proudly proclaims, “where wealth breeds wealth.” GIFT is to be India’s first Smart City. How rational is Delhi’s road rationing? A key condition for the success of road rationing is that alternatives are easily available A big debate on urban transport policy has been triggered by the decision of the state government of Delhi to restrict automobile usage according to the licence plate number.

How rational is Delhi’s road rationing?

The plan is to significantly reduce vehicular traffic by allowing odd and even numbers to ply the roads on alternate days. Given the city’s atrocious air quality, something drastic needs to be done. The problem is that this particular policy has been tried in other countries for years with poor results except for short periods. The danger is that a focus on implementing this policy will divert attention from more serious solutions.

In a slum fire outside Delhi, the frightening vision of a future smart city. Programme keeps mothers safe but boosts population. Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY): The outcome till now IndiaSpend IndiaSpend is a public interest journalism initiative that uses data to tell stories.

Programme keeps mothers safe but boosts population

How To Get Your Green Card In America. Yale’s Halloween Advice Stokes a Racially Charged Debate. A Point of View: Why we should defend the right to be offensive. Image copyright iStock.