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Overtreders W builds timber fieldwork station for harvesting weeds. Mar 03, 2017 overtreders W builds timber fieldwork station for harvesting weeds from earth to table; a concept demonstrated in overtreders W’s design of a timber-made, mobile fieldwork station consisting of a field kitchen, a drying cabinet, a harvesting bench and two workbenches. the modest yet functional construction was designed especially for the ‘weedgrocer’, who explores turns unwanted urban vegetation including nettles, or goose grass into edible herbs. all images © overtreders w (fieldwork station), frouwkje smit (workshop) the designers at overtreders W completed the fieldwork station for its first use during the summer exhibition that took place by the lake at the paleis soestdijk. all pieces were designed as hand carts using locally-available materials common in the netherlands. the douglas-fir construction is put together to form a small shed in which the weedgrower can work while being sheltered from the elements. the structure itself is crafted from douglas fir wood.

overtreders W builds timber fieldwork station for harvesting weeds

SPACE10 open sources The Growroom – The Farm – Medium. Getting started To get going building The Growroom, there are certain elements that needs to be ready and available: CNC cutting files Download the CNC cutting files here and share with your local fab lab or maker space that can cut the pieces for you.

SPACE10 open sources The Growroom – The Farm – Medium

Materials. Grow Your Own Food: Free Plans for IKEA's "Growroom" Vertical Farm. Back in October 2016, IKEA's external innovation hub Space10 announced the Growroom, a spherical structure that allows people to grow their own food locally and sustainably.

Grow Your Own Food: Free Plans for IKEA's "Growroom" Vertical Farm

Last week, Space10 made the plans available to anyone who wants to build their own circular farm. While you probably won't be installing one in your studio apartment (it's not exactly a window herb garden or a topsy-turvy tomato plant), the Growroom takes up much less space than traditional farming, can be placed in a public space or building's courtyard, and effectively eliminates the transportation from farm to consumer. It's also meant as a way to connect people with nature and their food source, functioning as an oasis in a concrete jungle. The 2.8 meter by 2.5 meter space (about 9 feet by 8 feet) has overlapping slices that allow each section of vegetation to receive light and water while protecting anyone that's sitting or standing inside from the elements. Atlasobscura.

The National Bonsai Museum isn’t the most heavily visited museum in Washington, D.C., but it might be the most unique.


This amazing horticultural collection includes 150 miniature specimens, lovingly doted on by an expert bonsai staff. The museum sprouted into life in 1976 when the people of Japan presented Secretary of State Henry Kissinger with a gift of 53 bonsai trees to commemorate the U.S. bicentennial. Theconversation. Mazes are in vogue at the moment, from NBO’s Westworld, to the return of the British cult TV series, The Crystal Maze.


But mazes have been around for millennia and one of the most famous mazes, the Labyrinth home of the Minotaur, plays a starring role in Greek mythology. Which begs the question: what is the difference between a maze and a labyrinth? Although considered synonymous by some, it is generally accepted that a labyrinth contains only one path, often spiralling around and folding back on itself, in ever-decreasing loops, whereas a maze contains branching paths, presenting the explorer with choices and the potential for getting very, very lost. While designing a maze can be a rewarding human task, computer scientists and mathematicians have a love of maze-generating algorithms. Swirling brick circles form back garden for South London Gallery.

Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco has worked with 6a Architects to create a sculptural garden paved in a pattern of interconnected circles for the South London Gallery.

Swirling brick circles form back garden for South London Gallery

The community-focused gallery, located in the London area of Camberwell, was previously renovated and extended by 6a Architects in 2010. The new back garden is intended give the gallery's visitors space to sit, eat and play. It will also serve as an outdoor showcase for installations by various artists. Arranged across a number of levels, the garden is widely paved in Yorkstone bricks, many salvaged from what used to be the gallery's rear facade. These bricks draw circles around the garden, demarcating pockets for different activities. Our backyard : the reveal - almost makes perfect.

Finally, finaaaally can share the finished backyard with you guys!

our backyard : the reveal - almost makes perfect

Sorry for the photo overload, but i wanted to show you every tiny little detail. i was also going over everything we’d done in the before posts, but we’ve done so much now it’s hard to even know where to begin. we poured an additional six feet to extend the existing concrete patio, and also a large wraparound step. we removed the posts and put up an engineered beam — and then had the amazing pergola built off of that. we painted it the same color as the trim of the house, and my stepdad came up with that louvre idea to provide some shade. i’m obsessed with it. it cost us so much money to construct, but it really is incredible. remember we planted that tree?! I got 1000 of these disposal coasters, and i’m so glad i did. not only do they match the palm springs hotel vibe we were going for, but i don’t have to worry about collecting them or losing them. i can just toss ’em when they get gross.

Garden Visit: Landscaping for a Modern House in Christchurch, New Zealand: Gardenista. “The garden is a very important part of the living environment of the home,” says Kristina Pickford, architectural historian and owner of the Ballantyne House, a midcentury modern house in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Garden Visit: Landscaping for a Modern House in Christchurch, New Zealand: Gardenista

The 300-square-meter house, designed by New Zealand modernist architect Sir Miles Warren in 1959, sits on 2,642 square meters of land in the southern island of New Zealand. Owners Pickford and Michael Wolfe have cultivated the garden, working with local gardeners, horticulturalists, and arborists since purchasing the property from the Ballantyne family in 2009. Maintaining the integrity of the garden and mature trees, the owners updated the garden with a steel pergola, raised vegetable beds, storm and wastewater drains, and an automatic irrigation system. Here’s a look at the gardens and property. Photography courtesy of Mary Gaudin and Sam Hartnett as noted. Christo’s 3km Floating Walkway Across Italy’s Lake Iseo Open To Public. Anyone who’s dreamed of walking on water now has the chance to do so!

Christo’s 3km Floating Walkway Across Italy’s Lake Iseo Open To Public

Well, that is if you could make it to Lake Iseo in northern Italy in the next three weeks. Just opened on Saturday and accessible until July 3rd is Christo’s and his late wife’s, Jeanne-Claude’s, major installation – “The Floating Piers“. This 3km (almost 2 miles) floating walkway across Italy’s lake Iseo is made of 200,000 high-density polyethylene cubes and is covered in 100,000 square meters of shimmering yellow fabric, which changes colors throughout the day to a shimmering gold and a reddish hue when wet. Here visitors are able to walk from Sulzano to Monte Isola and to the island of San Paolo, which it encircles.

“They will feel the movement of the water under foot,” Christo said. 16 Top Trends for Garden Design in 2016: Gardenista. Older 16 Top Trends for Garden Design in 2016 by Michelle Slatalla.

16 Top Trends for Garden Design in 2016: Gardenista

Before & After: A Modern Townhouse Garden in Brooklyn: Gardenista. Older Before & After: A Modern Townhouse Garden in Brooklyn by Michelle Slatalla Issue 50 · Holidays Abroad · December 16, 2015 Newer Issue 50 · Holidays Abroad · December 16, 2015 Does this sound familiar? Paradise Found: Designer Dan Pearson's Modern Garden for a Medieval Castle: Gardenista. Older Paradise Found: Designer Dan Pearson's Modern Garden for a Medieval Castle by Michelle Slatalla Issue 42 · Italian Masters · October 19, 2015 Newer Issue 42 · Italian Masters · October 19, 2015.

Deep Water: 10 Modern Plunge Pools and Spas: Gardenista. Older Deep Water: 10 Modern Plunge Pools and Spas by Meredith Swinehart Issue 41 · West Coast Cool · October 15, 2015. 10 Most Awesome Suspended Pools. Embassy Gardens Sky Pool The Embassy Gardens is a housing complex currently under development in London.

The design includes a pair of 10-story apartment buildings, which you will be able to walk—or swim—between! The pool, which will rest 115 feet above ground, is 90 feet long, 10 feet deep, and 19 feet wide. It will have an entirely transparent glass shell that is 8 inches thick. (Source | Via) Rooftop Pool at the Jellyfish House. Best Outdoor Living Space: Earth Inc.: Gardenista. Older Best Outdoor Living Space: Earth Inc. by Meredith Swinehart Issue 33 · Untamed Gardens · August 22, 2015 Newer Issue 33 · Untamed Gardens · August 22, 2015 The winner of this year's Gardenista Considered Design Awards Best Outdoor Living Space is Earth Inc. of Toronto, Ontario.

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