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Urban Vertical Garden Built From 100's Of Soda Bottles

Urban Vertical Garden Built From 100's Of Soda Bottles
As part of an innovative partnership called Home Sweet Home (Lar Doce Lar) between multidisciplinary design firm Rosenbaum and TV producer Luciano Huck, the teams went through dozens of Brazilian homes doing dramatic makeovers of interior and exterior spaces. On their 48th home Rosenbaum designed a pretty amazing vertical garden that was suspended in a narrow walkway just outside the house. Reponse to the garden was so huge the firm quickly released design schematics (in Portugese) detailing how to build one. A huge thanks to the team at Rosenbaum for sharing these photos with Colossal!

3 Gorgeous Vertical Gardens Growing food in small spaces can be tough, but it's by no means off the table. By making use of vertical space, you can maximize your garden's capacity, even if all that you have to work with is a balcony or windowsill. I've run across a few beautiful examples of vertical gardening in action lately, and I thought you guys might dig them, too. Check these out! Vertical Farm, South Korea This vertical farm (photo at the top of this post) in South Korea is taking advantage of vertical space to showcase the benefits of vertical gardening. The concept behind vertical farming is that it is possible to cultivate plant life on vertically inclined surfaces, and the plants produced in these surfaces would be organic and higher quality plants than through traditional farming methods. The angles allow excess water to run down to the lower levels of the garden. Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by beelaineo 2. 3. Have you guys run across any cool vertical gardening solutions?

Light Bulb Hanging Vase by ChiffonAerer « Urbanisme, Habitat, Société » : la nouvelle série de podcast vidéo du CNRS Quelles formes ont pris les utopies hygiénistes du XIXème siècle ? Comment favoriser la biodiversité en ville ? Qu'apportent les techniques numériques pour la connaissance du patrimoine et la conception des projets urbanistiques ? Comment est apparu le sentiment d'insécurité en ville ? A partir du 4 juillet, ces douze films courts de 7 minutes sont à découvrir en téléchargement sur le site du CNRS ( à raison de deux épisodes par semaine. Après "Alerte aux pôles" (2007), "Les dessous de la planète" (2008), "Des étoiles plein les yeux" (2009), "Evolution, des clés pour comprendre" (2010), "Un monde vivant – Histoires de biodiversité" (2010), "Une chimie pensée autrement" (2011), "Sport, Science, Société" (2012), "Urbanisme, Habitat, Société" est la 8e collection de podcast vidéo proposée par le CNRS. Programme des diffusions en ligne sur le site du CNRS : 25 juillet 2013Des énergies naturelles pour la villeLes réseaux urbains

DIY Green Walls: Vertical Gardening The Sexiest Men in Rock & Roll - A Scientific Study - Beth Mann "You want this." Some think sexiness is in the eye of the beholder. But is it? Here at Silly Lists of Nothingness, we say its an exacting science that can be proved in labs with women in white coats using complex formulas that are beyond you, so don't worry pretty little head. This isn't a case of "I think he's hot" as much as this guy is definitely hot - like, scientifically. Here's the criteria which lead us to our findings: They ooze sexiness. The Top Ten Hottest Men in Rock 1. Topping our list is the Lizard King himself. 2. Young Sting was a HOTTIE. 3. "Big ego, maybe...but I'm smoking. 4. "I'm feeling cocky....can't you tell?" 5. "I plan on fucking a lot. 6. "I want to fuck you like an animal." 7. "Please...this list was invented for me." 8. "Yeah, right, Jagger." 9. "Easy, boys. 10. "Stroke me." 11. "I'm non-traditionally sexy but I got "it" in spades." 12. "I don't know why I'm here." 13. "Bitch please. 14. "Need I say more?" ...scientifically: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. "This isn't fair."

List Of Companion Plants Dill is one of the few plants to grow with Fennel This is a list of companion plants. Many more are in the list of beneficial weeds. Companion plants assist in the growth of others by attracting beneficial insects, repelling pests, or providing nutrients, shade, or support. They can be part of a biological pest control program. Vegetables[edit] Fruit[edit] Herbs[edit] Flowers[edit] Other[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] External links[edit] Further reading[edit] Cunningham, Sally Jean.

Constellation Jar I asked Amy of This Heart of Mine for a project that would be fun for kids or adults. I love that she thought of star-gazing! We’re so far into the countryside, that the stars here are outrageously bright. Star gazing is one of my favorite things. Because of my love of the stars, when my daughter was little, I purchased her a night light that shines stars all over her bedroom walls. What you’ll need: - a wide mouth jar – The jar needs to be wide enough to fit the small click light inside. -an awl - scissors Cut a strip of the cake pan long enough to fit around inside the jar and tall enough to reach to the very top of the jar. Use the awl to poke holes for the constellations. I connected the constellation dots with a silver Sharpie to make them easier to spot. Fill in the other space with more holes. Roll the aluminum sheet until it fits snug inside the jar. Put the encircled aluminum sheet inside the jar. Take into a dark room and enjoy. The night sky in a holdable form.

Paris 20ème arrondissement Ou ai je mentionné de faire des tours ici ? J'ai dit de faire du R+7 plutôt que du R+2. Je ne suis pas pour les tours dans les petites rues. Et oui l’urbanisme doit se penser comme fonctionnel et non pas comme esthetique dans le sens "plus c'est petit mieux c'est" comme certains l’entendent. On ne peut pas tout avoir si on veut être à 5 minutes d'un métro il faut accepter que l'on ne puissent pas voir une ambiance village.Transport et centralité = densité.Des ambiances villages, il y en a plein en périphérie (Sarcelles, Bagneux, Nanterre, Sceaux, Chatillion, Creteil, Fontenay sous Bois etc...) * Chose pour lequel je ne suis pas d'accord il y a des petits immeubles qui sont des merdes et des grand immeuble qui sont beaux.Les tour du XXe sont d'une architecture et d'un urbanisme révolue des années 60 début 80, ne les prenez pas exemple contre la construction de tour moderne.